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Edinburgh: Security guard ‘found bacon in mosque’


Edinburgh: Security guard ‘found bacon in mosque’

A security guard at the Central Mosque told a court he was left feeling “very bad” after finding bacon had been thrown into the building and placed on the main door handles. Usman Mahmood, 34, said it “hurt my feelings to have this meat in my sacred place” as he gave evidence at Edinburgh Sheriff Court.

He said he had opened the mosque for worship at around 6am on January 31 last year and had gone to his office to watch CCTV. Mr Mahmood told the court: “I saw persons running towards the main entrance and when I went upstairs I saw a piece of meat hanging on the window of the worshipping area and two pieces on the entrance door handle.”

Asked by Fiscal Depute, Mark Keane, what kind of meat it had been, Mr Mahmood said: “It was bacon. Muslims do not eat it or touch that kind of meat. It is forbidden in my country.” He said he had removed the bacon using a newspaper so that he did not handle it, and added: “I was surprised if someone had done this for a joke. It is against our culture and religion.”

Accused duo Chelsea Lambie, 28, from Paisley and 38-year-old Douglas Cruikshank, from Galashiels, have both denied the racially aggravated charges against them. Lambie has lodged special defences of incrimination and alibi.

The trial continues.

Edinburgh Evening News, 28 April 2014

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    • Rights

      In the same line of this young lady’s par excellence behavior, Bob Pitt’s 25 January 2013 post on the Islamophobia Watch website relates the following:

      “The Drunken Lambie, of Fereneze Drive, Glenburn, then launched foul verbal abuse as she called Mr Mahmood a “Paki b*****d” and told him to “go back to his own country”.”

      I have tried to convince people that “Paki” is a very much racist term. It originated in England, and it seems it still prevails there.

    • Anonymous

      From what I know, touching a pig is only unclean and not forbidden, but it is forbidden to consume pork and pork products; the only exception to that rule is when a person is starving to death and there is only pork to satisfy his/her hunger. The same goes for touching dogs, it may be unclean but certainly not forbidden, infact many people love to keep dogs inspite of their uncleanliness especially among farmers.

      So in conclusion, no touching a pig will not send a muslim to hell, the worst is he/she may have to clean his/her self before praying; the worst thing that plastering a mosque will do is delay prayers for cleaning and that’s it.

    • Heinz Catsup

      So wait. Muslims can’t touch pork AT ALL? I thought it was forbidden to consume like in Judaism (unless of course it was under a certain circumstance) but it’s haram to touch as well?

      Lol at her wanting to “improve the world” & being inspired by Hitler, though.

    • Reynardine

      Ah. Pardon my bluntness, but “crab” is U.S. slang for a pubic louse, and an allusion to a person being the kind of companion that will wind you up in Joe’s Crab House indicates that their habitual associational practices are unhygeinic.

  • Tanveer Khan

    Islamophobes tend to be abnormal people so it isn’t unreasonable to believe that they have weird sexual desires.

    I don’t understand the Joe’s Crab House (shack?) reference though….

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