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Rupert Murdoch Says – All Muslims Must Be Held Responsible for Atrocities Like Paris


A “proverbial left uppercut”?

Rupert Murdoch Says – All Muslims Must Be Held Responsible for Atrocities Like Paris

Just as people were nodding off and occassionally checking their Twitter feed, media Mogul Rupert Murdoch threw a proverbial left uppercut that woke up many a Twitter user. This is the comment that he posted at 2 am this morning.

In fact, just yesterday evening Guardian journalist Jonathan Freedland posted this excellent article in which he stated that,

“It follows that our responsibility is to thwart that effort. For Muslims, that has meant spelling out that these killers speak only for themselves. Note the speed with which a delegation of 20 imams visited the Charlie Hebdo offices, branding the gunmen “criminals, barbarians, satans” and, crucially, “not Muslims”.

Of course they should not have to do it. The finger-wagging demand that Muslims condemn acts of terror committed by jihadist cultists is odious: it tacitly assumes that Muslims support such horror unless they explicitly say otherwise. The very demand serves to drive a wedge between Muslims and their fellow citizens. (As it happens, Jews have some experience of this feeling: we too are sometimes told we have to condemn this or that action taken by others – and over which we have no control – if our place in polite society is to be secure.)”

Twitter responses to the media mogul’s comments were if anything, gems of their own.

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    • JAZ Z

      Further, if real ‘Jihad’, ‘struggle or strive’ as recommended in Qur’an and Hadeeth is observed by all human beings (irrespective of Muslim faith), the world will become a Paradise on earth. The ‘Violent only’ version to Jihad is purposefully given by the west and media to refrain non Muslims from getting closer to Islam, the Islamophobia.

    • JAZ Z

      Very correctly said, I appreciate your comprehension.

    • JAZ Z

      Moreover, the west knows ISIS Chief Abu baker Al Baghdadi better than any Muslim. Nobody knew him a year before, until America throned him out of more than a decade dominance of Iraq. How did America feed/nourish such a poisonous personality during their absoluteness?

    • JAZ Z

      Anyway, “Stupid” remains “Stupid” whether he says either “muslim” or “moslim”.

    • JAZ Z

      No Muslim is responsible for any other Muslim’s act. Don’t forget we are in 21st century, not living in 500 BC. For any crime that Government should be held responsible. If not, then what’s the duty of a Government? The perpetrators should be gunned down on the spot, to avoid “False Flag Conspiracy” or “Internal Job”.

    • Reynardine

      Well, some of the Muslim inhabitants of that city have said they’re changing the name of that city to Birming, because ham isn’t allowed.

      (Note: Turkey ham is quite tasty, and can be prepared both kosher and halal, so the name can stay the same)

    • Yausari

      You can find in any website. But it has never been accepted officially because the word conflicts with ‘jihad’. Just buy the book and see its not there.

      Still, let me ask you this. What does it mean? well according to ‘oxford’- “A person involved in a jihad; an Islamic militant.

      “Let me feed your “competent” mind why is the word so misleading then, huh?” According to Islam; the word ” jihad” means struggling or striving..

      Jihad is not a violent concept. Jihad is not a declaration of war against other religions. It is worth noting that the Koran specifically refers to Jews and Christians as “people of the book” who should be protected and respected.

      So don’t think you can steal our voices. FYI, you’re evidently more incompetent than I am in this subject.

    • Friend of Bosnia

      And I talk to evil bastards as they deserve.

    • Friend of Bosnia

      Histrory shows that more people have converted to islam than have apostasized from it. And those who have did mostly under coercion, outright force, were prisoners who had no hopes to be freed. An egregious exception is Emir Kusturica but in my eyes that he is an apostate is far less important than his being a traitor to his people and his natikon in times of war, and that is punishable by death even in many Western nations. A great film director he may be but that takes nothing away from being a traitor. And for that he merits my contempt and disdain.

    • Friend of Bosnia

      Don’t you step on my toes you evil idiot. You come here only to infuriate and offend, so get the hell out of here and don’t come back.

    • Friend of Bosnia

      Look who talks.

    • Trimmercastle42

      He’s a “Keyboard” warrior trying to act like a tough guy on the internet to compensate for his lacking baggage in his pants. He’s not here to have a meaningful discussion, he’s like a house fly, he wants to pester and annoy, best to ignore him.

    • cmyfe .

      Seems more like a mole….no?

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