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Barack Obama: ISIS “A Direct Outgrowth Of Our Invasion” Of Iraq


By Emperor

There is a lot to vehemently disagree on with President Barack Obama like his drone assassination policy and extension/expansion of the war on terror but this time he spoke the obvious truth: The creation and growth of ISIS is a direct consequence of the US invasion of Iraq in 2003. A truth that is self-evident and has already caused an uproar among the war-profiteers.

Shane Smith: One of the biggest questions that I had was how did they become so popular so fast? How did they get so many foreign fighters from America, from the U.K., from Scandinavia, from all over the world, go there, outstrip al Qaeda, almost overnight. So, a, how did they become so popular out of nowhere? And then, b, how do we stop them?

President Obama: ISIL is direct outgrowth of Al-Qaida  in Iraq which grew out of our invasion which is an example of unintended consequences which is why we should generally aim before we shoot.

Starts at 12:00:

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    • fights

      And Obama has done zero to stop it.

    • downwithpants

      We = mericans Yous = non mericans

    • The content of your post is profoundly RACIST, with distinction; and certainly does not deserve a response, from me, except on loving the country: I leave loving the country to you, baby, until you are full of your kind of love, to a gloating point, after which your behind delivers stinky hot air, each time you open your polluted mouth to preach to others how to love their country. Baby, you need a lot of help to develop a genuine love of country. You think you have it, but sadly you really do not. Your post shows it.

    • JAZ Z

      Yes! Of course, poor helpless Muslims. What was their fault when 29 nations including US raped every inch of their land by carpet bombing ruthlessly. Anybody could imagine the plight of Iraqi innocent children, women and elders, who were already feeble, humiliated by the almost 13 years of imposed sanctions even for food and medicines too. To feel all that crisis one requires to be human. Alas! you were among us “the humans”. Single excerpt below from wikipedia is enough to describe the situation in Iraq: Denis J. Halliday (Irish) was appointed United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator in Baghdad, Iraq as of 1 September 1997, at the Assistant Secretary-General level. In October 1998 he resigned after a 34-year career with the UN in order to have the freedom to criticize the SANCTIONS regime, saying “I don’t want to administer a program that satisfies the definition of GENOCIDE”. Better you read in his own golden words: Denis J. Halliday “I was driven to resignation because I refused to continue to take Security Council orders, the same Security Council that had imposed and sustained genocidal sanctions on the innocent of Iraq. I did not want to be complicit. I wanted to be free to speak out publicly about this CRIME.” “And above all, my innate sense of justice was and still is outraged by the violence that UN sanctions have brought upon, and continues to bring upon, the lives of children, families – the extended families, the loved ones of Iraq. There is no justification for killing the young people of Iraq, not the aged, not the sick, not the rich, not the poor.” “Some will tell you that the leadership is punishing the Iraqi people. That is not my perception, or experience from living in Baghdad. And were that to be the case – how can that possibly justify further punishment, in fact collective punishment, by the United Nations? I don’t think so. And international law has no provision for the disproportionate and murderous consequences of the ongoing UN embargo – for well over 12 long years.” Even Halliday’s successor, Hans von Sponeck, subsequently also resigned in protest, calling the effects of the sanctions a “true human tragedy”.

      British writer Harold Pinter declared in his 2005 Nobel Prize acceptance speech:

      “We have brought torture, cluster bombs, depleted uranium, innumerable acts of random murder, misery, degradation and death to the Iraqi people and call it ‘bringing freedom and democracy to the Middle East’. How many people do you have to kill before you qualify to be described as a mass murderer and a war criminal? One hundred thousand? More than enough, I would have thought. Therefore it is just that Bush and Blair be arraigned before the International Criminal Court of Justice”. “1990-2011 Iraqi deaths from US Alliance violence (1.7 million) or violently-imposed deprivation (2.9 million) total 4.6 million and one can in 2015 paraphrase this great humanitarian: “How many people do you have to kill before you qualify to be described as a mass murderer and a war criminal? 4.6 million? More than enough, I would have thought”. Visit url below for further details;

      Re: “…. a good many of you here just hate America.”

      Could you please locate the word “America” in my previous comment? But surely, it’s your conscience (which is murdered repeatedly) compelling you to feel guilty.

    • JAZ Z

      Re: As you started “One solid fact I will present below….” I suggest, better you make a roll of your absurd “Solid facts” already printed in the coward, bigoted, intolerant and venomous (but your respected) western news media and ask them how to use these rolled facts inside, to further enhance the script of your fairy-tales.

    • JAZ Z

      What you wrote ” Morruwah ” or ” MORU ‘ AH ” is written like this “مروعة” in Arabic and the meaning is “Awesome” ref; to Now you tell me what did YOU mean by this word? But, there’s completely different word in English “VENGEANCE” which has, revenge, retaliation, retribution as its synonyms. Did you mean that? If yes, then I would like to cry for your dumbness. Why are you wasting other’s precious time?

    • JAZ Z

      Ah ! ! ! literally, I’m fed up with your futile babbling repeatedly. You are the lone creature over this land, a top order ignoramus, who’s become so ignoble in hostility that, has totally lost the ability of discernment. Don’t you feel ashamed while defending the atrocities of West. It’s okay, your bread n butter is secured with them, but there’s an important object called “conscience”, which also matters. But, that’s meaningless to the immoral creatures like you. Did you ever think why US+28 nations encroached Iraq? Was it logical to search WMD by using WMD itself? Who has given US or any nation, the authority to encroach others land? This is nothing but International hooliganism. If anybody refers to the cruelty and oppression of the Saddam’s regime, then I don’t find a bigger blind stupid on this earth, looking to the present situation in Iraq. But, you’ll never get that, since you’re also one among them. There are tens of nations in the world where more cruelty or brutality is existent, what these nations would do there? Are these western nations ‘International Contract Killers’? Moreover, you didn’t dare to reply (even touch) to my listed queries, instead you created a new tale of portraits on poker playing cards theory. Hahaha! What a moronic statement. You wrote “Iraqis officials, who were wanted by United States military occupation forces and the CIA”. This statement of your’s is an evidence of a hidden Conspiracy. Is Iraq under US territory? Or under American Government? Who is US to arrest other nations’ officials? There’s lot of atrocities over the African Americans, so would US allow it’s officials to be prosecuted by any other nation? As you’ve admitted above “US military occupation forces”, foriegn military occupation means oppression and tyranny. Re: “So were other Iraqi high Ba’athist officials, under Saddam Hussein, who have never been captured by the occupation forces.” Similarly, you’ll never refrain from issuing stupid and moronic statements. Re: “He has to rely upon…. colleagues of Ba’athists…. generals and army officers…. photographs were not on any card of the 54 deck / pack of cards” Your tale of stupidity continues endlessly, without any evidence.

      Re: “VEANGENCE” for ” Morruwah ” or ” MORU ‘ AH ” means in Arabic. Instead, you could have provided direct definition of VEANGENCE in English, if it really exists…

    • One solid fact I will present below will completely and totally show how ignorant you are and all what you post, on this thread, reflect so poorly on you, as claims or hallucinations: You, fool, must know that the Iraqis officials, who were wanted by United States military occupation forces and the CIA, were only 54 Iraqi public figures, starting with Saddam Hussein, Izzat Ibrahim, who was Saddam’s Vice President Tareq Aziz, who was Iraq’s Foreign Minister etc.. The photographs of those most wanted Ba’athists were printed on the cards of a deck of poker playing cards, and were distributed to the American troops to capture them, if they saw them and should take them into custody. The American occupiers had done a good job in capturing many of the 54 most wanted Iraqis, but not all. Izzat Ibrahim, who was Saddam’s Vice President, has not been captured till this present time. So were other Iraqi high officials, under Saddam Hussein, who have never been captured by the occupation forces. It has been reported, every now and then, by Iraqi and other Arab news media that Izzat Ibrahim has been waging arm-resistance against the Iranian influence in Iraq, as he had done against the American occupiers when they occupied Iraq. Izzat Ibrahim could not carry on the needed resistance by himself alone. He has to rely upon his former colleagues of Ba’athists who were generals and army officers of all ranks. This one single piece of factual information should be enough to make any SENSIBLE human being, who claims and hallucinates, as you do, feels ashamed of his rude bragging for what he or she has never been able to be anything else. Take this advice from an old man: Learn what the word, ” Morruwah ” or ” MORU ‘ AH ” means in Arabic. If you can understand all the meanings for what this particular word stands for in Arabic, then and only then, you will be able to understand what VEANGENCE, to Iraqi Ba’athists like IZZAT IBRAHIM and his followers of Ba’athists really means. Otherwise, you will remain enslaved by your miserable conspiracy theory. I really have no more time to waste on your garbage. Enough is Enough, my boy.

    • Your ” truth ? ” and your ” courage ? ” are only self-defeating to the mentality within the bones of your empty head. You have no facts and no evidences, let alone logic. You have only claims and hallucinations and they will remain as such: claims and hallucinations, as long as your conspiracy theory keeps enslaving the f****d up way in which you think, post and behave. Grow-up, boy. You only are fooling yourselves with your ” truth ? ” and your ” courage ? ” and your ” very simple “logic? ” Pity and also Sad, indeed !! .

    • JAZ Z

      Pity on you rather. It happens, usually to any body, when so many solid evidences surround, one has no way out to escape. Moreover, my arguments were very simple, logic and to the point. Is there a limit, how many realities would you deny? Have courage, and at least, search for the truth.

    • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

      Thanks for clearing that up pops!

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