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Local Kansas GOP official: ‘Offending Muslims is the duty of any civilized person. Especially with a .45.’


This isn’t “offense,” this was incitement to violence. This Repugnant, Gavin Ellzey should know that there are more than a few that would put him in his place if he even dared to reach for a gun.

Local Kansas GOP official: ‘Offending Muslims is the duty of any civilized person. Especially with a .45.’

(Kansas City Star)

Gavin Ellzey, the vice chairman of the Kansas Republican 3rd Congressional District Committee, advised on Twitter in early July that “offending Muslims is the duty of any civilized person.”

Ellzey added, “Especially with a .45.”

In an interview with The Star, the Overland Park resident acknowledged writing the tweet in response to television news reports about Christians being “crucified” overseas.

“Sometimes you overreact,” Ellzey said.

“I’ve had folks call me,” he added. “I’m not trying to offend anybody. I sure wouldn’t shoot anybody. I don’t even own a gun.”

He said he later deleted the tweet.

Mahnaz Shabbir of the Crescent Peace Society said she was shocked when she saw the tweet.

“We’ve been doing a lot of work in the community to try to help others understand who we are,” she said. “When something like this comes across my computer, my first reaction is like, are you kidding me?”

She pointed out the tweet came just months after the shootings at the Jewish Community Center.

Shabbir said that Ellzey should be removed from his minor party office and that the Kansas GOP should apologize.

Clay Barker, executive director of the Kansas Republican Party, said the state party has “no responsibility for or connection to the public statements of private citizens who perform volunteer work for the party.”

He added that the “party in no way shares Ellzey’s sentiments on Muslims.”

Barker said new party officers would be selected in about two months in the wake of Tuesday night’s primary.

Told that the words were explosive, Ellzey said, “You’re right,” and said at another point, “I’m not trying to give offense to anybody.”

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    • Capt. Hennessy

      What about the millions of Native Americans killed by the White Man. Do I as a Native American have the right to greet every White Man with .45 in his face?

    • John Smith

      Amazing how easily they believe that. There are Arabs with blond hair and Indians with blue eyes too.

    • Capt. Hennessy

      “What I don’t get is calling anyone “subhuman”.”

      It’s really not all that difficult to understand.

      You have to look at the context and connotation of the statement. Subhuman is animal like in the psychology or behavior of a person. The connotation implies that Ellzey thinks like an animal because he wants to intimidate whom he thinks is encroaching on his territory. Ellzey doesn’t comprehend that pulling a 45. on person isn’t going to offend them its going to get them to defend themselves at all costs. He doesn’t understand the implications of his statement nor what he statement actually means. In other words he is subhuman. Lacks rational and critical thought process.

    • 1DrM

      Only thing that’s been substantiated is that you’re a delusional idiot with zero knowledge and a slipping grip on reality. I briefly looked into your ridiculous comment history(from supporting ISIS to citing Hadith(strange for a Hadith hater)), and what a delusional hypocrite you are. Proof positive you are not a Muslim.

      Get offline, and back on your meds, loser.

    • Anonymous

      of course we can’t deny that muslim terrorists exist and have killed many people, but if you think that attacking ordinary muslims and harassing them is going to solve anything, you are seriously mistaken.

      I don’t think Gavin Ellzey was joking when he made that statement, there are people in this country who would like nothing better than to lynch muslims and “Lefties”.

      Its like in the 19th century, how Irish and all catholics where blamed for all the troubles that happened in America.

    • Sam Seed


    • 1DrM

      Recycling the same nonsense again? Get new material, troll.

    • Jekyll

      What the…go read your comment again you delicate fool. Your comments don’t add one singular point to the post or the conversation. Your comments give rise to a sense of severe delusion and being in a state of “pathetic-ness”. You give a sort of ageusia of the mind. Again, delicate hardly you have given not one iota of sensible commentary or shown a minutia of inquisitiveness in relation to the post. Just a fool rambling.

      And you still haven’t answered, how do you pray?

    • 1DrM

      Yet another worthless reply. What a loss not having to deal with a pseudo intellectual troll. Your relentless misrepresentations indicate something very unhealthy about your mental life. Go back and read your own comments, idiot. The fact that you though I was advocating bringing a baseball bat marinated in humus and haleem to a gun fight tells how connected you are to reality. Laughable really. Your opinionated diatribes mean nothing, you are not a Muslim, but a shallow hypocrite with zero background in Islamic theology. A professional nobody, seeking attention from your betters.

    • 1DrM

      Your continued projection cognitive dissonance is getting old. Get your medication dosage adjusted.

    • George Carty

      It’s not so unusual — takfiri barbarians like Islamic State murder people for being “the wrong kind of Muslim”, but Islam’s record here still isn’t as bad as Christianity’s.

      In fact, much of the spread of Islam historically was achieved by exploiting the victims of Christian-on-Christian persecution (like the Ghassanids at Yarmuk, or the Orthodox Christians who never forgave the Catholics for 1204 and said “better the turban than the mitre”).

    • El Cid

      I answered. I responded, even given the temerity of your question. Was it beyond your understanding?

      Unlike some other Muslims who want to please the Faranghi and the ZioNazi, bending backwards till they fall over, I concede to no one but to Allah Alone. Now do you understand?

    • El Cid

      As I observed: You but digress to concrete thinking…if it can even be called that.

    • Jekyll

      Answer my question, boy: How do you pray between you and your Creator, that is if you believe in him ?

    • Jekyll

      Utter fool! As a descendant of Aqua man, I sink not in waters of deep. I doth be when Thinkers be you stupid little man.

    • 1DrM

      You’re projecting as usual like the ignorant troll that you are. Your own preposterous OPINIONS show that you are not a Muslim. Whining about judgement while judging others and lying about Islamic theology. Who did you learn Islam from, you silly muppet? Sheikh Google? In addition to functional illiteracy, your verbose attempts of trying to sound educated peppering your screed with medical terms is pitiful.

      Get over yourself, and don’t miss whatever cocktail of medications you’re on.

    • El Cid

      Not your business. It is between me and my Creator. And I doubt if you even know what that word means.

    • El Cid

      The ‘Concretes’ They would sink, drown, be without buoy or bearings in the abstract depths the Thinkers relish and where the Doers do !

    • El Cid

      I have noticed that you often tend to blurt out opinion and spew conclusions based on nothing but a dwindling number of grey cells, starving for oxygen on an atherosclerotic blood supply.

      Now unless your are totally sclerotic and senile will you please care to elaborate on your reasoning and how you arrived at your conclusions?

      Again: Unless you are a total fool or a rigid doddering old man, please do respond and share your knowledge and enlighten as to how you pontificate, reach such arbitrary judgments?

      Please: How did you reach this god like judgment on me?

    • 1DrM

      What utter rubbish. Thanks for proving you’re not a Muslim, liar.

    • 1DrM

      YOU chill out, looney tune. If you weren’t acting out with silly nonsensical arguments in the first place, I wouldn’t be wasting my time with you.

    • El Cid

      “Weather” …Indeed !

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