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Tulsa DA refiles hate crime case in December attack on woman

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Tulsa DA refiles hate crime case in December attack on woman

Tulsa County prosecutors have refiled a state hate-crime case that was dismissed two months ago pending a potential federal prosecution that hasn’t developed.

With a decision reached that federal authorities were not going to take the case, the Tulsa County District Attorney’s Office last week refiled three misdemeanor counts against Stuart David Manning, 43, of Tulsa.

Manning is charged with assault and battery, malicious injury to property, and malicious intimidation or harassment because of race or color, which is how Oklahoma’s hate-crime law is worded in state statutes.

He is accused of violating the law by hitting a woman in the forehead and vandalizing her vehicle while repeatedly calling her a “Muslim b—-,” according to an arrest and booking report.

The woman told police that the man — alleged to be Manning — got upset because he thought she parked too close to his vehicle in the 1500 block of North Lewis Avenue on Dec. 13.

Manning was initially charged Jan. 10 with the same three counts that he faces again. He was free on bond when the original case was dismissed Feb. 27. Manning’s arrest and booking report describes the woman as being from Lebanon and says she has a “thick Middle Eastern accent” and the appearance of “someone that typically is of the Islamic faith.”

A prosecutor said the woman is not a Muslim, but prosecutors have also said that would not preclude a hate crime charge.

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    • Jekyll

      Pfff please half these people make up stuff as they go along…chip in Newya Yoka…

    • mindy1

      Argh how did she get on the board. >:( As for that movie, what’s wrong with nice Muslims?

    • mindy1

      I am not as educated in religion and politics as some other commentators, so I usually comment on topics I understand

    • JD

      9/11 Museum Board Member Debra Burlingame ‘Has Espoused Anti-Muslim Views’ (The Daily Beast)

      What’s behind the museum’s actions? A theory advanced by Gudaitis is that Debra Burlingame, one of the 11 members of the museum’s program board, which decides content, has espoused anti-Muslim views. … In 2010, she issued a press release denouncing President Obama’s support of the “Ground Zero Mosque.” That place of worship, she claimed, would spread Sharia law across the United States, leading to the “subjugation of all free people, including secular Muslims who come to this country fleeing that medieval ideology, which destroys lives and crushes the human spirit.”

      Burlingame also recently wrote a letter attacking the Liam Neeson film Non-Stop because the hijacker in the film is a military combat veteran and “worse, the flight’s quiet hero who comes to the aid of the protagonist, thereby saving the day, is a Muslim doctor.”

    • Jekyll

      I must ask you nicely how come you never write more ?

    • Rights

      Since that is not going to happen, we must confront them, as you do on this website, as we all do. But nice wish.

    • mindy1

      HATERS GO AWAY and leave us normal people please.

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