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Hindu Nationalist Girl’s Camp: We’ll Build Bombs, We’ll Shoot Dead Muslims, We’ll Reclaim India


By Emperor

Hindutva, or Hindu Nationalism, which combines a fundamentalist understanding of Hinduism with Indian nationalism has been on the ascendancy for decades, culminating in the presidential victory of the fascist Narendra Modi.

Hindutva organizations are highly organized, they are also opponents of Hindus converting to either Christianity or Islam. They have spearheaded anti-conversion legislation in numerous states that prevent or make near impossible the conversion of a Hindu to another religion; often justifying it as a necessary measure to counteract the use of material incentives by missionaries.  However, they have no compunction themselves in aggressively offering monetary incentives to Muslims and Christians to convert to Hinduism in highly publicized ‘reconversion ceremonies.’

For years now Hindutva groups, such as the Sangh Parivar have been holding training camps for youth where they are indoctrinated in an ideology that has as its central doctrine the subjugation and elimination of non-Hindu religions.

The following video highlights the dehumanizing and violent indoctrination that Hindtuva groups are leaving on the impressionable minds of India’s young girls (h/t: Abu ‘Alimah).

Girls in the video can be seen speaking of their supremacist beliefs, their love and desire for fighting and killing non-Hindus. This sort of mentality has already caused significant damage in the past to relations between India’s various religious and ethnic groups and it promises to perpetuate hate and violence.:

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    • Friend of Bosnia

      I mean the RSS, the Burmese 969, the Cetniks, and all other such bloodthirsty thugs ouzt for the blood of Muslims.

    • Friend of Bosnia

      After having seen what the war in Bosnia was about I can only say: In the end it was GENOCIDE! What are you, a christianofascist white supremacist come to tell me that we should better “go back to the desert”? If that’s so you can SHOVE IT!

      You may think of Muslims what you like, but you have NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER to challenge my existence , my location, my homeland, my dignity. NO MATTER WHAT THE SALAFIST IDIOTS ARE CURRENTLY DOING! I’m NOT having the responsibility for thir hideous actions thrusted on me! I will NOT pay the price for IS!

      FYI: The Spanish Muslims were largely descended from Ibero-Roman and Visigioth people just in the same way as the Bosniaks of today are descended from the formerly mostly Catholic (and that also because they had been forced into it) inhabitans of Bosnia, and not from Turks. They were NOT invaders! And as for those Spanish Muslims descended from Arfabs and Berbers, after having lived there for centuries it was their homeland too! The issue at hand is not so much that Christian kings conquered the Muslim kingdoms of Spain land but that they forced the Spanish Muslims to become Christians, thus forcing them to give up their identity, and then kept harassing, oppressing and pursuing them and finally expelled them in the most undignified manner! And obliterated their culture! The Serbs tried to do exactly the exactly same thing and for the exactly same reasons! Don’t even TRY to convince me otherwise, I have experienced all this s…t firsthand before and there is no need for anyone trying to peddle the Greater Serb anti-Muslim vievpoint to me! That is no “self-defense!” In the same way the Serb genocidal crusade was not “self-defense”! It was just a large act of robbery!

      Nowadays, whenever I hear the typical islamophobic smear like “they multiply like rabbits…their religion is an evil cult of death… Islam is undemocratic, mysogynist, inhuman, a bad parody of Christianity, is antisemite…the Qur’an is like Mein Kampf…they want to take over… we’re doing to them only what they wanted to do to us… ” and other such sh/t, I am reminded of 1991-92. Then the Serbs said and spread in their media the exactly same things. As a self-serving and self-moralizing excuse to commit robbery, rape and mass murder, so they would feel like crusader knights in shinimng armor defending a good cause and not like what they were, bandits and thugs. And yes, they committed genocide. Killing 100.000 out of two million people, and turning about one million of them onto refugees, scattering them all over the world, may to some seem not as bad as the Nazis killing six million Jews (and God knows how many Roma). But you can believe me, to avery single one of them it’s just as bad. Even to say that “If you compare the mass murders in Bosnia with the Holoocaust you are disparaging the Jews” is nothing but bad war propaganda. So it was all right, or at least it wasn’t all that bad, to kill the Bosniaks because they are not Jewish but Muslims, eh?

      So, every time I hear that anti-Muslim smear I feel threatened. I feel that those who utter it and who believe it are a deadly danger for such as me. Don’t even try to convince me otherwise. Refrain from insulting my intelligence.

      I will not be led like a lamb to the slaughter! I will not let myself be humiliated by the declared enemies of my people! I may have been powerless once to stop the holocaust committed against the Bosniak people but I will do all that I can to stop it from being committed yet another time! And my solidarity extends to the Palestinians, the Rohingya, the Uyghurs, the Muslims of the Central African Republic and all and any of my other brothers and sisters worldwide who are faced with the threat of expulsion, extinction, Genocide! MAy the murderous intent of all those who hate us fall on their own heads instead! May they meet the fate they desire for us! May they never find peace, not in this life, not in the Hereafter! May they and their descendants be cursed for ever and ever! May their abode be Hell!

      I think what really bothers you is the mere fact that I exist, that I am there. And do you know something , Mister Crusader Kinght? I INTEND TO STAY! You want to remove me, then you must kill me! And if you come with overwhelming force, if such pig-faced thugs with the manners of pigs come to drive me out of my house and to humiliate and kill me in the bargain, I solemnly promise that I will at least take down SIX Crusader sideboys down with me before I’m offed!

      Muslims are not lesser human beings!

    • Tanveer ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Khan

      Don’t talk about something that you have no knowledge of. It just makes you look like the dumb fool that you are.

    • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

      You must not have read much on our site kid because “fundamentalists” of all stripes are vilified, our focus however is Islamophobes and bigots against Muslims.

      Your sorry excuses for Hindutva are plain to see which exposes you as a hypocrite.

    • John Smith

      Pakistan has the monopoly in the region when it comes to creating proxy groups. If one radical Hindu organization starts communal violence, the Pakistani military/intelligence will not hesitate in exponentially increasing the violence with their proxy militias to hurt India.

      I’m not claiming to be a foreign policy expert but it would be India’s best interest to keep radical Hindu groups like this suppressed.

    • Trimmercastle42

      Don’t group the entire country with these morons, there are people there who hate them just as much as we do.

    • Mehdi


    • Mehdi

      The US dimension exists and has its importance, especially for US allies such as KSA or other monarchies and there are many sectors who would like to see status quo perpetuating. But history shows repeatedly that there are tons of unpredictable events that happen, and the surprising thing about these Arab uprisings is that it took so long for the to happen. But there are power counter revolutions at play with devastating effects, and the situation is more than confusion.

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