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IndiaTimes: “Shocking! Mob Ties A Noose Around The Neck Of This Cow Trader And Makes Him Utter ‘Jai Shri Ram’”


In France, it’s the politics of pork, in Sri Lanka and India it’s over meat in general.

(h/t: Saqib)

By Mugda Kapoor, India Times

Modi might have said that his Government would not allow any religious group belonging to a majority or a minority to incite hatred, but things in India are far from over. The ban on beef by the Maharashtra government has already kicked off a huge country-wide rage, this was made even worse when Haryana (another BJP ruled state) decided to follow suit. The latest twist into the ban of beef is the following video which has been going viral.

The video allegedly features a muslim cow trader who was trading cows for his hindu employer. It shows him tied to an electric pole and surrounded by a fundamentalist mob which is thrashing him and inciting him to utter Jai Shri Ram.

Click here to watch video.

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    • Awesome

      However, I condemn anything that is related to denigration of Islam and Muslims in general. But I request the site owners to please put up the whole story regarding the person who’s shown as the victim was some valid worker of some licensed company abattoir or just a smuggler, criminal doing unlawful activity. It will help in eradicating any misconception to foreigners.

      What the lynch-mob is doing to that man is unlawful, even if you want to accuse him of being a meat smuggler (of which no evidence has been provided). People accused of crimes are arrested, tried and either convicted or acquitted. That is how an organized society under the rule of law is supposed to function, not through “mob rule” where lynch mobs randomly target those that they don’t like. It undermines the rule of law and encourages anarchy.

    • Jekyll


    • Tanveer ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Khan

      Bollywood is amazing. Don’t diss.

    • AJ

      This article or perhaps another by this author says that beef has been banned in Maharashtra and in another state in India. I just confirmed it. That’s a huuuuge thing considering India calls itself secular. What will the Indian Muslims do? India is moving backwards and not forward. Iqbal knew this a long time ago.

    • cmyfe .

      Good spot! But these types of details are needed when you are debating a sane and reasonable person. This guy is a frustrated extremist Indian who doesn’t want to admit that his community is doing wrong against minorities. I can imagine his ilk justifying “bali” or human sacrifice to Kali by saying something like “Oh! you see this is population control and will of Kali, this is for the best.” In his mind Indians can do nothing wrong, just like in Bollywood!

    • Tanveer ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Khan

      And how come nobody’s talking about this?

      “The video allegedly features a muslim cow trader who was trading cows for his hindu employer.”

      Why are all the mentally defunct goons silent on this?

    • cmyfe .

      So “Petty Criminals” get forced to convert to Hinduism and chant Hindu slogans?

      Are you not siding with Hindus because you’re a Hindu? Just reverse the religions of the people in this video and you would be crying “terrorism” etc. Your lies are nothing more than… well lies!

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