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BNP’s proposed election broadcast features vile anti-Muslim animation


BNP’s proposed election broadcast features vile anti-Muslim animation

Vile cartoons of Muslims swilling alcopops and chasing pre-pubescent girls, as well as graphic depictions of Lee Rigby’s murderer, could be broadcast on the BBC and ITV this week, submitted as the BNP’s official party election broadcast.

The party can submit a five-minute broadcast to major channels ahead of the May European elections.

An 10-second clip, leaked to The Huffington Post UK, shows an animation of a girl and the BNP’s bulldog mascot looking at a billboard which says ‘Muslim Grooming Gangs At Large’. She is then confronted with a gang of Muslims in traditional dress, swigging blue WKDs, as a background song to the tune of ‘All Things Bright And Beautiful’ mentions how “there’s some who prey on little girls from takeaways and taxis”.

The girl walks past a burqa-wearing Big Issue seller with a small boy, with a sign saying ‘Sale’ around his neck. She encounters a black silhouette, with blood red hands, a clear reference to Woolwich soldier Lee Rigby’s murderer Michael Adebolajo, as the song references those who “kill with knives and axes”.

The BNP has party election broadcasts scheduled ahead of May’s European Parliament elections. The five-minute broadcast will go out on prime-time BBC and ITV on Tuesday.

Simon Darby, the BNP’s press officer, said the description of the clip matched that the party had submitted to broadcasters, though he said he was angry the video had been leaked ahead of time. “I haven’t had any indication it isn’t going to be broadcast, as is,” he said. “It’s going to get an enormous audience, at peak time. Usually they try and put it in the middle of the night.”

The party has been teasing images of its cartoons on its website, counting down the days until the broadcast. The cartoons on the website match the style of cartoon in the clip seen by HuffPost UK. The BNP website told members: “We’re counting down the days till it’s here… and believe the hype – it’s well worth the wait!”

Nick Lowles, of anti-fascist group Hope Not Hate, told HuffPost UK he would be astonished if the clip were broadcast in its current form. “It is inconceivable this could be broadcast, especially since the BBC have rejected less extreme broadcasts in the past,” he said.

Huffington Post, 26 April 2014

I have to agree with Nick Lowles here. British TV doesn’t exactly have an unblemished record when it comes to promoting Islamophobia, but based on the HuffPo’s description of the BNP’s proposed broadcast it is difficult to believe it will be accepted in this form. Or indeed that the BNP leadership ever imagined it would be. Their purpose presumably is to attract publicity by getting the broadcast censored and then scream about the establishment capitulating to Muslim demands for the suppression of free speech. While this will feed into the prevailing atmosphere of anti-Muslim hysteria, the BNP still won’t get any of their candidates elected.

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    • paul

      The twat that wrote this drivel about how nasty the BNP are for daring to say bad things about muslims must be feeling a bit subdued after the (yet another) story about muslim peadophile gangs specifically targeting white kids for their sex slaves and turning to prostitutes – Rotherham – bet the islamaphobes make hay on this one (truth is they have a great deal to make hay about because the evil this religion exports is endless) . . . words fail me about idiots like you, when are you going to wake up to this evil entity in our midst? They come to our country plant bombs in our streets, rape our children, preach hatred against us while raising 7 or 8 kids on our tax money – and then there’s deadheads like the prick who writes this crap – no other religion behaves like this. What do you think would happen if English immigrants did this in their country?

    • Razainc_aka_BigBoss

      First of course this a serious tragedy and issue is serious. It should be condemned for heinous act that it is. Of course the story can be covered without demonetization but that is not what will happen in most cases. But it is already linked to Islam from the simple fact that the group claims to be representing it.

      The media does not even usually know the basic idea this is a group criminals NOT FUNDAMENTALISTS, since even the most hardcore conservative type Muslims don’t condone this it is a being done by a criminal group. But usually in the media just will resort overly simplistic coverage and Islamophobic pundits will get more fuel for their propaganda.

      Here is what will likely not happen a common sense way to help the victims and their families. Helping the victims and their families should be real goal but that is NOT the goal of most media nor of a lot of the self professed Islam experts.

      Second I will tell you about the minority prayer which is basically please don’t let be someone from our religious/ethnic group.

      A lot of minorities say this in a tragedy for the simple reason that if someone else did it we would not have to worry about the backlash, the politicization of it to take away our rights and using the tragedy to blame and demonize us for the crimes of a few. that why we minorities worry about these tragedies.

    • SarahAB

      I like Mindy, but I voted up adc714’s comment because I really don’t think worry about Islamophobia should be the first response to such an incredibly distressing story – a story which doesn’t seem to be getting quite as much coverage as it should, at least not here in the UK. I think the response of most people – Muslim and non-Muslim – has been horror, and I can only think of one response (and that just a tweet) about the issue which could be said to be anti-Muslim. I’m sure there’s plenty more out there, on jihadwatch etc, but I don’t think that should distract others from condemning the kidnapping unreservedly, without first worrying about the Islamophobia factor.

    • Razainc_aka_BigBoss

      mindy1 “be perpared for Islamophobes to make hay of it >:(” ^^ case and point

    • Stephen Tearle

      Should all Muslims be tared with the same brush though, btw were they abducted by those boko haram fools?

    • Nikos Dandoulakis

      Just watched it. It’s horrible!

      But I have to admit, the song is an earworm.

    • SarahAB

      I completely agree that this is all about attention seeking and free speech martyrdom. The ‘official’ broadcast is full of references to the fact it has been censored, and of course people can see the original online (at least that’s my understanding – I haven’t actually seen it). I considered discussing it in a post I wrote on another aspect of censorship but decided that it would be better to ignore it completely.

    • Laila Muhammad

      would the bbc broadcast a cartoon of jewish nba owner donald sterling railing against blacks….or a cartoom of baruk goldstein murdering 33 muslims in prayer

    • Tanveer Khan

      I vote for showing it. It will do them more harm than good.

    • mindy1

      Ugh that’s awful and pathetic. Allegedly around 100 girls in Nigeria have been abducted from schools, be perpared for Islamophobes to make hay of it >:(

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