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Parliament Report: 88 pct of German Mosque Attacks Unsolved


via. IslamophobiaWatch

A report released by Parliament’s Human Rights Commission following the burning of three mosques in Germany in August has reached interesting conclusions in its study of Islamophobia in Germany, revealing that the vast majority of perpetrators of such crimes have gone unpunished.

Human Rights Commission President Ayhan Sefer Üstün reported on the comprehensive research carried out in Germany. The parliamentary report states that of the 297 attacks on mosques from 2001 to the present day, 244 (88 percent) of the crimes’ suspects or perpetrators have not been captured. According to the report, “A large portion of these attacks on mosques remain unpunished … opening the way for fear, worry and insecurity among members of the Muslim population.”

The Human Rights Commission, which has previously done research and prepared important reports on the problems of Turks residing in various European countries, decided to carry out the most recent research about attacks on mosques after three mosques were attacked on Aug. 11 and 19 in the German cities of Berlin and Bielefeld.

The commission, preparing its report with the help of the Turkish community and in the light of meetings with officials of the German government, found shocking evidence in its inquiry into the mosque attacks in.

The report cites figures published by the German government, noting that in the 13-year period from 2001 to 2014 there were 297 attacks on Muslim places of worship. It further notes that in 88 percent of these cases, those alleged to have performed the crime were not arrested. According to the same data, while the monthly average until 2011 was one or two attacks, in more recent years this rate has risen to three a month.

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    • I don’t think you are stupid since you are Hindu. I think you are a overbearing since you want to enforce your veganism on others on a blog that is about Islamophobia and not about food choices and b) your style of writing is confusing or perhaps you do change course of direction during a conversation.

    • So your basically saying that the 88% thing is a lie. If that is the case, you should perhaps mention, in your first comment, that since you consider this article to be a fake and that’s why you want Muslims to go to Germany. I treated this information as credible so I didn’t have to do anything further than to say that it is absurd for Muslims to move to Germany based upon how they are getting persecuted there.

    • Chhotu

      As I suspected, you really didn’t have read it. Now read carefully the words below the article which says, “Read the rest…” After reading the rest of the article you will find things on which I have doubts about i.e. a) The report is commissioned by Turkish Parliament commission not the German authority or any UN related agency. b) The report mentioned its source to be some German document or publication regarding which the source is not revealed of defined. Now, as a reader I would definitely find some doubts creeping in my mind like: 1) What’s the credibility of the report which is not commissioned or authorized by the host country. Do Saudi Arabia would accept any kind of report regarding its internal affairs if the report is commissioned by foreign govt., lets assume Israel for instance. Usually, the human rights reports are authorized by some UN agency so as to maintain it’s credibility. 2) Nowhere does the article mention any credible/known Press agency or source. Which in absence makes the article kinda hearsay/gossip. 3) If anyone tries to counter German authorities with that sort of article or report, then he should be aware of liable suit in return as doesn’t have any credibility in any court of law. Regarding these observations, I treated the article as just joke played on the mind of readers and responded with a joke of mine. Don’t mind that too much, it usually happens on internet.

    • Perhaps, you didn’t understand it. The report by the Humans Rights Commission in Germany concludes that out of the 297 attacks on mosques in Germany, 88% (244 in #) are unresolved – meaning the perpetuators of them are UNPUNISHED. You suggest in your comments that Muslims should start moving to Germany in higher numbers. Are you really that dense to not understand what the HRC report implies or do you have some hidden (higher level) meaning that I can’t seem to get a hold of?

    • Chhotu

      I don’t think you even read the article properly. You just imagined persecution, and of you go.

    • I am not getting any “turn-ons” by these persecutions. Just pointing out the absurdity of your comment but you don’t seem to get it so never mind.

    • Chhotu

      Seems you get your turn-on by all these persecutions. However, for me, the focus is on aftermath of any incident and its lessons. I think, no matter how hard you try, bad things are likely to happen as we have negative energy also in our mindset. Since, only the healing touch or the restoration of damaged sites can mitigate the suffering, so for any good humanitarian, it should be the first priority. If the German govt. is swift in handling the situation and awarding the compensation to the victim and provisioning restoration of the sites at the earliest then it will bring the German credentials higher. The report should also mention the action taken by German authorities. Also need to be researched any further action so that future incidents like this one can be best avoided. Regarding moving of Muslims to Germany, it was just to point out the fact that Muslim world need a greater number of Doctors, scientist, engineers to bring about a change in perception about them. Saudi Arabia isn’t known to me to be center of education in science and technology, else…I know it for different reasons. I know there are many good institutes now in Saudi Arabia but there’s no credibility of Muslims as the leading scientist of the world known for path-breaking invention or research despite having much wealth at disposal.

    • Isn’t the title of this post about persecution of Muslims in Germany and you suggest that Muslims should move to Germany?

    • Chhotu

      Perhaps, you got only one dimensional view of people i.e. Hindu, Muslim, Christians etc. but I follow different dimension of Hinduism, which is universal and accept whatever that is good in other religion as well which is new thought, inspired by Humanism. Maybe, you can search under title Arya Samaj and find out about it or care to read the link: Regarding migrating to Germany, I made the remark specifically keeping in mind the persecution faced by subcontinent Muslims in Arabian countries. However, since you love Saudi Arabia so, I’m not expecting much from you..Good Night-C-ya later.

    • As a Hindu, perhaps you like Germany better. As a Muslim, I would prefer Saudi Arabia.

    • You must be joking. I don’t think Germany wants more Muslims to migrate there.

    • mindy1

      Very sad :(((

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