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Le Pen Supporting Parti Quebecois Candidate Steps Down For Anti-Islam Message


PQ candidate steps down after posting anti-Islamic photos

(Montreal News)

A Parti Quebecois candidate who posted anti-Islamic material on social media has withdrawn from the campaign.

Jean Carriere, who was the PQ candidate for the Montreal riding of Lafontaine, created a social media storm on Wednesday when a Liberal party supporter digging through his Facebook page found a picture of a half-naked woman saying “Fuck Islam.”

Earlier this year Carriere also praised Marine Le Pen and the far-right Front National party of France.

Reporters had difficulty contacting Carriere Wednsday evening and his Facebook page was soon taken offline, but he later told one that he shared the image because he thought it was pro-feminist.

Thursday morning Premier Pauline Marois announced that Carriere had withdrawn his candidacy.

Around noon Carriere posted an apologetic message on his Facebook page.

One of the first replies came from Roland Richer, the PQ candidate for Argenteuil, who said he still admired Carriere and said he should not have been forced to step down.

Around 2 p.m. Richer’s comment was removed.

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    • abdul rauf

      why is that a bad photo? i think his head is shaped like that. it’s a birthdefect. the fetus turns to early and the head is pinched by the pelvis and fuses the skull to early and causes thaat misshapened head. happened to a co-workers kid.

    • Sam Seed

      Yes, he’s made quite a spectacle of himself.

    • Sam Seed

      Nothing wrong with being a Klingon, unless it’s an Islamophobe in which case we have reached depths of galactic proportions, long live the Empire!

    • Tanveer Khan

      I remember watching that when i was younger!

    • JD

    • Reynardine

      I believe he is a Klingon.

    • Jekyll

      Honestly not to be rude or anything but this nice looking gentleman ought to be wearing a baseball cap

    • The greenmantle

      Marine’ s supporters are also calling themselves “La Vauge Blue Marine ” thats the blue wave of the sea but to me sounds more like a vague blue rince . Like her hair style Sir David

  • The greenmantle

    I am confused and dont mean to be judgemental but this guy is … er … Black right ? Its not just a bad photo and he supports LePen ? ……… WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE DUDE! on the subject of the charming pouting Marine I noticed a rash of posters around Angers yesterday where she is described as “the alturnative voice” I found this quite ironic as her campaign appears to consist of her keeping quiet and her opponents shooting themselves in the foot . Unfortunetly this ruse appears to be working

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