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This is What You Can Expect From a Mitt Romney Presidency: Islamophobia

It’s going to be Islamophobia on crack if Mitt Romney wins (thanks for all who sent in tips):

Pamela Geller, for all those who’ve forgotten is the looniest blogger ever. Everything out of her mouth competes with everything she has said in the past to be more over-the-top, racist, hateful, and Islamophobic.

Just take look at a sampling of her positions over the past three years:

Pamela Geller calls for the destruction of the Golden Dome;  Obama is a Mooslim, Jihadist, Pimp, anti-Semite who is aiding the Iranian Nuclear program;  Sharia Coke is taking over the world, it is defamation of Judaism and Christianity for Islam to include Moses and Jesus as Prophets of Islam;  Pamela Geller is a Holocaust Revisionist who claims that Hitler and the Nazis adopted Jihad;  Not only is Obama a secret Muslim, but according to Pamela Geller,  “Obama is bringing his jihad to Illinois…Obama’s treachery is breathtaking;  Pamela Geller calls for the nuking of Mecca, Medina, and Tehran;  Pamela Geller promotes a genocidal videoPamela Geller shows sympathy towards white supremacist;  Screenshot of Pamela Geller’s post on June 25th wherein she posted a video claiming that Muslims engage in bestiality;  Pamela Geller left speechless when called out for drawing a picture of the Prophet Muhammad with a pig’s face.

More serious than Geller posing in a pic with Mitt Romney is the insidious nature of Romney’s ties with the Islamophobia movement. Romney’s senior foreign policy adviser is none other than former Bush era UN Ambassador John Bolton.

One can only hope that in tonight’s debate the moderator questions Romney about his ties to radicals and inclusion of Islamophobes like John bolton on his staff. Gus from Little Green Footballs has compiled an incisive compilation of the ties between Bolton and Geller.:

Exhibit C: Mitt Romney Campaign Senior Foreign Policy Adviser John Bolton and Pamela Geller

Romney foreign policy adviser with hate group leader Pamela Geller in numerous meetings.

About John Bolton:

John Robert Bolton (born November 20, 1948) is an American lawyer and diplomat who has served in several Republican administrations. Appointed on a recess appointment, he served as the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations from August 2005 until December 2006. He resigned in December 2006, when the recess appointment would have otherwise ended, because he was unlikely to win senate confirmation.

John Bolton and Mitt Romney

Bolton is currently a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), frequent op-ed contributor to the Wall Street Journal and the National Review, Fox News Channel commentator, foreign policy adviser to 2012 presidential candidate Mitt Romney, and of counsel to the law firm Kirkland & Ellis, in their Washington D.C. office…

The reader should be reminded of the connection between Anders Breivik and Pamela Geller. There is also a connection between Anders Brevik and Robert Spencer.Tommy Robinson’s hooliganism and right-wing extremism is notorious and too extensive to cover here. You can however find many articles covering his organization, the English Defence League, which has been covered extensively at LGF including his connection to Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer.

There is no vast conspiracy at play here. However, it should be disturbing enough that the senior foreign policy adviser to Mitt Romney, John Bolton, has the ear of anti-Islam extremist, Pamela Geller. Her connection with the EDL makes this plainly obvious. This my friends is the post-modern conservative movement, where we find odious characters in the Republican big tent whose lives are intertwined; in this case from Mitt Romney to Pamela Geller; Tommy Robinson (EDL), Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller; and most importantly, the close relationship of John Bolton and Pamela Geller.

Update I: Michael Elwood reminds us that another Islamophobe, Walid Phares is also a part of the Romney’s inner circle,

John Bolton isn’t the only Islamophobe in Romney’s inner circle. His main Middle East advisor is Walid Phares:

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    • Michael Elwood

      Is his blog up and running againg? What’s with all the glitches?

    • Michael Elwood

      Did Kunwar Khuldune Shahid take down his Telegraph blog? If you google his name, the first result was his Telegraph article (even ahead of his facebook and and twitter page). And right under his article was my refutation of it that I posted on Oct. 23. He also abruptly stopped tweeting on the 23rd (except for one tweet on the 25th):

      His friends at the Council of Ex Muslims also mentioned his Telegraph article, then abruptly stopped talking about it on the 23rd:

      What a bunch of phonies! I guess they had to do this to keep Kunwar’s career as a professional ex- Muslim (a la Wafa Sultan and Ayaan Hiirsi Ali) from ending before it even began. Let me post my other two comments here since the “brave” and “courageous” atheist took down his blog like a punk:

      I jokingly said you should call yourself a neoconservative instead of a paleoconsevative because some paleocons, including Muslims like Dr. Robert D. Crane and Prof. Richard S. Voss, aren’t Islamophobes. I disagree with their political views, but they are reasonable in their views of Islam and Muslims.

      paleocon44 says: “Kinda IS the point. There’s Islamic violence in many Countries throughout the world.”

      It kinda isn’t the point. Do you see what I mean by circular reasoning? How is the violence that you see everywhere “Islamic” when Islamic scripture prohibits wanton violence? Because you keep insisting that it’s “Islamic”?

      paleocon say: “I like the “living in peace” obfuscation since an absence of Terrorist acts is NOT necessarily ‘peace’.”

      The absence of violence is the very definition of peace.

      paleocon44 says: “Hopefully, we in the USA can avoid the obvious results of attempting to placate Islamists, stop immigration for a while to sort things out and stop enforcing Islamic Blasphemy Laws (so-called Hate speech which opposes Freedom of Speech) for a start.”

      LOL! Many American Muslims aren’t immigrants. Me, Robert D Crane, Richard Voss, Melissa Robinson, Kelly Wentworth, Keith Ellison, Andre Carson, Fire Marshal Kevin James, Dave Chappelle, Ryan Harris, Jermaine Jackson, Fatimah Jackson, and millions of other American Muslims and their families have probably been in this country longer than you and your family. Ironically, many of the Islamophobes like Sam Bacile, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Nonie Darwish, Wafa Sultan, Walid Shoebat, Brigitte Gabriel, Jamie Glazov, etc. are the ones who are immigrants. If you stop immigration, you’d hurt Islamophobia more than you’d hurt Islam.

      As for “enforcing Islamic Blasphemy Laws”, I already demonstrated in my previous post that there is no clamor among American Muslims for “blasphemy laws” and there is no support for it in Islamic scripture. Stop projecting your beliefs onto Muslims! The Pussy Riot may get jail time for blasphemy against Christianity in Russia, but no one has ever gotten jail time for blasphemy against Islam in America.

      paleocon44 says: “As for the rest of your screed: It’s silly of you to try to deflect me and it’s silly of you to pretend, here, that the Islamic writings of the Quran, Hadithic, et al, do NOT justify the violence we can see all around the World.”

      What’s silly is your claim that the Quran justifies violence (which I refuted in my previous post). Equally silly is the implication that Islam is whatever “Muslims” do. I’d be willing to except that only if you also agree that Judaism, Christianity, atheism, etc. is whatever Jews, Christians, and atheists do.

      paleocon44 says: “‘Allahu Ackbar is the cry of Islamic rioters, rapists, murderers et al, the World over. . . .”

      Whoop-dee-doo! What’s the cry of Christian rioters, rapist, and murderers around the world like Anders Brevik, EDL, Golden Dawn, Ku Klux Klan, Christian Identity, Hutaree, Blackwater, Lord’s Restance Army, Caballeros Templarios (Knights Templar), La Familia Michoacana (the Family), National Liberation Front of Tripura (NLFT), and Manmasi National Christian Army (MNCA)?

      paleocon44 says: “But they’re asking questions. They see Malaysia, Mali, Indonesia with their new Muslim majority destroying Holy sites of non-Muslims, tearing down Christian/Hindu/Indian, Natives, etc, places of worship, kill their fellow-Muslims (Shia vs. Sunni and both killing Alawites, etc.) EVERYWHERE they gain authority.”

      Malaysia, Mali, and Indonesia, have been majority Muslim for centuries. There’s nothing “new” about that. What is new is the Sunni minority trying to impose itself on the non-Sunni majority. According to a Pew survey, 56% of Indonesians identify themselves as “just Muslim” while only 26% identify as Sunni. 55% of Malians identify as “just Muslim” while only 20% identify as Sunnis. If I said Christians are trying to impose a Papacy and Canon Law in America you wouldn’t take me serious, if only because Catholics are a minority in America. Yet you expect me to take you seriously when you claim that Sunni minorities are going to impose a Sunni Caliphate and Sunni law not only in their own secular democratic countries, but around the world.


      paleocon44 says: “lololol….. How many of you guys are working this ‘line’, anyway? Two? Three, I think.”

      It’s just me, Michael Elwood. I logged in with a Telegraph account because I was having trouble logging in with Facebook.

      paleocon44 says: “Well done! I usually escape the endless, meaningless… from your side, natch… l;-]… pre-canned arguments you trot out when you encounter idiots… well meaning, but idiots… like me.”

      If it makes you feel any better, supposedly smarter secular Islamophobes don’t do any better.

      paleocon44 says: “For anyone else following this fruitless back-n-forth who would like to learn more on this subject of Islamazation, I recommend the Gates of Vienna blog: Calm discourse without a ‘rabble-rouse’ to be seen. Urgent though… Islamic darkness is descending over the UK, EU et al.”

      If you want to learn more Gates of Vienna, I suggest the following links:

    • @DrM

      By the way, I agree with everything else you wrote in you last comment. Other than that it was spot on. Watcher really doesn’t think critically and it shows.

    • @DrM

      I happen to know a couple of Zionists who aren’t deranged. Try not to lump people together.

    • DrM

      watcher blabbed :

      “Let me make a prediction, if Obama gets re-elected, he will betray Israel in the second term.”

      So that’s what this is about, spoken like a typical deranged zionist(there are no other type). Never mind the fact that all your rubbish talking points have been refuted. According to you, Obama is killing Muslims with drones to maintain a pretense. Talk about teabagger spin and wishful thinking. I guess this is the natural result of chewing on Spencer’s excrement. Get back to me when you find those mythical Iraqi WMDs, idiot.

    • @Watcher

      Doesn’t large numbers of Muslims killing and betraying other Muslims go against the entire idea that Muslims are united front? It doesn’t exactly support the idea that most if not all Muslims are working together to take down America and Israel and the west in general. As for Obama’s views on things like Abortion and Gay Marriage, haven’t you heard of liberal Christians? Not all Christians support the religious right or the Republican party. Have you ever heard of people like Reverend Barry Lynn?

      He doesn’t exactly think the government should outlaw gay marriage, and believes Abortion should remain legal under all circumstances. Come out and say he’s not a true Christian and you have committed the “No True Scotsmen” fallacy.

      Obama’s leftwing political views do not change the fact that he’s a Christian. Individual Christians have radically different interpretations of the faith, and what role, if any it should play in the government. The same goes for Muslims as well. There are Muslims who are anti Abortion and anti gay marriage, as well as Muslims who support Roe V Wade, and think that gays should be allowed to get married.

      I have friend whose a liberal ex Muslim turned atheist, whose upset with her Muslim father because he still supports the Republican party, in large part due to their opposition to gay marriage. I wouldn’t be surprised he also supported their anti abortion stance. Based on What she told me, her dad doesn’t really seem to care much about all the Islamophobia in the Republican Party, in spite of the fact that he’s a Muslim.

      As for Obama’s Cairo speech, it was only suspicious to people who already believed that he was a secret Muslim plotting the over throw of America. Him, praising Egypt, proves nothing. He wants them to be our ally. Why wouldn’t he say nice things about them and their country?

      Also even if America goes bankrupt under Obama, it wouldn’t give us any reason to think it was on purpose. If it was his fault, it would be far more likely to be due to mistakes, rather than some deliberate conspiracy to destroy America. As President, its not exactly in his interest to destroy the country he’s in charge of.

      As for Israel. I would be willing to bet you, that no matter what happens you’ll accuse Obama of betraying Israel, just so you won’t have to admit you were wrong. You have no good reason to think he’s planning on betraying Israel, when he hasn’t already, especially considering the fact that all your arguments are utterly pathetic.

    • Watcher


      Muslims killing and betraying Muslims isn’t that a huge part of the the Arab-spring !?

      Obama’s politics concerning abortion and gay-marriage proved his false claim concerning Christianity and the motive behind this is the Christian vote in America. Also his Cairo speech was very suspicious. Then there is the devastating politics of having Muslims in the US Army. The justification of the murder of the ambassador in Libya, etc.

      Just recently, Ahmadinejad suggested the US going bankrupt and one of the tactics is luring the US in an exhausting war against terror. For America going bankrupt, Obama comes in handy.

      Let me make a prediction, if Obama gets re-elected, he will betray Israel in the second term.

    • @Watcher

      Yes we should come to the conclusion that Obama is a Muslim extremist just because of couple videos. One that’s incredibly vague and other that was likely a slip up, which in no way proves he’s not a Christian like he says he is. In addition he’s having the US military kill genuine Muslim extremists as cover, the same Muslim extremists who would be the ones most likely to want to do the things you suspect him of secretly doing. Tell me, how does that make any sense?

      Also even after the elections, lets say Obama really did want to replace the constitution with Sharia, and turn the united states into theocracy based on an extremist interpretation of Islam like Saudi Arabia. How exactly would he do that, given the fact that most Americans, including most Muslim Americans wouldn’t support him?

      What Is Truth About American Muslims : Interfaith Alliance

    • Watcher

      @Zakariya Ali Sher

      ‘If Obama is so ‘friendly’ towards Islam, then why did he up the drone attacks in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen? Why doesn’t he pull troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan?’

      – end quote

      Obama needs to keep up the pretension, he can not be to obvious about his real purposes. This all for the sake of being re-elected. After his re-election he will have a kind of freehand to implemented his true intentions:

      The following recordings are telling:

    • Michael Elwood


      It seems to be working now. I posted a response to him (along with some links to Loon Watch). But I don’t intend to engage with him for much longer.

    • Chameleon


      You say, “But I couldn’t respond because I’m having trouble logging in. I don’t know if that’s by accident or design.”

      That is one reason I prefer to post on Muslim sites or strongly independent sites. Another reason is that I am writing primarily for the benefit of other Muslims, not just to win arguments against zombies who are incapable of a proper rebuttal and just parrot propaganda all day long. That said, since you had trouble posting, I put in a post on your behalf to the guy who replied to you, just for some entertainment value.

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