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JihadWatch Zombie Eric Allen Bell Returns and Adds Antisemitism to the Islamophobia


The “Glazov gangbangers”

by Garibaldi

Eric Allen Bell (aka Eric Edborg), who has been mostly silent over the past few months, (no doubt taking a “sabbatical” from his self-proclaimed “jihad against jihad” again), returned to the looniverse of hatemongering and kooky conspiracy theories.

This time Bell is relishing in antisemitism and putting forward ideas picked straight out of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

Bell got into it with some of his assumedly now “former” Facebook followers. Bell tells “Clark Banner” that he is just speaking truth to power, exposing the social taboo surrounding “Jewish control of banking and media,”

EAB jew conspiracy #1

Bell clearly doesn’t know what conspiracy theories are either, they are not simply “theories without evidence.” What he is referring to is just one category of the obvious phony and fake conspiracies that exist. Usually conspiracy theories are based on some evidence, though such evidence varies in degree of reliability, factualness and the way it is framed and contextualized to create a narrative.

Bell also believes the Oscars are part of a Jewish supremacist conspiracy,

EAB jew conspiracy #3

“Erick Morgan” used to “look up to” the old bigot Eric Allen Bell when he railed against Muslims being intellectually and genetically inferior and called for the nuking of Muslim holy places but now he finds Bell repulsive:

EAB jew conspiracy #4

This protege of Rev. Deacon Robert Spencer has exposed himself to have some very kooky and racist beliefs not only about people of Muslim background and the religion of Islam but also about Jews and Judaism. Will we hear swift condemnations from Rev. Deacon Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller who hailed Bell as a former “liberal” who saw the light of “Counterjihad?” Aren’t they embarrassed and ashamed of supporting and allying with someone who supports this vile antisemitic nonsense?

Don’t hold your breathe. They will likely continue their strategy of pretending such views aren’t held by their friend.


Eric Allen Bell discovers that ‘Jewish supremacists’ control the media and the banks

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    • Solid Snake

      What if she does love, respect, or admire Jews? What are you basing your doubts on? The fact that she is a Muslim? Also, in some languages the term Hebrews is used in place of the word Jews. Sometimes it is considered derogatory but I am pretty sure Nur didn’t know that (I didn’t know that myself until this thread made me search it up).

    • Sam Seed

      ‘Israel-bashing’ does not equal ‘Jew-bashing’.

    • Just_Stopping_By

      Excellent point, Garibaldi! Conflating attacks on Israel and some kind of anti-Semitism is like conflating attacks on a Muslim-majority nation and some kind of Islamophobia.

    • It would probably blow his mind that some of us not only support a single state solution, but that Israeli policy we might argue over does not inherently make us supporters of the authoritarian shit heads that rule nations around the country in question.

    • Leftwing_Muslim_Alliance

      I agree sad but so common . I think its the real conspiracy . Isreal is a political body and lobby . There are lots of people critical of Isreal who live in Isreal , they are called voters and recently voted against the policies of the Isreali govt, logically Clif Pinto must think they are all antisemites too . How about it cliff ? Sir David

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