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Lega Nord marches against migrants and mosques


via. IslamophobiaWatch

Italy – On Saturday some 40,000 supporters of the right-wing Lega Nord party took to the streets of Milan to protest against immigration, under the slogan “No to invasion”.

Lega Nord secretary Matteo Salvini, who headed the march, stopped the demonstration for several minutes outside the town hall to lead the protesters in chants against a plan to build a mosque in Milan.

The march was joined by a contingent of several hundred militants from the fascist organisation Casa Pound.

The Lega Nord demonstrators were confronted by an anti-racist counter-protest organised under the slogan “Those who love freedom hate racism. Stop Lega Nord”.

Milan protest against Lega Nord

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    • Capt. JB Hennessy

      He was a great leader and commander, he did the impossible unified all the tribes in an era were tribal conflict was an obligation. My original comment was actually not against him but how our Western media portrays Buddhists as ever peaceful by completely ignoring any wars fought by them. You didn’t hear Buddhists Monks burn to death Chinese shop keepers instead it was Tibetan rioters.

    • Capt. Hennessy

      Tibetan Buddhism, though based on Indian Buddhist thought, also has roots in Bon, the Shamanistic religion of Tibet. Also the early Tibetan monks who spread Buddhism to Mongolia adapted it to the local shamanic practices.

      “Buddhism first entered Mongolia during the Yuan Dynasty (thirteenth-fourteenth century) and was briefly established as a state religion. The cult of Gengis Khan, who had been accepted into the tngri, the highest pantheon of spirits in Mongolian shamanism, became annexed into Buddhist practice as well.”

    • El Cid

      No sir. He was a Shamanist. And advocated freedom for all religions. His name was Temujin. He was no Buddhist. He prayed to certain important mountains and sacred mountain ranges. A type of Nature Worship.

      I used to know all the names of these great warrior chiefs kings and princes as kids for when we played war each took different names. And there was lots of mock fighting and strategy planning with kids from all around. In winter it was snowball warfare.

      Society was not so regulated and controlled so we made bows and arrows and swords from sticks and freely used them on each other. Had a very large place to play in and bike ride. Huge, farm type plantation to run in. And thought we were explorers and having adventures like digging for gold in all earnest.

      No one ever got seriously hurt but there were plenty of mud and bruises. I preferred Temujin. There was Haluku, Chagahtai, Oghedi and then Tamarlane, Babar, Timuuer and others I can’t recall right away.

      In cowboys and Indians other names were used and pop guns and bows and arrows. Little kids having fun in the Sun. No one bothered us no bogy man type dangers.

      Then went to Special Intensive Cadet Type Schooling but very intense all around training from 5:30AM to 6:30PM…things changed.

      I was a superior marksman, advanced Karate and boxing and on the mountain biathlon and swim teams at age fifteen.

      Learned all the arts of war SSG type endurance over mountains without GPS, obstacles, rope climbing which officers now do at quite an older age as in Kakul, West Point and Sandhurst.

    • Capt. Hennessy

      “Genghis Khan was NOT a Buddhist.”

      “In fact he was a great wise thoughtful leader. He was also a brave soldier warrior chief and military commander. And a fair just administrator. A savage, ruthless unforgiving conqueror.”

      Nevertheless he was still a Buddhist, unless of course you are confusing him with Tamerlane who wasn’t a Buddhist but had the attributes you mentioned. Genghis Khan had been influenced by Nestorian Christianity and Islam but he never converted to either religion he remained a Buddhist.

    • They aren’t “Celtic,” but they are Teutonic, which many–if not most–people confuse with each other. The antagonism between North and South in Italy has more to do with that fact–that they are descended from Germanic tribes which invaded Rome–than anything having to do with Berbers or Byzantines. Moreover, the South has never treated Northerners well; many do not even consider them to be “real” Italians. I know this because my maternal great-grandparents came from eastern Piedmont, and spoke Western Lombard (the “Italian” language–really Florentine–is a political fiction invented in 1860 and forced upon the various ethnic groups of the Italian peninsula). As an aside, the amusement of some populations doesn’t translate to truth. Being born to and/or raised in an ethnic group doesn’t give one automatic knowledge of the history of said group. Even less does it give one magical powers of discernment considering the origins of related groups. They’re probably amused at Galicians calling themselves Celtic too; but they are Celts nonetheless.

    • The actions of the Saudi government no more reflect upon Muslims than the actions of the Italian government reflect upon all Christians. At least Pakistan voted for a woman Prime Minister–twice. How many female presidents has the U.$. had again?

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