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Redneck Oklahoma State Rep. John Bennett Ups the Ante, Says Islam is ‘a cancer in our nation that needs to be cut out’


John Bennett hates Islam and Muslims, he even went to another country in an offensive war to kill brown folks in predominantly Muslim majority nations where he boasts about “fighting on the frontlines.”

Now he has returned to Oklahoma, joined politics and advocates ‘cutting Islam out of our nation,’ likening it (and by extension Muslims) to cancer.

John Bennett, not only supported the Iraq War but fought in it, he is as implicated in its destruction and the present chaos as the likes of pastor Gary Cass.

By Bill Sherman, Tulsa World

State Rep. John Bennett, R-Sallisaw, meeting Monday night with about 85 constituents at a Republican gathering at Western Sizzlin’ here, did not back down from statements he made earlier this month that were critical of Islam.

Bennett has been at the center of a political maelstrom that has gained national attention since he published comments on social media warning people to be wary of Muslim Americans and then refused to apologize in the face of mounting criticism.

Asked before the meeting whether he planned to apologize for his comments, Bennett said, “No. Because I’m right, and they know I’m right.”

“CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) used political pressure to make me back down, but I didn’t and I’m not going to,” he said to a standing ovation. Bennett, who served in the U.S. Marines in Iraq and Afghanistan, said he has heard from people all over the world supporting his position.

In a lengthy presentation that included videos made within U.S. mosques, Bennett outlined a history of the Islamic faith and his views that Islam is a sociopolitical movement intent upon destruction of Western civilization and world domination. “Their goal is the destruction of Western civilization from within,” he said. “This is a cancer in our nation that needs to be cut out.”

“The media is playing right into their hands,” he said. “We need to share his (Jesus’) story, love others and stand for freedom,” he said to loud applause. I love each and every one of them, but I’m not going to stand back and let them push Islam into our nation.”

He said the FBI has severed ties with CAIR in part because the organization was alleged to be an unindicted co-conspirator in a major trial about funding terrorism.

Ibrahim Hooper, communications director of CAIR in Washington, D.C., said the unindicted co-conspirator charge against CAIR was legal “mumbo jumbo” that came out of the Holy Land Foundation trial in 2007. “The key word is ‘unindicted,’” he said.

One attendee, Alan Beard, said he was “100 percent in agreement with what John said, and I stand behind him.” “You just have to look at other countries like England and Australia where they’ve gotten a foothold,” he said.

Another listener asked how to get Islam out of school textbooks. “Islam has no place in these United States,” she said.

Also on Monday, Tulsa Metropolitan Ministry released a resolution calling for Bennett and Oklahoma Republican Party Chairman David Weston to apologize for remarks that “put all Muslims in Oklahoma in one group, associating them with terrorists and encouraging fear and wariness among our citizens against other citizens.”

The resolution was signed by more than two dozen groups affiliated with the local Say No to Hate Coalition, including the Jewish Federation of Tulsa, Tulsa Interfaith Alliance, Oklahomans for Equality and several churches.

Bennett’s criticism of Islam comes at a time when polling indicates Middle East violence and the beheading of two American journalists may be shifting U.S. public opinion against the world’s second-largest religion.

Half of Americans now believe Islam is more likely to encourage violence than other religions, according to a Pew Research Center poll conducted in early September.

That figure is up 12 percentage points since February, when 38 percent answered affirmatively.

Older Americans, Republicans, conservatives and evangelical Christians were much more likely to link Islam to violence: white evangelicals, 70 percent, up 16 points since February; conservative Republicans, 72 percent, up 11 points; people 65 or older, 64 percent, up 18 points.

Forty-two percent of Democrats agreed with the statement, a 14-point increase since February. One-third of adults under 30 agreed, up six points from February.

The poll also showed that increasing numbers of Americans are concerned about Islamic extremism in the United States and abroad.

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    • Friend of Bosnia

      Here see another example oif that vile redneck zionazi scum and his evil mendacious anbd puerile ideas that I found today QUOTE “I deny that Srebrenica was a genocide, and unlike you, I don’t hide behind my words when things get tough as you are now running from your neo-Nazi glorifications. Thousands of Serbs were murdered in Srebrenica alone which you, Sauda and the rest of the Serbophobes on here choose to ignore. You choose to only acknowledge civilian casualties based on their ethnic make up. As far as Sarajevo, over 100, 000 Serbs lived there before the war and today there are less than 10, 000. But that’s not genocide, right? Ethnic cleansing? Of course not! They are Serbian civilians after all!” UNQUOTE He openly admits that he is a Bosniak genocide denier and again and agin he comes up with the Milivoje Ivanisevic propaganda lie that “Bosniaks killed 3000 Serbs at Srebrenica” And again he comes with teh lie that teh Bosiakls killoed 90.0000 Serb residents of Sarajevoi when the whole world knows that those 90.000 are alive and wellin Istocno Sarajevo, “RS”; and bad-mouthing the Bosniaks. That I must share the Earth with such vile creatures…! the notion that people withg such evil ideas exist. And he smearsme as jihadist and IS. In truth I am pro FSA, hard as their lot is.So I may be excused of getting the notion that he should fall into theier hands and get that sort of treatment, not the good people who came to Syria to help the people. That he stated he is pro Assad only shows what a kind of human (human???) being he is. And the worst is that a sufficiently large proportion of Serbs and of Serb government big shots still believe un such ideas to make any peaceful coexistence impossible for the foreseeable future. In the Third Reich only a rather small proportion of people were Nazis and that was sufficient to start WWII and commit the Holocaust. It suffices that among the Serbs (in Bosnia, in Serbia and abroad) just 20% harbor genocidal ideas about Bosniaks and Kosovars lihe that Jacob R. thet the Serb nation and people still pose a danger for the Bosiaks’ and Kosovo Albanians’ continued existence. If someone merits a violent death, or at least the thrashing of a lifetime it is this inhuman genocidal good-for nothing fecal fascist.

    • Friend of Bosnia

      Someone who is pro-Assad is inhuman. End of line.

    • Bruno Coro Niembro

      A guy who is against Hamas and ISIL, supports Israel, but supports Assad? Decidely, you cannot be more grotesque as far as a human being goes.

    • Bruno Coro Niembro

      A stain in our history, among many others.

    • Friend of Bosnia

      Well you act just like your masters in Belgrade. In my above comment I never ever talked about Serbs. Yet you came along and without provocation attacked me. Just like your masters in Belgrade did with us in 1992. Youre really a disgrace for mankind. Ah, if I only could suck that sorry excuse of a soul out of your body and destroy it…

    • Friend of Bosnia

      “neoliberal disaster capitalism”

      Bravo. That’s just great. Must save this one. Kudos to you for sharing.

    • Friend of Bosnia

      Ah yes, that’s right.

    • Friend of Bosnia

      Oh, I meant this Jacob character’s mendacity and cynicism, but that’s a common trait of all fascists, racists and islamophobes. That’s why I said it’s nothing new. On the subject of Bosnia-Herzegovina there are many excellent books available, not just on its recent bloody past, but about the people and the country too. Try “Bosnia, a Short History” by Noel Malcolm; or some of Dr. Marko Attila Hoare’s excellent works; and “Being Muslim the Bosnian Way” by Tone Bringa; then there is a collection of satirical short stories by Danijela Albrecht “Balkan Bittersweet” but I think it’s only published in German. Picture books are rare and mostly available in Bosnia-Herzegovina itself, but it’s really worth a visit, if you happen to be nearby. Enjoy your stay in Italy. It’s really a beautiful country to visit.

    • Mehdi

      That’s not my point, there is a difference between defending your family, house, land, country, and life in general when you are under threat. It’s important to do so. My point on high standards is about the many fascists who write provocative posts on the Internet, responding to them is important, but I’m just reminding you that you and your family are much better than them, and not let them get under your skin… That was all…

    • Friend of Bosnia

      Since fascists are the worst people in the world, not being a fascist is in itself but a small merit. And also, what good will it do me if they can smash me into the ground, and not the other way round? What good will it do me if they are allowed to spew their genocidal hate speech and my “J’accuse…!” is silenced? What good will it do me if they take away my homeland and turn me into a refugee and a beggar, if they don’t kill me outright, and are awarded their ill-gotten gains? What good will it do me to be the moral winner and the factual loser? What good will it do me if they have the last word, the better connections, the heavier armament, the more powerful backers? What good will it do me if they have all the might and I have none? What advice should I give my children if that’s the way the world is run, that might makes right? When even through hard work, dedication and application I’m not able to get me an acceptable position and income because that is reserved for those who have the better connections? Am I supposed to wait for the Hereafter?

    • Mehdi

      I have no doubt that you raised your children to high standards, unfortunately you will always find people in favor of what fascists perpetrated in Bosnia. But just remember you are (much) better than they are.

    • Friend of Bosnia

      Give it a rest, will ya?

      Get out of here already you inhuman genocidal zionofascist cetnik redneck idiot twerp. You should be banished from here. You don’t deserve to walk this earth but I doubt even the devil in Hell would take you in. Indeed if you had any power you’d be worse than Hitler and Gengis Khan rolled into one. Fortunately for the world you don’t. And now go laugh your ass off. IDIOT.

    • Friend of Bosnia

      Dear Ilisha,

      I know I should not bad-mouth somebody except for a very good reason and that I dould not use this or any other forum for my private war with anti-Muslim war propagandists like this Jacob R. Besides that it does not concern me alone.

      But the notion that I must share this Earth with such inhuman, cynic, despicable and evil individuals is sometimes just too much to bear.

      I have thought about it for quite a while now before putting fingers to keyboard. I do it with the greatest reluctance. Such things aren’t exactly new and unknown to you and to the public here. Yet I feel I can’t keep it to myself much longer. I have come across some of his wisdoms on

      and I would like you to see for yourself, and I’d be most grateful of you could give me your regarded opinion:

      QUOTE “Before the war, Sarajevo had a Serbian population of over 100, 000. Today that number is less than 10, 000. What do you call that?” UNQUOTE

      With which he implies that the Bosniaks murdered all those Serbs. When everybody could see that the Serb leadership ordered them to leave, to even dig up their dead from the graveyards, and burned the houses of those who refused to leave. Most Bosnian Serbs from Sarajevo (from the Grbavica quarter which was handed back to the Federacija after the Dayton armistice) just settled half a mile east in Eastern Sarajevo which is in “RS”.

      Another one

      QUOTE “You have no compassion for actual victims of genocide (Jews & Armenians most notably) if you are willing to throw around such a serious word so generously just to make a political point. You trivialize the word and insult actual victims of genocide.” UNQUOTE

      So, by calling the anti-Bosnin genocide what it is I insult the Jews and the Armenians. Genocide against Muslims does not exist. If you say that genocide was commited against Muslims you’re “trivializing the word and insulting the Jews and the Armenians”. Implication: Muslims are Nazis or as bad as Nazis. Need I say more?


      “Serbs have been ethnically cleansed from Kosovo since 1945”


      He goes on at other places to deny the Srebrenica Genocide and instead accuses the Bosniaks of “murdering 3000 Serbs around Srebrenica”; and in another of his posts he candidly admits “The Serbs do not care for the Bosniaks but they wanted the land.” Elsewhere he proposes to ghettoize all Bosniaks within Sarajevo and make that an isolated city-state “outside the EU” and have the rest of Bosnia partitioned between Serbia and Croatia.

      I think the above examples show clearly and unmistakably what an evil and puerile nature such guys have. And with what cynicism, callousness and cruelty they approve of the death of tens of thousands, unspeakable suffering of hundred of thousands, loss of loved ones, of property, of memories, of irreplaceable cultural heritage, of the homeland, for millions. And to top that off they feel righteous and proud.

      I can’t of course know what relevance such individuals have for the geopolitical and geostrategic situation on the ground. I hope of course that it is negligible.

      But there are ideologues, politicians, military, industrial and criminal leaders with exactly the same ideas and their influence is unfortunately certainly not negligible.

      In any case, what they do to my nerves and my peace of mind is bad enough.

      That unprintable so-and-so has the nerve to come posting here to insult me. To insult the victims of anti-Muslim violence and ethnic cleansing.

      I pray that Allah swt give me patience not to get carried away whenever I read their propaganda garbage and poison, and the wit to ridicule them as they deserve.

      Because every time I read them I get the notion that if somebody talked to me, to my face like that and said such things – well, the most terrible things come to mind: slap his face until my hand is numb; punch his nose or bash it in with my forehead; to kick his backside (or the other side) as hard as I can; generally smash him into the ground; and finally stick him in an anthill. (Or her; there are enough women, or should I rather say witches with such ideas; unfortunately I’m rather slightly built. What should I do, get me a .45? Oh, oh, oh, I’m getting carried away again. Wa Allah. Sorry but those are the feelings I have for such individuals. I think it is human to have such feelings. I can’t love who hates me, and it’s no use to pretend, for reasons of Netiquette, that I don’t have such feelings. That I’m forbidden to comment on that Jacob’s vitriol on Balkaninsight for breaking the Netiquette, but he is allowed to go on spewing genocidal hate speech there shows just one thing: the hypocrisy and moral depravity of those who run that site.)

      I have said elsewhere that on news sites, genocidal anti-Muslim hate speech comments get up to ten times as much upvoets than more reasonable comments and that that’s due to the public being about 85% ignoramuses, simple-minded, narrow-minded, morally inferior individuals. “Forgive them, oh Lord, for they don’t know what they’re doing.” But they do know. They just shut their minds. The truth is out there for everyone to see who wants to see it. But they just don’t want to see it. That can’t be forgiven.

      Indeed, if my own son said something just half as bad I would throw him out of the house immediately just with the clothes on his back, disinherit and disown him and forbid him ever to approach me and my family on pain of being shot on the spot. Of course I’m confident that no child of mine will ever stand for inhuman ideas (and that includes trying to join up with IS like those two Bosnian teenage girls from Austria who went to Syria to marry IS fighters. How could they do it? Are they out of their minds – provided this story is true – Islamic custom forbids marriage without the parents’ permission. Wa Allah, fancy my daughter, who is now in her teenage years might get such ideas! Oh no, No, NO!!!)

      I ask for your comprehension. I’m not a jihadist, I’m not a Bosniak ultranationalist (there are no such). I just pursue the cause of humanity and mutual respect but I think that those with fascist ideas of racial and religious purity, which can be established only through massive crimes, acts of violence, terror and genocide, do not deserve to walk this Earth. They live like mad dogs and shoudl be treated like mad dogs. In fact they are worse than a mad dog because they know full well what they are doing. Therefore it is also unlikely that God would forgive them and even if He did, I never could.

      Thank you for your patience and understanding.

    • Friend of Bosnia

      Well I got more upvotes than you so I must be saying something right.

    • Friend of Bosnia

      Yes, I took keen interest since I was a kid, because I visited the great monumemnts of Muslim Spain, and I always wonderdd where those people haqd gone, so I strated illustrating myself, and what I saw didn’t make a pretty picture at all. Then I saw the exactly same thing being done to Bosniaks.

    • Friend of Bosnia

      So it is. In view that during WWII many Bosniaks and Kosovo Albanians saved Jews from the Holocaust, at great risk to their own lives, I find this attitude particularly ungrateful and offensive.

    • Friend of Bosnia

      And neither do I.

    • Bruno Coro Niembro

      Indeed, due to ambiental factors, it seems some strains of the already grotesque species known as Serbian Fascists have mutated, after exposure to the equally aberrant species known as Zionazis into new, particularly reviling forms of life: Serbian fascists supporters of Israel; the contrary happened as well:

      “As Yosed Lapid memorably put it, we must give the Serbs all the sympathy and support we can,`no matter what they might do’.”

  • Bruno Coro Niembro

    FOB, you seem to know much about Spain and its history, more than many Spaniards

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