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Kookie Pastor Pat Robertson Babbles About ‘Demonic Islam’


Poor Pastor Pat, everywhere he goes he sees devils and evil. (h/t: JD, KP)

Pat Robertson Claims Islam Is ‘Demonic’ And ‘Not A Religion’ But An Economic System (VIDEO)

(Huffington Post)

Controversial conservative Christian Pat Robertson doubled down Tuesday on claims that Islam is not a religion.

According to Right Wing Watch, Robertson, an elder statesman of the evangelical movement, made the inflammatory claim during an episode of his TV program, “The 700 Club.”

“Every time you look up — these are angry people, it’s almost like it’s demonic that is driving them to kill and to maim and to destroy and to blow themselves up,” Robertson said of Islam. “It’s a religion of chaos.”

He went on to say, “I hardly think to call it a religion, it’s more of — well, it’s an economic and political system with a religious veneer.”

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    • syed ali

      oh Pat the difference between you and me Is that I do not claim to be “holier than thou”

    • Géji

      I think what “xmax65” is trying to mean is that most anti-Muslim Islamophobes (especially the right-winger fundamentalist Christians, but they’re not the only ones) are also mostly Anti-Jew Judeophobes as well. And giving the historical facts, historically in the minds of the Euro-American anti-Other bigots, specially on the European side, the Jew and the Muslim identities have always been easily interchangeable. Except that now since its easier to bash the Muslim than the Jew (openly wise at least) they do their best to hide their contempt for Jew to unleash all their hate and frustration they have for both groups solely on the Muslim.

    • Talking_fish_head

      and signed 99.999999% of the Human Race

    • mindy1

      Dear Pat, please stop speaking for me: I do not care what people call me, as long as they believe Signed God

    • I’m certain he did, but I can’t remember when, or what exactly was said. I didn’t watch his show much even during my most conservative phase. I was never really into his brand of Christianity.

    • Heinz Catsup

      Hasn’t he said this a number of times previous? I even remember Walid Shoebat appearing one time on his show.

    • Hopefully a lot of them have an odd sense of humor and are just doing it for LOLs.

    • Unfortunately some people still do believe just about everything Pat Robertson says.

    • Crow

      And rev pat keeps fleecing them out of their social security checks. he eats cavier, they eat cat food.

    • Crow

      Is there ever a time when “Christian” pat Robertson didn’t babble?

    • Talking_fish_head

      i said it once and i’ll say it again, If people can harness Human Stupidity as a power source, it would power the entire world for generations.

      this guy belongs in the mad house along with Geller and Wilders. actually his comments are so stupid its hilarious

    • xmax65

      lol – silly pat robinson’s always confusing islamists, with judaists . he sure is getting senile!

    • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

      Apparently a sizable portion of those who watch the 700 Club because they keep tuning in.

    • Talking_fish_head

      Do people still believe this Lunatic?

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