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Rep. Trent Franks and Robert Spencer Indulge in “Obama is a Secret Muslim” Conspiracy Again

Rep. Trent Franks of Arizona was one of the politicians  involved in promoting the book, “Muslims Mafia,” by the now retired and disgruntled racist Islamophobe, David Gaubatz.

Franks recently shared a panel with the former adviser to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahoo, Caroline Glick and Rev. Deacon Robert Spencer who, not for the first time, indulged in the “Obama is a Muslim” conspiracy theory–Franks agreed with him.

Trent Frank Agrees That Obama Is Either A Secret Muslim Or Acting Just Like One

Right-Wing Watch

Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ) appeared at a David Horowitz Freedom Center function last month where he agreed with a co-panelist who said Obama may be a secret Muslim, or is at least acting like one. Franks sat on the panel with anti-Muslim activists Robert Spencer, Erick Stakelbeck and Caroline Glick. A member of the audience asked Spencer — to laughter and applause — that if the Quran dictates that apostates must face execution, “If so, how does this apply to Obama? And if so, what should we do about it?”

Spencer replied that the president’s religion is “murky, probably intentionally so.” He went on to say that because you don’t hear Muslims “calling for Obama to be executed as an apostate” for leaving Islam for Christianity, then it is likely he is still a Muslim.

“With so many hotheads and firebrands and hardliners, you would think that somebody would say that, unless maybe they know something,” Spencer said.

He went on to argue that Obama’s Christian faith is further proof that he’s a Muslim, explaining that he can still be a Muslim while he identifies as a Christian. Spencer added: “Whatever his personal beliefs are, certainly if he were a secret Muslim, he wouldn’t be acting any differently from how he is anyway.”

“That’s exactly right,” Franks said. “He wouldn’t be any different.”

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    • Rights

      I don’t find this picture funny to the least extent. Instead I find it insulting to the Pakistani armed forces. Let me explain.

      1) I remember Brzezinski’s visit to Pakistan. This picture is one of several taken when he visited a Pakistani post at the Khyber Pass. The man in the picture is a member of the Pakistan Frontier Corps or Frontier Constabulary; I cannot tell which. He is certainly not OBL. A few minutes of Google search pulls up the other pictures too. I wonder if the soldier in the picture even survived the long conflict.

      2) Likening OBL to the soldier in the picture is offensive. The men of Pakistani Army and the Frontier Corps have been dying day in and day out for over a decade in this blasted “war on terror.” In fact Pakistan has lost more soldiers (~ 5000) in this war along the border than the US and all of NATO combined (~ 3400) in Afghanistan. The civilian deaths for Pakistan are 40K to 50K. That’s a lot of dead people. The loss to Pakistani economy is estimated at $70-90 billion. Pakistan has dearly, very dearly paid for joining America’s “war on terror.”

      3) Brzezinski visited Khyber Pass on February 3, 1980. The Soviets had invaded Afghanistan a mere 5 weeks earlier. So there is no way OBL was even around there at that time. There was no American materiel around either. The Mujahideen were not around either. No one knew exactly what to do. It was simply too early.

      4) This picture and some others with doctored captions and the like are usually passed around on the Internet to show that the US created Al-Qaeda, etc.

      I feel that I should demand removal of this doctored picture from the website. But then all of sudden I realize that I am in no position to make such a demand because I have no authority here. So, then, I take the fallback position: Please kindly remove this doctored picture because it dishonors Pakistani soldiers, and because the doctored picture embodies falsehood. Carlos, I am afraid there’s no Kodak moment here.

    • Reynardine

      They believe in the god they created in Their image.

    • Carlos Danger


    • Tanveer Khan

      Ah, I must wear it instead then. Its very useful. I’d list all its functions again but I cant remember them T_T

  • Yausari

    I don’t wear them

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