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Sweden: Protesters Denounce Firebombing Of Mosque That Injured Five



Several hundred marchers turned out in Sweden on Friday to denounce an arson attack on a mosque that injured five people Thursday, as the traditionally tolerant country confronts the rising influence of the extreme right.

A firebomb was thrown through a closed window of the mosque in the central city of Eskilstuna on Thursday, injuring five of the nearly 70 worshippers inside — two of whom remained hospitalised Friday.

Answering calls to denounce the attack by the “Together for Eskilstuna” Facebook page, a large group of people converged on the damaged mosque to show their support.

“Several hundred people were there to deliver a message of friendship,” police spokesman Roland Lindqvist told AFP.

According to police, windows in a second Eskilstuna mosque were broken overnight Thursday, though authorities couldn’t say whether the two attacks were linked.

Sweden’s leftist Prime Minister Stefan Lofven denounced what he called the spurt of “hateful violence.”

“We will never tolerate this kind of crime. Those who want to practice their religion should have the right to do so,” Lofven told public radio station SR.

No suspects had been arrested Friday afternoon in the case police have opened for aggravated criminal arson, which has been joined by Sweden’s intelligence service, Sapo.

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    • Capt. JB Hennessy

      The Zionist Right Wingers are feeling hurt.

      They were hoping for all out hate and raged induced response against Australian Muslims after the Cafe siege but those undisciplined Aussies launched “I’ll Ride With You” campaign. They called for an full force anti-Muslim rally in Germany and Pegida could only muster up 15.000 supporters top figures. And that crowd was your usual over the hill, impotent, chronically unemployed that has a lot of time to sit of Facebook and rant because no one in the family is listening to them.

      And before all of that there was the Canadian Parliament Hill attack and those pesky Canucks started asking their leader why more isn’t being done to help the mentally ill instead of running amok on their streets dismembering Muslims and deporting the pieces to Palestine.

      Naturally Zionist feelings are going to be hurt, they have sensitivities too you know.

  • mindy1

    Go Sweden

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