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Le Pen to visit Wilders Tuesday, hold joint press conference


Deacon Robert Spencer‘s pal Geert Wilders is joining up with France’s Marine Le Pen.

Le Pen to visit Wilders Tuesday, hold joint press conference

The leader of France’s nationalist Front National is meeting Geert Wilders, leader of the Dutch anti-Islam party PVV, on Tuesday and the two will hold a joint press conference about their plans for the European elections.

The aim of Marine le Pen and Wilders is to create a strong anti-EU block within the European parliament. Wilders has spoken several times of his efforts to form a pan-European grouping.

In order to form an official group within the European parliament, Wilders and Le Pen need to deliver 27 MEPs from seven different countries. The PVV and Front National are currently ahead in the opinion polls.

Wilders has already made approaches to the Vlaams Belang, Italy’s Lega Nord and the UK Independence Party, the Volkskrant said earlier this year. UKIP and Sweden’s Democrats have refused to join an alliance with the Front National.

The PVV and Front National have different views on both Israel and homosexuality. Wilders has made a point of supporting Israel and gay rights.

Dutch News, 10 November 2013

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    • Cengiz_K

      …Islam critic…

      I am sure You are aware of how all the “I dont hate muslims but Islamofascism”-“liberals are seeing themselves in the light of intellectualism but don’t have the slightest clue of the world they are living in, that’s one impression I get when having exchanged one or two words with this elite.. This might be true for many branches of intellectualism or those who enjoy to refer to themselves in that manner, but there is something about those former people what makes one flinch either in disgust or pity.. Or maybe it is just me..

    • Cengiz_K

      That’s a rather good summary of all the public players who are dividing europe as a primary target among themselves imho.. And they are gaining power.. Heads up..

    • Helfrink89

      They actually have quite a few differences, believe me. I used to be associated with the “Alternative-Right” before my conversion to Islam and I found myself caught up in arguments between European/Continental Nationalists, Atlantic/Anglo-Saxon Nationalists and Eurasianists . Marine LePenn’s nationalism favors the Continental European Identity, which derives inspiration from orthodox Fascism (of Mussolini, Primo de Rivera, Codreanu), as well as various non-fascist nationalists like De Gualle. The European Nationalists HATE the Atlanticists, Neoconservatives, are critical of Zionism, Americanism, are disdainful of Anglo-Saxon thought and would like to see NATO dissolved. Geert Wilders is more of an Atlantic Nationalist, whom share a lot in common with neoconservatives, have warmer, if not cordial attitudes towards Israel, the U.S., NATO, etc. The Continental Nationalists sometimes resent the Atlantic Nationalists as “Kosher Nationalists” because of their warm attitudes towards Zionism. Atlantic Nationalists resent the Continental Nationalists as “Nazis.”

      And then you have the Eurasianists, who are a whole different ball-game from the two. Eurasianists really hate Zionism and Americanism (to a much greater degree than the Continentalists), but unlike the Atlanticists and Continentalists, Eurasianists don’t harbor much disdain towards Muslims and even see Muslims as an important part of their Eurasian vision. Both Atlanticists and Continentalists resent Eurasianists as “Communists” and “Neo-Soviets” (Though Eurasianists will still turn a blind eye or even justify Russia’s mistreatment of Muslims)

    • LeRoy Williams

      It is true that Wilders has an inferiority complex about being from a Muslim-majority nation, so he tries to bleach it out & attacks Muslims & immigrants to compensate

    • sasboy

      Many of the apologists for Geert Wilders, some of them Dutch, whom I have interacted with, over the net seem to think the man is not a racist or a race baiter at all, but rather an Islam critic and little more.

      Some people may be scared that this political marriage from hell between these two far right wingers, may be bad, because it represents a coalescing of extreme political views.

      But Marine Le Pen, daughter of Holocaust denying Jean Marie Le Pen, who is well known in France as a racist, coming together with Wilders, makes it easier for the far right’s critics to depict the latter as a racist, also keeping in mind that he has now turned on the Eastern European community in his country as well.

      When extremists congregate, it may create a bigger menace, which may be easier to expose and depict as the threat to progressive values which it is.

    • bboy_blue

      His hair dying is a result of a self loathing & denial, which manifests itself in the form of a wannabe Aryan spouting anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim bigotry.

      Geert Wilders’ Indonesian roots define his politics, says anthropologist

  • The greenmantle

    No problem , great minds think alike

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