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Dutch Lawmaker: “No Place For Islam” in Netherlands


Dutch Foreign Minister Bert Koenders called his Turkish counterpart Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu on the night of Nov. 26. The two spoke about the integration of Turkish and Muslim immigrants in the northern European country. AFP Photo

It’s not just Wilders, but other members of his PVV party who make grotesque statements about Islam and Muslims that should have no place in a 21st century pluralistic society. Interestingly enough, a major social democratic party, the PvdA is also being charged with facilitating a hostile attitude towards Muslims and Dutch citizens of Turkish descent.

Hurriyet Daily

Turkey concerned over ‘xenophobia’

Turkey’s Foreign Ministry had previously released a statement that complained to Dutch authorities about “aggressive and racist accusations” being made against the Turkish community in the Netherlands, and warned that the issue could harm bilateral relations.

Foreign ministry spokesman Tanju Bilgic said in a written statement on Nov. 26 that Dutch government officials had prepared a xenophobic report about Turkish associations in the Netherlands.

“Aggressive and racist accusations toward Turks who are part of Dutch society and who come from a friendly allied nation are unacceptable,” read the statement. “We have difficulty understanding why these racist attacks, which are incompatible with our long history with the Dutch nation, have been on the agenda recently.”

Turkish officials are also infuriated by a report stating that around 80 percent of young Turkish people in the Netherlands support jihadist movements.

Mosque purge suggestion

Adding fuel to the fire, a Party for Freedom (PVV) lawmaker in recently proposed that all mosques in the Netherlands should be closed. However, Deputy Prime Minister Lodewijk Asscher said any closure of mosques in the country would be “unacceptable.”

“Dutch unity, identity and culture are being wrecked by immigration and incubation. We do not want Islam in the Netherlands,” PVV deputy Machiel de Graaf had said.

Two weeks ago, two lawmakers of Turkish descent from the Labor Party (PvdA) were expelled after refusing to support their party’s critical remarks about a number of Turkish organizations accused of being “too focused on promoting Turkish and Islamic identity.”

The expelled parliamentarians said they were asked to sign a declaration during a party meeting aimed at stepping up surveillance on four Turkish organizations, but they refused to do so and were removed from the party as a result.

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    • Friend of Bosnia

      Then the Bosnian Serbs are guilty of harassment. And of much, much worse things. Of the very worst things.

    • 1DrM

      Wrong. You know nothing of the British created, American run secular state of Saudi Arabia. And since when is a Hindu fanatic in position to validate the fake CIA “Caliph” Baghdadi aka Pierre Elliot’s so-called “credentials? Muslim hating Modi monkeys know nothing of their own history let alone of other nations.

    • Friend of Bosnia

      If you mean to say that Islam is “terrorism” and that IS is “te true nature of Islam” then GET OUT OF HERE!!!!

    • Capt. JB Hennessy

      “Because it’s very much relevant.”

      Well in that case why did you claim it wasn’t relevant. You seriously should know what you want to talk about before you talk about it.

      “The only reason we’re tolerating this menace in our cities and towns is because at the moment we’re still dependent on oil from Muslim countries. The moment the oil goes, we lose all obligations to receive and house yet more Muslim migrants and to meet their demands every single time.”

      What a bunch of childish foot stomping incoherent babble. You are not tolerating anything, you are forcing pork on Muslim kids, you are raiding Mosques and vandalizing them, you are assaulting women and girls wearing headscarves and you are calling for deportation of Muslims even those from your own ethnicity and bombing of Muslim countries. The reason you haven’t launched a full scale war against Muslims is because you are outnumbered and don’t have the patience nor the stamina nor the youth on your side. Your just a bunch of old men who are outclassed and who will be out lived by not just Muslims but who are on the side of Muslims because it’s the youth that is.

      “Are you fundamentally incapable of handling the fact that multiple factors can play a role in the outcome of a complex economic matter? It’s a two-pronged thing: (1) we are reducing our base oil dependence and (2) the production of oil in countries more civilized is rising, and therefore we’ll lower our dependence on Muslim oil twice as fast as we would if only one of these conditions was true.”

      You obviously aren’t even slightly aware of the basics of investment, global trade and out sourcing. You are a service industry nation, provide services for the old and redundant. Manufacturing has moved to China and India and it is the Muslims who are buying the toys because they are the younger demographics. China, Russia, India, South America are all increasing their presence in the ME and other Muslim countries. Secondly you are deluded if you think the only product Muslims have is oil and the only Muslim country is Saudi Arabia. Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, Indonesia are all non-oil driven economies as is Lebanon, Malaysia and Pakistan. And mass starvation is not present in those countries.

      “I wasn’t talking about that. They’re our main export partners. They’re the countries that matter.”

      What the Dutch make can easily be bought elsewhere, they don’t make anything of importance for the world market to begin with. Worthless stereos, cheese, and boats that no one buys to begin with. Russia just cancelled the South Stream project and is moving towards Turkey. China is investing billions into Kazakhstan. As far as Saudi Arabia goes it doesn’t need the Dutch, they can get cheese and cosmetics from any place they like. They are the buyers, your the sellers. You work for them.

      “They’re going to lose their investments one by one. Either they’ll lose funds for new investments, or they’ll have to sell their current investments in order to prop up the family property at home. They’re going to see a massive economic downturn at home, you see – a vast majority of Saudi Arabia’s total GDP (and more than 90% of Saudi export) comes from the petroleum sector. Without petroleum, Saudi Arabia will collapse no matter how many foreign investments a handful of their families hold. Saudi Arabia’s economy, minus petroleum export, is worse off than Egypt’s or Libya’s and similar to Yemen’s. And we all know this will happen.”

      The Saudi Royal family is not interested in Saudi Arabia, they own more property in Britain than they do in Saudi Arabia. And the collapse of their economy is speculative based on oil becoming obsolete. And its just about Saudi Arabia, no one really cares if the Royal House of Saud goes belly up. The British dragged them out of the desert they can certainly be sent back. Or they can just move the Netherlands and start a cheese farm.

      “Yes, I am. That’s why De Gaulle, who had heard the stories from his field officers, absolutely and personally forbade their use during the Liberation of Paris. He knew their reputation, and everyone else in Europe did too.”

      So what were names of the French officers and the Muslim soldiers that were responsible for the atrocities committed? It would be very interesting to know because De Gaule had a habit of calling all Black and Spanish troops “Muslims”.

      “U.S. troops committed 208 rapes and about 30 murders in the department of Manche. French men also raped women perceived as collaborators with the Germans.

      With the help of the French authorities U.S. officers allegedly scapegoated African American soldiers, proclaiming rape to be black crime. Military courts sentenced African American soldiers to more severe punishment than white American soldiers. U.S. forces executed 29 soldiers as conducting rapes, including 25 African Americans.”

      So we know the French officers aren’t shy of pointing out rape allegations for those that weren’t French or White. Just wondering what names you have of the Muslim soldiers accused.

    • Capt. JB Hennessy

      “Well, that doesn’t matter. We’re working on reducing our oil dependence in general by using machines that use less oil and sometimes even work without oil.”

      Well if doesn’t matter then why did you mention it? And continue to mention it.

      “This isn’t about the oil price – it’s about our use of oil dropping while new ways of extracting oil are being developed in the western world and in Asia (so now Asia’s oil dependence will also drop).”

      So the use of oil is dropping yet the Western world and Asia are developing new techniques to extract oil because they don’t need it. Interesting statement. According to your logic when on one wants bread the West and Asia will start baking more of it. Fantastic understanding of Global Trade and economics.

      “Let them do that, by all means. America, China, Russia, India and Japan are much more interesting than Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.”

      America, China, Russia, India and Japan have nothing to do with it. It’s about the Netherlands, don’t start thinking if your products aren’t being sold in Muslim countries the Indians, Russians, Americans and China are going to start deporting Muslims and imposing sanctions on Saudi Arabia. Global trade doesn’t work that way. Those countries will step in and sell their products.

      “Besides, without their income from oil the latter few countries will fall back into the abject poverty that they were in before oil was found (Saudi Arabia was one of the world’s poorest countries in the 1920s, and the Emirates lived off pearl diving and sustenance fishing). They need us, and soon we will no longer need them.”

      Are you suggesting once the oil income dries up the Saudi investors in Apple, News Corp, Citibank, Chrysler, GMC, IBM and Volkswagen are suddenly going sell off all their shares and move into the desert? Rather child like and immature statement, where did you get that idea, I’m curious to know.

      “That’s because they really were a threat. In Italy, they were considered even more brutal and violent than the Germans. In one incident, they killed hundreds of civilians and raped literally all women between the ages of ten and seventy in a town. Charles de Gaulle personally forbade the use of non-white soldiers in the liberation of Paris for the same reason – they behaved like absolute beasts.”

      Are you suggesting that British, French and other Allied officers stood by and allowed Muslim soldiers to rape and murder innocent civilians? The Colonial troops were all under the command of allied officers. It’s rather condemning of you to claim allied officers and other military personnel turned a blind eye to raping and pillaging of White Europeans by Muslim, Sikh and Hindu soldiers.

      You should stop listening to Pam Geller and Robert Spencer their job is to dumb down the already ignorant.

    • Capt. JB Hennessy

      Once the oil price hits below $50 a barrel Asian and American oil drilling will drop as it costs more to extract oil from those regions than it does from the Middle East. Oil is already at $55 a barrel. So good luck with that dream.

      Second issue it sounds fair as long as you don’t suddenly start seeing bright and shinny threatening aluminum tubes once the Muslim nations stop buying your products, closing down your embassies and start sending Dutch workers back.

      It’s not about the Muslims will handle it, they can, it’s happened to them before. After fighting for British and French armies to liberate France, Italy and Holland the Muslim soldiers were immediately deemed a threat and sent home, over 500,000 of them.

      Its going to be about how an old man will handle his pension cuts when the tax revenue starts to dry up and the garbage starts to pile up because their aren’t enough workers willing to work for minimum wage and the Feds can’t collect the tax revenue for old men who aren’t working nor buying anything.

    • Mifeng86

      Since we’re discussing racist Dutch politicians I figured I’d mention Pim Fortuyn. If his racism and xenophobia weren’t repellent enough wait ’til you read what his views on pedophilia were. Fortuyn stated that being molested at 5 years old was a positive experience.

    • René Martin

      It’s a bit strange that Turkey considers Dutch citizens of Turkish descent, no matter how many generations removed from Turkey, as Turkish citizens instead of the Dutch citizens they in fact are.

    • Capt. JB Hennessy

      The US right wing Christian hate for Islam has to do with Israel. The Conservative Christians in the US believe that Israel is a Prophecy come true and any criticism of what Israel does is criticism of Christianity. And they have deluded themselves into think all Israeli criticism comes from Muslims. I have even witnessed times when a Jewish individual criticizes Israel they are immediately labelled Muslim. Basically they have turned the identification “Muslim” to the label “anti-Semitic”.

      Here is where it gets really interesting Catholics and Orthodox Christians are not seen as fellow Christians but as Heretics and the reason for that is Palestinian Christians are either Catholic or Orthodox Christians and neither Church supports Israeli actions against the Palestinians. And within that Conservative Christian group you have Rapture Christians who believe Israel should be given a freehand to commit abuses against the Palestinians so Jesus will return and wipe both the Muslims and Jews out and then create his Kingdom.

      Geert Wilders is very similar to Bill Maher both are Zionist Atheists.

    • In the Netherlands this is the VVD representing the business-merchant class. This too is historical. It is not surprising that the American conservatives and neocons gravitate toward them. Note that your troublemakers in terms of bigotry come from the VVD party. Frits Bolkestein to Geert Wilders the bigots come out of the VVD party. They also celebrate Reagan and Thatcher. The main troublemakers are American neocons with global connections to other Reagan-Thatcher admirers.

      I see historians discuss Dutch religious tolerance and remark that the Dutch are tolerant by nature. Some of this “new” bigotry is very much like what was directed at Catholics: They were enemies to the Dutch nation because of sharing a religious faith with the enemy Spanish.

      The VVD and its anti-Dutch PVV are a pillar of hate, as well as a pillar of counter-Dutch values.

    • The greenmantle

      sorry that should have read end up in prison again

    • The greenmantle

      Look everyone knows your real name Iiisha is- Pam Geller of New Jersey – but lets keep it a secret so you dont get taken to court . I am sure we can organise a Free Pam Geller Campaign for a reasonable amount of money should you end up in prison .

      Sir David

    • downwithpants

      I find it also telling you care more about who likes my comments than I do.

    • downwithpants

      Insipid!?! I think you mean inspired don’t worry everyone makes mistakes my parents named theirs ;). I’m not going to argue.

    • Jekyll

      The Red Dot

    • Capt. JB Hennessy

      Do what China did and isolate yourself for 70 years. Close all embassies, stop outgoing migration, stop sending students at very high tuition rates abroad. Sounds very poetic really but in all practicality for the powers that be, they won’t allow it.

      The Muslim population is currently the youngest in the world and thanks to oil revenues which have given Muslim countries with oil the ability to provide fairly decent college educations therefore educated as well. Europe needs youth the average age of an European is 35 years old its a continent that has almost equal old age person as newborns. They are also very socialist in nature, want free stuff from the Feds. Where are they going to get the younger tax paying crowd from to feed their addictions?

      Then you have the middle to upper middle class that won’t leave, they too are a young, fashionable crowd who want their Ipads, BMWs and Facebook.

      Those who declare war on money, lose everything.

    • Capt. JB Hennessy

      The Dutch have always been known to be multicultural. They’ve ruled other parts of the world including Islamic countries so this sudden hate is something of an anomaly in itself. On the other hand there is huge funding for Christian religious nationalists organizations such as the Evangelicals who are known to have funded groups like the Tea Party in the US, BNP and currently UKIP in the UK, Progressive Conservatives in Canada, Conservatives in Australia and these groups have ties to corner shop hatemongers like Pam Geller and Robert Spencer.

      Big money is supporting the hate.

    • Friend of Bosnia

      That’s a good one!

    • Friend of Bosnia

      Also note that if I ever said something that could be construed into a threat it always refers to an actual enemy, on the front line as it were. If I meet some islamophobe in a shop or a theater, as long as he treats me with the same respect he expects to be treated with, I have exactly as little right to slap his face as he has to slap mine. However, on the front line, it’s a very very different matter. If I am physically attacked however, what should I do? I have already been assaulted in my house and almost be beatten to death. That lousy individual who goes by the nick of “zoroaster” just comes here to infuriate and provoke. Such desppicablke individuals are worth less than th edirt under the sholes of my shoes. But if they stand for genocide, I can tell you this: prior t 1992 I could not imagine that genocide could happen. Since then I divide mankind into two groups: non-genocidals and genocidals. As for genocidals, they have forfeited all their rights. They should never have been born. They do not deserve to walk this earth. Even the most hideous and refined of Chinese torture would be too goood for them. Even their names should be made to cease to exist – “Damnatio memoriae”. Since we can’t do that and should not do it except in times of war, at least we can tell them they are not welcome and if need be prevent them from coming back. For the moment it seems that he’s crawled away with his tail between his legs – but as the saying goes, bad weeds never die out. Anyway, as I have said, sparring with such individuals is like facing teh schoolyard bully again like when I was 12. And since then I can’t stand the sight of one or more 15-year-olds beating up a 12-year-old kid. I couldn’t just walk by and pretend it doesn’t concern me. And since I’m not particularly good at fist-fighting, and some of those 15-year-olds are so brawny – one of them beast a 23-year old Turkish girl to death a fortnight back in Offenbach, Germany, because she had dared stop him from bullying thwo 13-year-old girls! Dammit, I don’t want to be killed like that. Yet if I come across such a scenario, I must intervene. Then I’d feel safer if I had a .45, or at least a two-by-four. Not necessarily to kill but to dissuade. One does not try to reason with such beasts, as much as one does not offer peaceful protest if faced with machine guns. As for putting back somebody into their place this doesn’t necessarily mean physical violence either; it can also refer t refuet their arguments, to expose them as frauds and liars. And this idiot went to all th etrouble to look up all the legal asopects , as if he could dissuade me. In real life I try to stay away as far as I can from such individuals, I don’t go to the places they usually gather, I don’t go out looking for a fight. I’m not suicidal. It’s just as well that such bullies are essentially cowards at heart and are as much afraid of physical pain as their victims. One alone is usually no problem. But when faced by several of them on a dark ally, what am I supposed to do? Get on my knees and beg for mercy?!? Then I prefer that .45. And if possible, with hollow-point bullets too.

    • Just_Stopping_By

      I don’t believe you. Sounds like Zoroaster Taqiyyaki to me. (Tastes like chicken.)

    • The greenmantle

      “Day to day control of Hindoos”

      ? What like zombies?. How is this achieved ? Drugs ? Magic ? Curry powder ?

      Sir David

    • The greenmantle

      If I give you my real name will you promise not to take me to court ?

      David Cameron

      10 Downing Street

      London WC1

    • Jekyll

      Yo Tanveer, come give me a high five !

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