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Pig’s Head At Blackpool Mosque: Four Face Jail


Is it a shocking attack? Perhaps, but there have been many such incidences and to myself is not that surprising. Is it insulting? Perhaps since the intent was malicious but how long is it going to take for the Islamophobic dolts who continue to commit such acts to realize that Muslims aren’t going to melt at the sight of a pig, they just can’t eat them.

via. IslamophobiaWatch

A pig’s head was left in the grounds of a mosque in a “shocking” and “insulting” attack.

The offence, which took place just two days after the murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby by Islamic extremists, “sent a shiver” down the spine of a volunteer at Blackpool Central Mosque, Preston Crown Court heard.

But today the mosque’s Imam, Ashfaq Patel, called on the judge in the case not to jail the four men who 
admitted religiously aggravated intentional harassment, alarm or distress. He said: “I don’t think they should be put behind bars.”

However, a judge warned the four Fylde coast men they could potentially face up to two years in prison.

Blackpool Gazette, 15 November 2014

Read the full report here.

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    • Friend of Bosnia

      Yes, and the poor animals, they haven’t done anything at all. Why kill them.

    • HSkol

      The misconceptions within the small minds of Islamophobes (that pig parts are to Muslims what Kryptonite is to Superman) is not only utterly immature and unsettling, it is quite telling. These people will do anything to show their inner-most hatred and fear of Muslims. Symbolism can be strong though. I am quite humbled by this Imam that he is so well collected and rational that he seems to have seen this as a senseless act rather than a punishable, malicious act. I myself see this as purely malicious – intended to instill fear.

    • Friend of Bosnia

      Yes, to kill the poor beasties for that…

    • Voice of Reason

      And the Islamophobes continue to grow more sophisticated in their attacks

    • mindy1

      I get so sick and tired of this juvenile immature crap >:(

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