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Loony Pamela Geller: Petraeus Resignation Is an Obama Plot to Put a Muslim in Charge of the CIA

Typical Geller hysteria. This is what we can expect over the next four years, more of the same. (h/t:CriticalDragon):

Loony Pamela Geller: Petraeus Resignation Is an Obama Plot to Put a Muslim in Charge of the CIA

by Charles Johnson (LGF)

The right wing universe is now in full-bore conspiracy theory mode over the resignation of CIA Director David Petraeus, just as I predicted. It’s a case study in the conservative movement’s decline into bad craziness; they’re all muttering darkly about cover-ups and hidden connections and “questioning the timing.”

One of the most brain-dead of the wingnuts, loony hateblogger Pamela Geller, has a typical post on the subject; for her it’s all part of the Islamic supremacist stealth shariah takeover of America, of course:


I do not believe it was the real reason was [sic] an extramarital affair. I believe it was Benghazi. He refused to be the fall guy. When did an affair ever stop a Democrat. If anything….

Perhaps one of Obama’s many Muslim Brotherhood advisors are on the shortlist to replace him.

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    • Leftwing_Muslim_Alliance

      I have checked your security clearance and it appears that you do have authorisation to be told the truth .

      As you know we have agents all over the world under deep cover secretly working for the worldwide take over . Such as president Obama who was really born in New York Harlem , we just made it look like he was born on a remote island to make people look stupid and boy did that one work out well.

      I can reveal exclusively to you ,so dont tell anyone, that we have people under Deeeeep Deeep cover as well . Pam “MacBeth” Geller started out as a Tunisian Bordello owner who found religion and decided to dedicate her life to the cause many years ago . Would you believe she is 72 and a half! Her role is to make so many comments and ideas that are obviously the product of someone bonkers so that our real plots are able to sneak in un noticed I think its working well .Dont you agree ?

      Sir David

    • Kirook

      The woman described in this article is the problem, along with others like her.. She is foiling our Stealth Jihad, and we’ve been doing an admirable job concealing it, so much so that almost all of ” ‘Merica” is hoodwinked. But not Pam Geller. The only way she could have avoided our Muslamic Brainwashing is with inside help!

    • Leftwing_Muslim_Alliance

      Hello European director of Stealth Jihad here, What appears to be the problem?

      Sir David

    • Kirook

      To elaborate: no, you’re not automatically an Islamophobe if you criticize Islam so long as you do it in civil discourse, with an open mind, accepting other people’s points if they’re correct and rebutting them if not.

    • Kirook

      Brain? What brain?

    • Kirook

      This should probably go to the director of Stealth Jihad, but someone in the Upper Echelon allowed Pamela Geller to foil our creeping sharia plot! They must be punished.

    • Pamela

      CIA should hire Pamela. Her looks can kill . She is a seductress , Goddess Sedusa . Heil Pamela

    • Mideast Pete

      In response to my posting, Ilisha says “Even I can see his originating IP and approximate the location. Why does he appear to be comfortable posting derogatory comments about his host country on a public forum, if it’s so oppressive?

      Bravery? Stupidity? Onion router?”

      Firstly I have no idea what an Onion Router is. Also how was I being derogator about my host country ? I very much love living in my host country and in many ways it is better than my home country. I have spent most of my working life in the MENA region. But as I am sure you are aware, compared to Europe or the US, in most of the Middle East you have to keep your opinion on certain topics out of the public domain. Even mild criticism of the religion or rulers or the system can lead to jail. Last week a national was sentenced to jail for a mild tweet comment on one of the ruling family.

    • Nevermore

      “So where did she say it was an Obama Plot ? And you accuse Jihad Watch of sensationalising stories”

      Yeah, it was sensationalism. Ilisha’s quote pretty much proves that that’s what she was suggesting, even if it wasn’t typed out. Unsurprisingly, rather than following Occam’s Razor (the simplest solution is often the correct one), she goes for the most unprovable, pandering-to-her-base commentary she can think up. Business as usual, in other words.

      “I live in a country where if you publicly critise Islam you will spend a long time in Jail if you are not first beaten to death by a crazed mob.”

      I’ve yet to see one person here on Loon Watch who’s a Muslim, or sympathetic to Muslims, say that people should be tossed in jail or hurt (or worse) for criticizing Islam; if such types DO come around, then Ilisha obviously ignores their comments. The implication that we would support such activity is, quite frankly, ridiculous. It’s also irrelevant to the topic at hand.

    • Just Stopping By

      @Sarah Brown: I take your last comment as meaning that there is a minimum of one incredibly brilliant, witty, and, of course, humble, poster at HP in addition to yourself.

      Anyway, if there is a debate, I actually want to see the topic before I decide which side to take or which group to join. Also, if there are good arguments made by the side I am not initially on, I might even switch sides! I guess I’m not much of a team player.

  • Sarah Brown

    Very much agree with you about the comments, JSB. ‘Vile bigot’ seems quite adequate. I hope it won’t freak you out if I let you know that I asked an HP friend of mine, quite seriously, if he was posting here using the name ‘Just Stopping By’ as you seemed so similar

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