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Jody Hice: Elected To Congress Despite Believing Islam Doesn’t Deserve First Amendment Protection

I think Hice wants us to know he really, really, really loves 'Murica.

I think Hice wants us to know he really, really, really loves ‘Murica.

Daily Beast


Republican Jody Hice romped home in a safe rural Georgia congressional district last night. The congressman-elect is on the record saying that Islam is not a religion that deserves the protection of the First Amendment. He also has warned that Satan is infiltrating society and that there is a gay blueprint to dominate America via sodomizing “your sons.”

Yet Hice does have some surprisingly progressive views, such as his belief that women should be allowed to run for office. This is provided that they get permission from their husbands first.

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    • The greenmantle

      Its a very good book and does have some good ideas

      Sir David

    • Capt. Hennessy

      I believe the first thing Jody needs to do is change his name. His name alone promotes the gay agenda.

    • Jekyll

      Only if degenerates kept their pants on…

    • Reynardine

      The paranoid schizes are the ones that gun down schoolchildren en masse. Meanwhile, suppose you define exactly what you mean by “sexual degenerates”? I tend to keep my nose out of other people’s underpants.

    • Jekyll

      No, this culture

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