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EDL vows to return to Cambridge in bigger numbers

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EDL vows to return to Cambridge in bigger numbers

The English Defence League has vowed to return to Cambridge in bigger numbers – despite a low turnout and several arrests.

Its rally on Christ’s Pieces on Saturday ended early after only about 40 members turned up. More than 400 officers were drafted in to police them and a counter-demonstration by Cambridge Unite Against Fascism which had more than 500 people in its ranks, according to police.

EDL members said they were furious, claiming they were “penned in” during attempts to protest against a planned mosque in Mill Road. Scores of police surrounded the EDL protesters who were behind fences next to Drummer Street bus station.

EDL members were heckled by passers-by and began to fight among themselves as their stewards tried to eject a man who had a “banned” Nazi banner. When counter-protesters marched past, with the two groups separated by a police “no-go zone”, one EDL member broke through but was quickly stopped by police.

A spokesman for the group’s East Anglia Division told the News: “We are not thugs or extremists. We are the silent majority but we have been penned in like pigs while the police allow the lefties to march through the city.

“But we will be back in bigger numbers. The leaders are planning a national protest here in Cambridge. All we want to do is have a peaceful protest against a mosque that is not in keeping and will cause no end of traffic problems as it holds 1,000 but has just 80 parking spaces. We are not against Muslims. We are anti-Islam.”

Tourist Vic Synott, 50, of Ayr, Scotland, came across the EDL chanting “we are the famous EDL”. He said: “They are just showing themselves up by their behaviour. They are a disgrace.”

EDL speakers hit out at MEP Richard Howitt for branding them “extremists”.

The Euro MP told the counter-marchers the party had sent him a note “adorned with Nazi swastikas” and accusing him of being “a traitor to civilisation and democracy”. He added: “There is only one group that represents everything in our society which is uncivilised and undemocratic. The traitors to Britain’s traditions of tolerance, fairness and respect – the true traitors – are the EDL themselves. They are a joke.”

Cambridge News, 25 February 2013

As you can see from the YouTube link, the so-called Nazi banner featured the word “ISLAM” with the letter “S” replaced by a swastika. The individual holding it shouted that “Islam is fascism – anti-democratic, misogynistic, anti-gay”, while his drunken supporters chanted “stick your fucking Islam up your arse”. However other EDL members, who were presumably too thick to understand the message behind the banner, attacked him on the basis that he had broken the EDL’s ban on the public display of Nazi symbols.

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    • Leftwing_Muslim_Alliance

      Disney isnt real either . Sorry to totally spoil your day Bambi was never alive . unfortunetly George Bush is real . Sir David

    • Tanveer Khan

      I..I’ve been brainwashed? By Hollywood?! *Slumps onto chair* That is not good. I shall have to be extremely vigilant from now on. Ccowboys took part in the persecution of NAs? I had always thought they came after The Incidents and were just postmen.

    • Leftwing_Muslim_Alliance

      Tanveer Oh dear the myth of the west – made in Hollywood . The truth much sadder ask any Native American . Sir David

    • Tanveer Khan

      Oh the Wild West, how i love it. I especially love the cowboy in Night at the Museum

    • Sam Seed

      Hello Tanveer, indeed I do have reservations of guns in the wrong hands are potential murder weapons. Guns should be the sole property of the authorities. Take the alarming number of people that have been killed by guns in the US as an example of why guns should not be given out like candy.

      The reason I believe the Americans have a long infatuation with guns is its Wild West history. .

    • Leftwing_Muslim_Alliance

      I suspect free beer is how they got the 40 to turn up in the first place . Sir David

    • Tanveer Khan

      You really dont like guns do you Mr Sam? Can’t say I blame you. Guns should stay in the army and the police although look at all the havoc the army has caused. I believe that religious people like me would find it very difficult to justify wars because I think it’s near impossible to wage a just war in this day and age which I think has luckily dissuaded alot of religious people from owning weapons (that’s not to say that non religious people also dont like guns but im talking about it from a religious perspective).

      Have I changed topic again? I dont think I have.

    • Sam Seed

      Guns claim lives and only lead to more bloodshed so please keep out the guns.

    • Sam Seed

      They’ll have to treat them to a free pub lunch and beer to get such a high turn out methinks.

    • Talking_fish_head

      i doubt they can organize their calendars much less a march. I can see them getting drunk and beating each other looking at their piss poor effort in Brighton, im not afraid, in fact i would like to get a chair and have some popcorn, and just laugh at these morons

    • Leftwing_Muslim_Alliance

      We are not thugs or extremists. We are the silent majority Wrong on all three counts , well done You are thugs You are extremists and you make a lot of noise I doubt you will get more than 40 people to a future demonstration mainly because I doubt you can count that high Sir David

  • mindy1

    Yah know, I bet if I put the collective brainpower of these people together, it would be less than that of a spider monkey

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