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Pig’s Head Hung On Mosque Door In Vienna


I don’t know about it being an “affront to Muslim sensibilities,” most Muslims while likely being disgusted by this act and seeing how uncivilized and hatefilled it is likely find the perpetrators pitiful and ignorant.

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In a barbaric affront to Muslim sensibilities, part of a pig’s head and some pork tripe was attached to the door of a mosque in Vienna’s 21st district on Christmas day.

The imam of the Kocatepe mosque spoke to the Andadolu press agency about the incident, condemning the vandalism as an “unacceptable” act.

The head of the Turkish-Islamist Union in Vienna (ATIB), Fatih Karadaş, condemned the attack saying that “this is not an attack against Muslims but the whole of humanity. We, as Muslims, will preserve our calm and collective attitude.”

This is not the first incident of its type, as Austria’s Muslim community has been attacked several times this year in similar hate crimes. An Imam Hatip school in Vienna that concentrates on religious education was also vandalized. A pig’s head was left in front of the school’s door during Ramadan in early October.

And in August, a pig’s head was impaled on a fence at a construction site for a new islamic school.  It’s not known who left the pig’s head at the centre, but even if someone confesses there is little the police can do as nothing was damaged and therefore there are no criminal charges.

The Islamic Federation could make a complaint within civil jurisdiction. Muslims are forbidden from eating pork or touching pig carcasses, as they are considered unclean.

The planned school has been unpopular in Austria, with Foreign and Integration Minister Sebastian Kurz saying the idea “is completely the wrong approach”.

Another mosque called Eyüp Sultan, located in the town of Telfs, was repeatedly vandalized with graffiti.

In one of the more serious incidents, an elderly Muslim woman was attacked in a bank, apparently the victim of a hate crime motivated by religious intolerance.

In September, a Muslim woman was attacked by another woman on a train, apparently because the former was wearing a headscarf.

In August two elderly Muslim ladies wearing headscarves were attacked in Favoritenstraße. Police were reportedly slow to respond to this incident, and only began questioning suspects days after.

Austria’s Islamic Religious Community Association said that Muslims often experience discrimination in Austria but that “it is not well documented”.

Spokeswoman Carla Amina Baghajati said that the association plans to start collecting data on all religiously motivated incidents. However, she said she did not believe that the police lacked sensitivity to the issue.

The Local, 27 December 2014

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    • Friend of Bosnia

      Yes, that’s what they did in Bosnia months and years before teh war: tell the people how horrible Muslims are. Conflate the Bosniaks of today with alleged or pretended atroctities the Bosniaks did against Serbs in decades and centuries past. Throw in more asssociations with the Nazis and the Ottoman Empire. And then declare open season on the Bosniaks. I do blame every single one of them who for whatever reason has Bosniak blood on his (or her) hands. They all are guilty as sin. And what Bosniaks of times past, or even during the war of 1992-95 could possibly have done to Serbs, horrible as it may be (if such things can be proven) does not mitigate nor exonerate the guilty Serbs, not a bit. Those idiots always believe that if they say “But your people did this and that to us” their guilt will somehow disappear, as if by magic.

    • Friend of Bosnia

      Yes, I know only too well. And when the legal authorities go along, not just acts of violence but genocide.

    • Trimmercastle42

      Is there anything significant with UPN9?

    • Jekyll

      I know right, when people call others they don’t agree with cows and stupid for no reason…

    • Jekyll


    • Laurent Weppe

      The problem is not the “affront to sensibilities“: the problem is that such acts are similar in their intent to micro-aggression: they serve both as a message, meaning “We can’t afford to cut down your heads… yet. So until comes the day when we’re in charge and allowed to let our bloodlust run unchecked, we’ll use pigs as ersatz“, and as a way to test society, and more importantly legal institutions’ resistance: if the blatant expression of murderous intent remains unpunished, its authors, as well as those among the bystanders who agree with the authors’ intent will see it as a sign that society is weak/accommodating/sympathetic enough to allow them to increase the violence of their deeds: from hostile rhetoric to harassment done under the cover of the night to open harassment and eventually to direct acts of bloody violence.

    • Trimmercastle42

      What a crappy way to end the year

    • cmyfe .

      I think they wanted to say something like “this country belongs to us!” and they left their dna sample on the door.

    • Reynardine


    • mindy1

      Ok the hate and immaturity is getting out of hand…

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