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Nigeria: 200 Muslims Protect Christians During Christmas Service in Kaduna


This should not only be encouraged by officials but should be backed and expanded as a campaign in other areas.

Muslim youths protect Christians during Xmas service in Kaduna


More than 200 Muslim youth volunteers are part of those protecting Christians during church services to celebrate this year’s Christmas in Kaduna, says Pastor Yohanna Buru.

Buru, a cleric of Christ Evangelical Church, Sabon Tasha, Kaduna South, disclosed this in an interview with pressmen in Kaduna.

He confirmed that over 200 Muslims were at his church to help protect the faithful from any attack during the church service.

According to him, the feat is the first of its kind after the series of crises that rocked the state in recent past. “I really appreciate their love and care,’’ said the cleric.

Buru said the essence of that was to protect the Christian worshippers as part of effort to strengthen peaceful co-existence between Muslims and Christians in the state.

The pastor expressed happiness over the protection given to them by the Muslim brothers.

He noted the initiative was an indication that peace has come to stay in the state, saying the measure will strengthen a lasting peace between the two religions.

He also prayed God to continue to bring about peace in the country the country, praying that other citizens would emulate the gesture.

He urged Nigerians to learn to live in peace with one another irrespective of ethnic or religious differences. The cleric said that peace was a major panacea to the positive development of any nation. (NAN)

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    • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

      I think you hit the nail on the head, I doubt this guy even lives in Nigeria.

    • Joseph Essien-Obot

      I guess that sound all nice and neat to you then.

      MEND is not a religious movement. Akhwat Akwop is a response directed specifically at self defense from Boko Haram and is actually non-functional. The Lord’s Resistance Army has no replication anywhere else in the world and has no local support indicating its innovative basis. Boko Haram is a copy of a world-wide religious movement. How you see all these as one and the same beats me.

      What do you expect from thoroughly corrupt and poor system in the Nigerian army, I do not know, but they are not the initiators of the brutality and cannot be placed under the same motivations as Boko Haram.

      As to the issue of injustice I wonder if you have ever asked yourself by Christians or some other religious communities are not blowing themselves and others up all over the world because of the persecutions that they are going through whether in poor or rich nations particularly originating from their religious affiliation. Why is it that a Muslim will do so in the name of Muslims living in Chechnya, Pakistan, indeed in Europe or the US against innocent citizens that have nothing to do with such perceived injustice. Are other faiths not suffering this injustice if not more so at the same Muslim hands where they hold sway? Muslim hate is often woven around the issue of justice even against their fellow Muslim sects.

      In Jos, Nigeria, a couple years back a suicide bomber attacked a church and the crowds that rushed to the scene and enraged by the destruction and loss of life they saw attacked Muslims running fruit stalls nearby. In the same instant a survivor very close to the car bomb wreck was lynched to death having been mistaken for one of two suicide bombers due to his proximity to the explosions epicenter. This played straight into the crafted idea of justice of Islamic preachers who immediately instigated their faithful into believing that the suicide bombing was carried out by Christians themselves and that it was used as a pretext to attack Muslims in the area. Believing such insinuation who would blame Muslims who came out to retaliate the injustice that was aimed at them? You know, the normal ‘take justice into your hands since government won’t’ life of poorly governed nations. These Muslims came out straight from their mosques in murderous rage for what they believed was an injustice against them, but was it? For something that their fellow Muslim did in the name of Islam. This scenario plays itself the world over again and again in Muslim communities and even in the West. I know of riots that have erupted in Germany for instance because a couple of guys resisted the aggression of a couple of Muslims. If Islam with universal justice, recognizing that other communities and faiths undergo injustice too and often at their very hands they would be more understanding much like other faiths have come to appreciate.

      If you choose to be blind to the fact that Islam is churning out terrorists and terrorism within an Islamic awakening, well that is yours to choose but for this very same reason I choose to fear a religion that generates murderers at an ever increasing rate from its ranks. Islam is not feared for no reason and it would do you a world of good if you began to realize that we are dealing here with no mere perception.

    • Guess – BDS

      Boko Haram are serious Muslims

      Boko Haram are as “serious Muslims” and their criminal behavior “part of the faith” as much as terror groups like Akhwat Akwop, MEND, or Lord of Resistance Army are serious Christians and their criminal behaviors part of their faith. Beside the Nigeria regime (cashing in on the predatory so-called “war on terror”) is as brutal, if not even more so, as its soldiers kills, rape and pillages as much as those faceless groups.

      A constant topic in mosques here is that of injustice, not universal injustice but injustice against the Muslim umma.

      So what! I’m not sure what are exactly your accusations here. Why wouldn’t Muslims (just like any other religious communities ) prioritize and focus on their own community’s problems in their religious gatherings? … Beside, “universal injustice” ??

      As for the rest of your paragraph, is filled conspiracy theory as much as overt generalization.

      Boko Haram may appear criminal to you and so many other people but it certainly is not criminal to the pious Muslim.

      Boko Haram activities are criminal and condemned by many Muslim organisations worldwide. That you claim practicing Islam is somehow synonymous with condoning criminal behavior or perhaps even committing “Boko Haram are serious Muslims”, is basically implying that Islam = terrorism, the very standard of Islamophobia.

    • JS

      I am pretty sure people value their lives more than their ancestral homelands.

      Anyways, onto paragraph 2. I am pretty sure there are Muslims who silently fund groups like Boko Haram. But until you can provide a reliable statistic that there is a wide=spread Moooslum conspiracy in Nigeria to fund Boko Haram, then your point is void of all significance. Plus, Boko Haram is biting the hands that feed them by killing Muslims if your nonsensical theory about Muslims funding Boko Hamas is true.

      Your third paragraph has nothing to do with the argument and is a vain attempt to attack a strawman. I will address it if you really want, but I will ignore your blatant red herrings for now.

      Have a fun day.

    • Iekyll

      What about the Yeti? Don’t forget the Yeti ._.

    • mindy1

    • mindy1

      Peace during this season love it :’)

    • golden izanagi

      I get the feeling there is a better chance of a person getting a clear recording of a unicorn debating politics with the loch ness monster then anything like that ever happening.

    • Yausari

      Ha ha ha, you’re funny BigBoss.

    • HSkol

      Uh-oh, I blinked and missed all of the fabulous coverage. Well, at least we have it here. Though I’ve not got many Twitter followers at all, I shall Tweet this story to the few who know me.

    • Hoxtygen

      How come this haven’t appear in my timeline? Oh wait, it didn’t show Muslim as violent. Dammit!

    • Trimmercastle42

      The same could be said of all terrorist organisations.

    • Mehdi

      Heart warming, God bless these people

    • Razainc_aka_BigBoss

      I expect to see this all over Fox, CNN and the rest of the Canadian & European media that are quick to show Muslim as violent fanatics

    • JS

      Boko Haram kills more Muslims than Non-Muslims. That is proof enough that Boko Haram is no more than a criminal group, who uses religion as a pretext for whatever crimes they want to commit.

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