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Racist Debbie Schlussel Smears Arab Environmentalist Known as the “Green Sheikh”

Racist and anti-Muslim bigot Debbie Schlussel

Racist and anti-Muslim bigot Debbie Schlussel

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Racist Debbie Schlussel Smears Arab Environmentalist Known as the “Green Sheikh”

By Jacob Hausner

A reader has informed us that one of the most discredited and increasingly obscure Islamophobes on the internet today, Debbie Schlussel, has smeared a prominent Arab Muslim environmentalist, Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Ali Nuaimi.

In Schlussel’s well known and requisite “schwang wang wang” style of awful humor she gave her hit piece on Nuaimi the hyperbolic headline, “Exclusive: Fifty Shades of Green Sheikh–Keep this Emirati Prince Away From America’s Daughters.”

What is the purported “exclusive”? It is nothing more than the usual shrillness and obvious fabrication we have come to know from the increasingly desperate Islamophobia industry.

The article is a cobbling together of hate rhetoric and fact-less innuendo presented by Schlussel in order to fearmonger about the phantom stealthy “Arabo-Muslamic” threat to, in this instance, “America’s daughters.”

(Note: Pretending to care about the “honor” of “America’s daughters” is not a new hate tactic, it’s a well worn one, used to great advantage by racists in the past. Take for example the Jim Crow era when terrorist groups like the KKK tried to scare White America about the “virile” and “scoundrel” Blacks who would snatch away their lily-White daughters.)

Schlussel first admits the fact that Nuaimi is world-renowned for his efforts to improve the environment but she does so only to try and tear Nuaimi down, relying on the favorite trope of bigots everywhere: using disgustingly lurid language about “Islamo-scoundrels,” etc.

If you are an American with attractive daughters, be on the lookout for Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Ali al Nuaimi a/k/a the “Green Sheikh.” 47-year-old jetsetting Sheikh Abdul Aziz is the Crown Prince and nephew of the ruler of Ajman, the smallest of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates (UAE). He’s been hailed all over the West as an environmentalist and leader in the “Green” movement, and he gets a lot of media attention and accolades for it (and his doctorate from some Australian university). But deep down, he’s just another Islamo-scoundrel apparently hitting on Western chicks and trying to lure them to the Emirates, where who knows what will happen to them? This is his “outreach” to “youth.”

Schlussel just can’t stand that any Arab or Muslim is being hailed for their positive accomplishments, it frustrates her to no end! As was the case when she railed and ranted against Miss USA Rima Fakih (who was apparently “too sexy” for Schlussel) and recently when she hit out against the New York Jets’ Palestinian football player Oday Aboushi.


After this construction of Nuaimi in the most fiendish light possible can we expect Schlussel to provide some sort of verifiable evidence? Maybe an email from Sheikh Nuaimi to said “Western chicks” trying to “lure” them “to the Emirates?” An interview or statement from the “Western chicks” themselves? A tweet perhaps? I mean something, anything, that could at least meet the bare minimum standards of proper journalism?

Well, not surprisingly Debbie disappoints us again! The only evidence Debbie has to offer is her claim that she has “received information” from “sources.” has learned that, recently, the Green Sheikh drove with his fancy security entourage to visit a young Chicago-area girl and her working-class family. Sources say that the Sheikh, who brags that he has just one wife (which actually means nothing–as that doesn’t rule out a large, well-stocked harem on the side), promised the girl a job at a “six star” hotel in Ajman, if she travels there. And the family, reportedly, is dazzled by the “worldliness” and wealth of the Prince. I think it’s pretty obvious why the Green Sheikh is suddenly so interested in the young, working-class Chicago girl, and it’s not because of her hotel management skills. Once she gets there, she will be subject to Islamic, Ajman, and UAE laws and not the freedoms of America. That means, she will be his for the taking, if he so chooses, per shariah. And it’s pretty clear, he’s doing some pretty hardball “choosing” of the girl already. It will be different, once she is no longer under the purview of American law.

As one can see Debbie is high on innuendo and bare on legitimate citation and verifiable sources. Excuse us if we don’t take someone who has been described by the LA Times as “a trigger happy anti-Muslim zealot” seriously when she claims to have unnamed “sources” smearing a renowned environmentalist. Schlussel is the same untrustworthy person who has LIED and fabricated “exclusive” stories numerous times in the past to try and smear Islam and Muslims. She is also the same person who hyperventilates in genocidal terms about mass slaughtering all 1.8 billion Muslims in the world. So yeah, Schlussel has an obvious credibility problem.

At the end of the day Schlussel’s article is just another demonstration of the textbook sleazy, sub-par, paranoid, tabloid Islamophobia that sounds more like what the sultry imagination of a sexually repressed and irrelevant anti-Muslim Islamophobe would wish happened than a real story.

Schlussel knows she is lying, she only hopes that through her smear Crusade against Islam, Muslims and Arabs she can divert readers away from those Muslims who are really trailblazing and impacting the world in a positive way.

That’s why I urge all readers to check out Sheik Nuaimi’s wonderful website and projects at In an age that is seeing the rapid and detrimental effects of climate change, Sheikh Nuaimi is well placed to make a real and serious difference. His message to both his homeland and the world to move away from oil to solar energy is an important one that cannot risk being muzzled or drowned out by the frothing lunacy of internet bigotry.

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    • CriticalDragon1177

      Oh, I did not know that.

    • Tarig Musa

      she’s fat, she ate all the pies in the shop, it’s an English saying, we chant it to fat players on the footy field.

    • Reynardine

      You’re right, Zakariya. They have a lot more charm.

    • SarahAB

      Fair enough I suppose – I have read very little by her.

    • Javed Asghar


    • Heinz Catsup


    • Zakariya Ali Sher

      Eh, it’s an insult to pigs either way. They’re actually very intelligent, sensitive animals, and cute to boot. Schlussel is neither cute, sensitive nor intelligent. She’s also likely haram, so I think the pigs win out here.

    • Glorfindel


      +1 for the quote of the day “Brains are awesome, I wish everybody had them.”

    • Zakariya Ali Sher

      True that. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, and while I don’t approve of objectifying women or making fun of people for being fat, Schlussel does the same thing dozens of times a day. If she can imply… no outright claim that Rima Fakih is a “terrorist” and “HIzbollah supporter” then I feel little guilt over making fun of her.

      And besides, Schlussel is no looker. Rima Fakih is much, much hotter. I wonder if that explains her jealousy? Then again, who knows, her blog seems overly focused on Arab/Muslim sexuality, which is a common theme with racists the world over.

    • HeGG

      She said that since Lara Logan is one of those reporters who doesn’t think all Muslims are evil, it warmed her heart that she realized the “truth”.

      I’m not kidding nor exaggerating. She actually used the phrase “warms my heart” (twice) in reference to the brutal attack and rape of Lara Logan.

    • HeGG

      While I think that making fun of the looks or sexuality of people you disagree with is pathetic (even when the target is someone like Spencer) the fact is that Schlussel does it all the time. She has a long story of calling Janet Napolitano “The Lesbonic Woman” as well as various other odious attacks at the players of the WNBA.

      I’m not saying that her constantly attacking other people for their looks makes it OK to do the same to her; I’m just saying that if someone does, I’m not going to be terribly torn about it.

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