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Eight examples of the ‘uncivilized savages’ Pamela Geller is talking about

Who are some of the “savages” Pamela Geller is talking about? Some are future scientists, inventors, ground breaking engineers and so many more.:

by Sami Kishawi (Six Minutes to Palestine)

A virulently Islamophobic advertisement campaign referring to Muslims as “savage” went live this week in ten New York City subway stations. The advertisements, created and funded by Pamela Geller’s American Freedom Defense Initiative, read, “In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Israel. Defeat Jihad.”

These are the ‘uncivilized savages’ Geller is talking about.

1. Amr the “Spider Man”

When YouTube launched a competition calling on students from around the world to develop experiments to be tested in outer space, an 18-year-old from Alexandria, Egypt, submitted a project — and won. Amr Mohamed’s experiment: to investigate how zebra spiders, which normally jump on their prey, will adapt to zero gravity. His project was among the two chosen to be carried out live by astronauts aboard the International Space Station.

Amr’s motivation stems from his fascination with science, he says, and the fact that his country hasn’t contributed much to space exploration — something he hopes to change.

Amr, by the way, is Muslim. And he’s a future scientist. Savage, right? Instead of fumbling for an answer, watch Mission Control confirm the results of his experiment.

2. Human shields for Christmas

When Egypt’s majority Muslim population promised to protect the country’s threatened Christian community, that’s exactly what it did. Thousands of Muslims gathered last year to form human barriers around churches offering Coptic Christmas eve mass services all throughout the country just days after an extremist attack left 21 dead in a church in Alexandria.

We either live together, or die together,” chanted the crowds of Muslims. Some held candlelight vigils while others cheered their Christian compatriots on as they walked through the droves and into their churches.

Two weeks later, millions of Egyptians took to the streets in nonviolent protest against the Mubarak regime. Pshaw, how silly. A civilized people would know better than to mobilize for equal rights and economic reform. Watch Egypt’s Coptic Christians return the favor as regime-loyalists and rioting thugs pelt rocks at praying Muslims. (The men shouting in the end are repeating, “They’re praying! They’re praying!” not “Jihad! Jihad!” as Pamela & Co. would like you to believe.)

3. Mohammad’s very first response on 9/11

When the Twin Towers collapsed on that fateful day, Mohammad Salman Hamdani rushed to the scene and joined the team of first responders pulling people out of the rubble. He was a 23-year old Pakistani student researcher and an NYPD cadet. He never returned home.

Mohammad wasn’t the only Muslim first responder. Dr. Rudina Odeh-Ramadan, a clinical pharmacist at the prestigious Columbia University,made it to the scene as fast as she could. She found herself buried under the rubble twice as she pulled out bodies and treated fatigued firefighters. But she was booed (in a civilized manner, so it’s cool) when she revealed her Muslim identity at a community meeting in Lower Manhattan. And when the September 11th Memorial was revealed. Mohammad’s family couldn’t find Hamdani’s name where it should’ve been: among the first responders. Although Congress declared him a hero, he was listed in a far-off panel of individuals loosely connected to the day’s events. In fact, he had even been suspected of playing a role in the attacks.

He had dreams of becoming a doctor. His mother calls him “a prime example of what it is to be a human being. He went there to save humanity.”

Mohammad’s remains were found in the wreckage of the north tower in 34 separate pieces. There is no footage of him. So instead, watch these savage tears of uncivility build up in Representative Keith Ellison’s eyes as he salutes Mohammad’s ultimate sacrifice.


4. Refugees inventing for the blind

In 2010, three 14-year-old Muslim girls from a refugee camp in Palestine invented a revolutionary cane that earned them a place (and an award) at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in San Jose, California, a premier competition that features the top science projects from a field of over 6 million experiments.

It took Noor Al-Arada, Aseel Abul Lail, and Aseel Al-Shaar six months to develop their cane. “Stick-tech,” they called it, uses infrared signals to identify obstacles that trigger noises and vibrations to alert blind people. The American Federation of the Blind was stunned by the invention’s capacity to resolve fundamental design errors that cane manufacturers had been struggling with since the 1970s.

The three girls wasted many days crossing Israel’s civilized checkpoints to reach Ramallah for basic supplies that weren’t available in their refugee camp. Thank God they didn’t do a jihad and expect, oh I don’t know, an end to foreign military occupation. Watch them rise above the odds.


5. Interrupting the whispers of street crime

With gun violence on the rise in Chicago, Ameena Matthews’ work is more important than ever before. She’s an “interrupter“, working the streets with local anti-violence organizations to put an end to the rampant crime that plagues many of the city’s most disadvantaged neighborhoods. It’s an innovative (and very risky) strategy that involves, quite literally, knowing how to coax a teen out of shooting his way into prison.

There is just too much to be said about Ameena, who went through her own phase of gang activity up until her twenties when she chose not to wage war on her shooters. Guided by her Muslim principles, she has six children and finds strength with her husband, an Imam at a mosque on 75th. Her work was featured in a documentary film that swept the international movie scene and the Chicago Tribune named her Chicagoan of the Year in Film.

She’s braved countless near-death experiences interrupting the whispers that could lead to a case. If everyone were as uncivil and as savage as Geller thinks she is, the world would undoubtedly be a better place to live in. Watch Ameena tell it how it is.

6. The Einstein of Structural Engineering

Skyscrapers are designed to withstand seismic activity and powerful winds but it wasn’t until the early 1960s that a structural system was designed to keep buildings from falling over without caking them in layers of concrete. The tubular design, as it was later called, was the brainchild of Fazlur Rahman Khan, a Muslim from Bangladesh who used his Fulbright Scholarship money to study in the United States. In just three years, he had earned two Master’s degrees and a Ph.D. — a feat so great that it reeks of uncivilized savagery, okay?

What really draws attention to Fazlur is his innovation. Most high-rises built since the 1960s employ some variant of his concept, including the famed Petronas Towers in Malaysia, the Bank of China Tower in Hong Kong, and even the World Trade Center towers. He personally designed the Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower) and the John Hancock Center, two of the tallest buildings in the United States.

Imagine how awkward it would be to catch a member of the American Freedom Defense Initiative working in any of the tall buildings built in the last fifty years that bear a Muslim’s structural brilliance. And watch this preview of a video that airs in the Willis Tower’s Skydeck that credits Fazlur’s contributions and, by default, literally falls under Geller’s definition of creeping shariah.

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    • syed ali

      didn’t my fellow Americans cheer on as Iranian men, women and children died on the Iranian Air Flight 655, because of an ” accident” confusing a Large civilian plane for a fighter jet

    • M

      Having watched some of her videos,I find her to be a very paranoid woman.

      I absolutely like neither islam, nor christianity. Read history, they are both equally distasteful. Both islam and christianity has justified almost all kinds of dredful things one can ever imagine.

      But:she talks about stopping sharia. The only way to do that is champion secularism. Now hows that going to work, when you support the likes of Palin? Im european, so with all the muslim immigration, I think islamic extremism is something for me to be concerned about.

      But if I where american Id be more worried about the evangelicals.

    • Christian-friend

      @Daria, have you meet a Muslim before? I bet you’ll say that no, because they are going to deceive you.

      I agree, there are a lot of Muslims fanatics and they should be stop at all cost. They need to stop their attacks and embrace change.

      But what I disagree is labeling all Muslims as savages and backwards. Why? I have meet many of them and what they want is want you want: normal lifes.

    • Daria

      just remind me, guys – did’nt people in Arab World celebrate 9/11 attack? never? idiotic exceptions, you said?

    • Kimberly

      Ever since the W. years fear has been used to manipulate the American people and the right wing Tea Party fanatics took that fear and ran with it. I find it incredibly hypocritical that these God fearing Christians who want Jesus in the White House are the most intolerant, mean spirited people on the planet. The only thing they are good at is striking that fear core in Americans and unfortunately, they are good at it. Stop spreading hate and cruelty in the name of Jesus or anyone for that matter, just please stop.

    • Gellerban

      @Arab Atheist

      Talking about savages; Since when is vocal ‘Jihad’ ‘Geller’ worse the physical Jihad (Islam)?

    • Arab Atheist

      The “savage” stereotype is not limited to Geller. It’s part of the whole right-wing mindset. Romney thinks Palestenians are suffering because they are culturally retarded. What he doesn’t know is that Palestinians are one of the most successfull displaced/monority groups in the middle east (and many Western countries as well). Almost every year including 2012, it is always Palestenian expats/refugees who rank top of their schools in neighbooring Arab countries. Gulf countries would rather hire a Palestinian than a local. Palestinians are stereotyped as educated businessmen in the Arab world. This is not a matter of racial superiority, of course, but these people were able to make the best out of their misfortune.

    • @Emperor

      Think how many of these smart, brave and noble people are having to suffer the consequences of being stereotyped as blood thirsty Savages by people like Geller and her ilk. It just goes to show how absurd any form of bigotry is, including bigotry against Muslims.

    • Nilufer R. Sage

      Daria – The majority are just people who are wishing to live…. Pamela throws just as many cheap moves PLUS a ton of fabricated stories to keep her money coming. If you wish to call the people in this article “Lucky Exceptions” than I can call those connected with terrorism and the stories you posted (with the exception of Asia Bibi herself, I know those who framed her will be punished) “Idiotic Exceptions”.

  • mindy1

    I remember hearing about that EMT guy :'( so sad. The others have contributed so much, I wish them the best in life

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