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Geller’s new anti-Islam ad to debut in New York – with disclaimer

Pamela Geller is using and abusing the symbolism of the Twin Towers and coupling it with verses from the Quran again, she says,

I refuse to abridge my free speech so as to appease savages.”

Of course for the racist Geller, anyone, especially a Muslim who criticizes her and exposes her loonieness is a savage. She just goes out of her way to display hate. I’m thinking this campaign will be another dud with various interfaith organizations and representatives of mainstream religious groups condemning her and the wider populace ignoring her crazy rantings.

Geller’s new anti-Islam ad to debut in New York – with disclaimer

Pamela Geller is at it again.

The outspoken blogger and Executive Director of the American Freedom Defense Initiative has just purchased a slew of advertising space in several subway stations and on numerous Metro-North platforms in order to display her newest anti-Islam message.

Her latest ads, shared exclusively with The Observer, will feature a panorama of the sky the moment the World Trade Center burst into flames in 2001, accompanied by a quote from the Quran that reads “Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers.”

However, an MTA disclaimer taking up 25% of the ad space will be presented in conjunction with Ms. Geller’s message for the first time. “This is a paid advertisement sponsored by American Freedom Defense Initiative. The display of this advertisement does not imply MTA’s endorsement of any views expressed,” it reads.

The MTA’s new disclaimer policy came in September of this year following an incident in which protestor Mona Eltahawy, 45, was filmed spray-painting another AFDI advertisement, which equated Muslims with savages.

Following the September incident, Ms. Geller has been busy crafting new advertisements for her campaign beginning December 17. The new ads will be plastered across at least 50 different locations, the MTA confirmed, the result of an ad buy worth more than $10,000.

“I refuse to abridge my free speech so as to appease savages,” Ms. Geller told The Observer.

New York Observer, 7 December 2012

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    • B. aggacitto

      Tighe McCandless,

      Thank you SO much for that comment! Regarding the violence and murder in the Qur’an, (9:1-6 would only be one example) Muhammad the Muslim prophet certainly WAS adhearing to the Abramic prophetic prototype it is true!

      Context? Historical context would speak of how that was THEN and this is NOW. According to the Qur’an the only “revelation” not being given for all time is that which is abrogated 2:106. Surra 16:101 would be another example.

      Surra 2: Verses (2) This is the Scripture whereof there is no doubt, a guidance unto those who ward off (evil). (3) Who believe in the Unseen, and establish worship, and spend of that We have bestowed upon them…

      This is only one spot of several, the point is that there is nothing that would imply that ANY part of the Qur’an is outdated today, again, aside from what has been abrogated. Too bad you can’t have your cake and eat it too!

      Have a great day!

      Brother Mark:)

    • Morrigan Nic Cormac

      The job of the ADL is to attack critics of Israel and demonize them as anti-Semites. Of course they are not going to sully their hands with direct endorsement of loons like Geller but I would not be surprised to find they finance them on the side.

      Most Americans have no clue who Geller or Spencer are. They are just highly visible and carefully staged distractions from the real propagators of Islamophobia, which is the mainstream media and Zionist organizations and publications. They are professional scapegoats whose job it is to remove the stigma of Islamophobic bigotry and carry it on their shoulders while shielding the major perps from scrutiny.

      Obviously, the tactic is working.

    • MAalHakeem

      Again, someone who don’t know what the term “terror” in Arabic means thinks he made progress.

      The problem isn’t with the Qur’ānic verse but with the modern, or the publicized to be precise, definition of “terror.” In Arabic the word is “ru’b” which does mean “terror” but there s much more to it. The historical context is after the battle of Uhud when the pagan enemies of Muslims vowed to return to fight them, so Allāh revealed this verse to assure the Muslims that He would instill fear and “terror” in the enemies’ hearts by “deterring” them from fighting, which is the proper meaning of the verse and should have been included as commentary.

      The same goes for 8:60 where Muslims, like any nation on earth, should prepare for war to acquire peace, by strengthening their defenses and weapons for the sake of “deterrence.” The US and Israel are always bragging about their defenses (the Iron Dome, nukes, etc.) in front of the whole world, so they are technically following this Qur’ānic teaching.

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