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Arsalan Iftikhar is Right, Gov. Bobby Jindal is “trying to scrub the brown off his face”


Gov. Bobby Jindal’s whole career path has been predicated on how much he can suck up to the racist White establishment/privilege elements of the GOP. He is, as Hamid Dabashi notes about the neo-colonized, a Brown guy with a White mask on; for the GOP he’s the token Brown politico.

This point was made by Arsalan Iftikhar who called out Jindal for championing the laughable and debunked conspiracy theory perpetuated by Islamophobes about “No-Go Zones.”

Not surprisingly, Jindal gave his anti-Muslim speech at the British Neoconservative think tank founded by Douglas Murray, The Henry Jackson Society, a hotbed of Islamophobia. When Jindal was pressed to name any so-called “No-Go Zones,” he deflected (blaming the “radical Left”), highlighting not only that this is a subject he is ill-prepared to discuss but that these are talking points fed to him by the likes of now discredited “Fox News terrorism experts” such as Steven Emerson.

For calling Jindal out and not apologizing for his remarks, (Iftikhar said he’d only “apologize to Bobby Jindal when he apologizes to seven million American Muslims for advancing the debunked ‘Muslim no-go zones’ myth”) Iftikhar has been banned by MSNBC.

What will the consequences for Gov. Jindal be, especially considering he has not retracted his ridiculous comments but instead has chosen to double down?

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    • JD

      Except PEGIDA leader had step down amid uproar over Hitler selfie

      Sure They never

      gave Nazi salutes while riot police separated them from rival protesters changing “down with Pegida”.

      PEGIDA marched against immigrants, foreigners, and anyone a shade darker.

      marched with banners claiming your city is overcrowded with Muslims.

      Sure they are doing nothing wrong same as Der Stürmer was doing nothing wrong when it blamed all jews for the problems of Germany and i am sure PEGIDA is going out of it was to make sure they tell everyone they are talking only about the radicals

    • Rajano

      “Accusing people of orchestrating the deaths of 3,000 people is a serious matter.”

      Yes, it is a serious matter – but this does not mean it should not be investigated.

      “It is NOT certain that they “let it happen.” That’s absurd. It sounds like something you’d hear at a Ron Paul hootenanny or on the Alex Jones show…” Do you have any argument other than an ad hominem attack? Or poisoning of the well?

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