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Wingnut Islamophobes Create Another Hoax Story: Muslims Rape Horse

The sick servile minds of the Islamophobes know no depths of depravity that they aren’t willing to revel in; EDL Review takes them to task for circulating lies in the Islamophobic looniverse.:

Muslim Horse Rape Story EXPOSED

(EDL Review)

Islamophobic sites like IslamVersusEuropeBaredNakedIslam and Vivienco, have been posting and regurgitating a story claiming that a 53-year-old ‘Muslim’ inhabitant of El Ejido abused, and raped a female horse (click on the names for their articles). But the story has been manipulated and has been a petty attempt to demonise Muslims.

First of all, it’s extremely strange that these sites have provided no or little source or reference to the story they are mentioning. Secondly, the author fails to give the name of the rapist, and only gives the initials ‘M.A’. Why? Is it so we don’t find out that this incident never even happened? Thirdly, earlier news reports (like this) only say the man was ‘African’. There was no mention of his faith.

A real-looking picture of a dead horse has been added into the manipulating articles, giving the impression it’s the same horse that was ‘raped’. As you can see, BaredNakedIslam even claim it is.

But this picture isn’t even of the incident! It’s a four-year-old picture that has been used previously in a Spanish news article titled ‘Wild horses cause three accidents in recent days Carnota’ (here), explaining how some Spanish workers were injured when crashing into horses on a road!

Clearly, these websites have been manipulating people by twisting things for their biased agenda. Only the gullible have been believing them without checking their accuracy, like the English Defence League (EDL) Surrey Division.

Note: We have exposed sites such as Vivienco before when they circulated a similar duck rape article and blamed it on a Muslim. The story was alsomanipulated. Read about it below.

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    • RDS

      The lows have not only reached rock bottom, they started DIGGING.


    • Firdaus

      only a complete idiot would believe such story. I’m glad Islamophobes are collecting stupid people.

    • Reynardine

      Tinka, I adore your Jurassic Parkistani!

    • Christian-friend

      EDL’s motto: If something bad happens in Europe, it’s the Muslims fault, even when it isn’t. Disagreeing makes you a Dhimmi.

    • Reynardine

      The link provided indicated that three different accidents had occurred when unfenced horses roaming the hills of Galicia strayed into the roadway in January and February of 2008. The climate of Galicia, on the north coast of Spain, is a lot colder and foggier than most of Iberia, and at night, especially, it was not possible to see these dark bay horses, let alone stop. One woman wound up in the hospital; as I can make out, two adult horses and a foal were killed. The mayor demanded that those who owned horses put identifying marks on them, and that horses be kept from accessing the roadway.

      I know that much, and I never studied Spanish. I have only as much of the language as I picked up in the streets of Miami after it was run over, yet it is clear to me none of these horses are rape victims. What we’re seeing, then, is no misconstruction, but an intentional malicious lie.

    • Reynardine

      Given that it wasn’t even the right horse, the rest of it is likely baloney, too (I shouldn’t have said that, because now these freaks will claim Muslim women disport themselves with baloneys). But why a horse?

      Well, have you ever checked out a stallion? A man who could make an impression on a mare would be, well, unusual. And that’s what these Islamophobes are quaking in their boots about. WHAT IF THESE PAYNIMS ARE ENDOWED LIKE STALLIONS? AND THEY’RE INVADING US! Some similar idea, I understand, was behind all the Victorian “invasion literature”. Only now that all the Romanians and Roossians and such have proven to be as normal as anyone else, they’re obsessing about AYRABS, who are so formidable they kill MARES! How can a feller compete any more?

      P. S. There was a case of duck rape, but it was in Miami some twenty-seven years ago. The perp was American, and already no stranger to the Jackson Memorial psych ward.

    • Fred

      It’s also important to note that there’s hardly ANY sources that give us early stories before the Islamophobic sites started publishing. It’s definitely strange… and even stranger that they didn’t even provide these crucial sources.

    • Fred

      And yeah, its a case that happened in Almería, Spain. Where the majority are Christian.

    • Fred

      @Zakariya Ali Sher

      Other sources also state the man was African, so it’s just a compilation of silly stories. Nevertheless, what Islamophobes are failing to realise is that religion has no part in this. You’re right though, they’re implying it does and are deeply stupid about it.

    • @Garibaldi

      Anyway, even if it were true, it would be a logical falacy to say that because this sick man happened to be a Muslim, this would somehow reflect poorly on Islam, or Muslims for that matter, but these sites usually aren’t very logical, in addition to being dishonest.

    • @Garibaldi

      Not surprising that they have practically no sources backing them up on this. This sounds like something they would make up out of thin air.

    • Zakariya Ali Sher

      Ummm, to be fair, the early story cited in this article describes the man as ‘magrebí,’ a Spanish cognate with the Arabic Maghrebi, implying that he was Moroccan (or at least North African) in origin. And while there are Moroccan Jews, it is still a Muslim majority country. Even without giving his name, being Moroccan is enough for many people to equate this with ‘Muslim.’

      Now… that said, his actions most certainly are not in accordance with Islam. Abuse of animals is considered a sin in Islam, and so is bestiality. This individual was presumably non-practicing. At most he MIGHT have been raised Muslim, but he certainly wasn’t following the precepts of the faith. Not that it would matter either way, since he’s clearly a sick, heartless individual and should be punished to the fullest extent of the law, regardless of whether he is Muslim, Jew, Christian, Atheist or whatever…

      Of course, the bigger implication here is that once again we have the Islamophobic right wingers attempting to imply that Islam endorses bestiality. That is a very unusual claim, especially considering the stereotypes on Islam and sexuality, but it is a particularly insidious one. I think part of the reason is because it is so easy to make up things about Islam, given the general ignorance of their target audience. But then, why bestiality in particular? I think its mostly because it serves to alienate Muslims from the rest of society. It paints us as ‘different,’ ‘exotic,’ and of course, ‘savage.’

      But then, it runs into a couple of big problems. Perhaps most amusingly, secular Western democracies have actually legalized bestiality, amongst them Germany. According to wikipedia, France only outlawed bestiality in 2004, and the Netherlands in 2010. Denmark apparently tried to outlaw bestiality and failed.

    • AJ

      Muslim men seem to have quite a range of species they like to have sex with. They like goats. I have heard some like camels too. Sometimes, they might have farewell sex with their dead wives, as the Egyptian “fatwa” proved. But they might also like horses. And if they don’t like any of it, they like to blow themselves up and do it with 72 virgins in heaven.

    • Khalid

      @AJ haahahahahaha, you guessed it, we got something BIG in the works for next time

    • Garibaldi

      @AJ, ha! I’m sure they are willing to go further up the Mammalian species, probably ending up talking about Muslim men raping Whales…

    • crow

      I’ve always thought the right-wingers engage in a lot of projection when it comes to stories like this, but then I always knew they were degenerate slime.

  • mindy1


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