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Phony Terrorism Expert “Steven Emerson” Manages To Get All Of England Laughing At Him


By Emperor

Islamophobia kills brain cells, just ask Fox News “counterterrorism expert” Steven Emerson.

A regular over the years on Fox News, Steven Emerson, is a well known tool in the American Zionist establishment, beloved by AIPAC and other such lobby/advocacy organizations. Before his most recent idiocy, Emerson’s most famous gaffe was blaming the Oklahoma City bombing on Muslims, saying things like, “Oklahoma City, I can tell you, is probably considered one of the largest centres of Islamic radical activity outside the Middle East.”

Over the years Emerson has made millions from the counter-terrorism/Islamophobia industries (check out: million$$$ of reasons to promote hate and suspicion of Muslims). He has made several movies depicting Muslim Americans as a Fifth Column. His website, The Investigative Project on Terrorism is known to publish articles promoting racism and Islamophobia.

In this context it becomes understandable why Emerson would make a complete and utter ass out of himself by claiming that the English city of Birmingham was “totally Muslim,” and that there are “no-go areas” all over the place. This got all of England (and the world) laughing at him, with the satirical Twitter hashtag #FoxNewsFacts trending:


Even Prime Minister David Cameron chimed in to describe Emerson as “a complete idiot“; funny how the leader of Britain understands this but the morons in Congress still bring Emerson on for “expert testimony” (i.e. bash Muslims). Emerson, used to living in his own world, may try to spin this as a compliment, after all his previous honors include being described as the “Worst Person in the World.”

Steven Emerson exposes himself as a know-nothing jackass–again:

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    • Mifeng86

      You’re giving this guy way too much credit; This guy doesn’t seem like the employable type :P.

    • The greenmantle

      I really do hope its the end of a sad career and he can go and find something useful to do with his life . McDonalds has vacancies I am told .

      Sir David

    • wjshelton

      You notice that Emerson said something to the effect that he’s never made that type of mistake before. Has he forgotten that he blamed (and still blames) the bombing of the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City ultimately upon “Islamists”, despite ALL evidence to the contrary, including admissions by those directly responsible for the attack, Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols? And that is just one of many of those mistakes that he “hasn’t made” that I am aware of.

    • Iekyll

      Today at 4 o’clock.

    • Trimmercastle42

      when is his new album coming out?

    • The greenmantle

      even better are the grumpy salafists on youtube complaining that music is forbidden .I wonder if they have read the grinch ?

      Sir David

    • Jekyll

      Damn this song brings back some sweet sweet memories from high school high.

    • Jekyll

      Ugg…this crap is still available ?

    • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

      LOLz…classic. I hadn’t seen that before.

    • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

      What’s he rap about?

    • Lithium2006

      Murdoch owns CNN? Hmm, I knew he was planning on buying Time Warner (Cnns parent company) but last I heard he lost out on the bid. Nonetheless, the network mind as well be, it’s disgusting how low it has went to pander to the illiterate, backwater tea party crowd, and when they’re not doing that, hours of news time is spent on some celebrity’s death or an affair.

    • Iekyll

      He’s a pretty good rapper though…

    • Hate_the_haterz

      The best part is, you don’t even need any qualifications… Or education… Or brains… In fact, those things may actually get in the way of making money! Err, I mean, “exposing them evil moozlums.”

    • The greenmantle

      but although these are dark days in many ways remember we can be happy its a way of defeating evil Is it not said that a smile is a blessing ?

    • The greenmantle

      only by voting UKIP have they any hope of that

      Sir David

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