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Abby Martin Stunt Triggers Death, Rape Threats From Chris Kyle Followers

What do you all think? (h/t: Capt. JB H):

via. 21stCenturyWire

This storm of controversy started after Martin released a photo of a T-Shirt design she is currently marketing, which reads “F*ck Chris Kyle”.

Interestingly, this story blends into right into a much more inflammatory situation created by anti-Islamic media personality Pamela Geller who was seen to have intentionally baited what looked like a terrorist attack in Garland, Texas last Sunday.

“Very telling that the #ChrisKyle fans who tell me he ‘died for my freedom’ to wear clothes are threatening to rape & kill me for free speech,” said Martin on Twitter

Perhaps. Abby Martin is a staunch anti-war voice and her view are very well known on that issue – so her feelings regarding both Kyle and American Sniper should come as no surprise to anyone. Mob threats of physical violence against Martin and her family are flat wrong, if not illegal, and should be treated seriously by law enforcement. However, in this new nation of extremes, it’s obvious that passions are running hot in all directions – on issues regarding war and the synthetic fear of terrorism, ISIS and of Muslims in America. Unfortunately, not everyone is patient enough, or in some cases even able to rise above the “shock culture”. Whether it’s the bombastic Geller, the cutting Martin, or the war mongering cult of Kyle, this is the new ugly America where everyone is compelled to shove it in each others’ faces, and where ideological opponents are threatened with heinous physical crimes.

1367558793cf78d1_l Beautiful America. Classy America. The envy of the world, right?

Wiser pundits should be wondering where this new “free speech” odyssey is actually heading. Regardless, we’ll have to get used to a confrontational culture, of endless calculated and intentionally instigatorial mud-slinging, hate-based and polarized discourse trumps civil debate and discussion. This is just the way things are now. And we expect this unsettling trend to get worse, before it gets better.

So who’s right and who’s wrong? At some point in the near future, that won’t even matter (if it doesn’t already). Problem, reaction, solution. Undoubtedly, this is where the foul-mouthed ‘Geller Culture’ is all heading. As this new instigator environment becomes progressively worse (as it certainly will), then expect our trusted savior and nanny supreme – the Government – to step in and restrict our REAL free speech. Originally, Americans’ “free speech” was earmarked by the US Constitution’s founders – first and foremost – to protect genuine dissenters from a tyrannical government or state.

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    • Capt. J.B. Hennessy

      Why is it ok?

    • Sam Seed

      So why come here and listen to idiots?

    • AJ

      So you are saying that when US publishes spy shots of ISIS moving along in huge trains of stolen US Humvees, they can take photographs but not drop one of those far-reaching missiles? Yeah sure. Listen, I need to sell you some sand from Saudi Arabia. You can create an alternate silicon industry where you live. Interested?

    • AJ

      There is nothing in the Quran that asks to rape or traffic women. I can insult people on this blog telling people that jkings told me to do that – doesn’t mean that they are your words. EDUCATE YOURSELF. READ THE QURAN INSTEAD OF ISIS’s MANIFESTO.

    • jkings

      Ok I see the issue here. This is not your fault. You don’t necessarily understand this one detail.

      1) ISIS operates within miles of the US military. ==Under cover of civilians, hiding in Iraq homes, hiding in civilian cars.

      2) ISIS uses ammunition, Humvees and tanks of the US military conveniently ‘stolen” from them. == Many Loonwatch observers have already answered this question for you. The Iraqi army were shocked at the threat of being beheaded, their commanders were many times paid off or were infiltrated by ISIS, and on top of that, the largely Shia army didn’t care to defend a Sunni city which is Mosul. When given the order to run away from the madmax terrorist, they chose to listen.

      3) ISIS does not target US marines or the US installations. == ISIS did take some pop shots at al-Asad base, but couldnt approach the base very well under cover of civilians, so since its chances of doing anything but getting pwned by Apaches helicopters, getting direct hits by airstrikes, they stopped trying. As I said you may very well see conflict between ISIS and US troops, it will just be done while ISIS is hiding behind babies and old ladies, and surrounded by IED. You can say a lot about the US but they are pretty good at not getting stomped on. ISIS doesnt like 1 sided fights if they are the losing side. (See battle of Kobani).

      4) ISIS kills primarily Muslims. == To your eyes they do kill primarily Musilims, this should greatly concern you and everyone else. The reason being is they define for themselves who a real Muslim is and who is not. They have refined this in great detail. Their community of fellow jihadist are aware of their standards. If someone doesn’t fit there standard of what a Muslim must be, its simple, it makes them an infidel. That is their take on it, surprised if you heard it first here because you can get that info pretty easy. So what your issue with that is, is pretty much an argument between you and ISIS. Take it up with them by God and I support you.

      We can still discuss this stuff and be cool. I promise. Have a good day.

    • jkings

      Hard questions can have hard answers. It is not easy to confront radical Islam. I would that less teenager’s with a higher IQ than me don’t join ISIS and blow up their own IQ. I would have it so.

    • AJ

      You posses the IQ of a potato. I will refrain from talking to you in future.

    • AJ

      Get this. There is NO Islam that tells anyone to kill ANY innocent. ISIS is killing innocents yet they kill NO American soldiers. They never target any Israelis. Lets review: 1) ISIS operates within miles of the US military. 2) ISIS uses ammunition, Humvees and tanks of the US military conveniently ‘stolen” from them. 3) ISIS does not target US marines or the US installations. 4) ISIS kills primarily Muslims. Let’s guess who these people can be.

    • AJ

      How about having sexual escapades in this life? Why wait for the next one?

    • jkings

      There is a large difference. In the UK and Ireland they don’t pack tons of explosives in trucks and drive themselves into large groups of people, with a smile on their face, happy to become bits in order to become what they think is a blessed martyr. You can be on the wrong side or right side of that issue. If you don’t understand that its a problem of ideology, I cannot help you. Some of these people who commit suicide like this, chasing after a eternal life of sex, are leaving their children and families behind on earth. That does not spell out a desperation to me of self defense and protecting family or lands. Remember their targets of suicide attacks change by the day. If its Sunni Muslims, and they don’t support ISIS, they end up bits just as the Kurds would or Christians, purple people from planet mars if they made it to Iraq, it doesn’t matter, its not about what they think or do, even if they are a 70 year old Sheik they fall just as James Foley did. If they don’t submit to ISIS in all ways that are forced upon them. If there were more Americans in Iraq you would see them getting killed more too. (That is because Obama thought saying sorry and leaving would end the war and didn’t leave troops there.) We may just see that the way ISIS is doing everything in their power to bring US troops to the fight. ISIS wants nothing more than to engage Americans on the ground. Its not too bad to fight Americans if you hate them with every passion and think death is exciting. And you have the support of millions who justify your rage against them. You keep making this point about ISIS killing Muslims. Can I explain again that in ISIS’s view, these people are not true Muslims if they don’t support the Caliphate, and or are not practicing Islam as they see fit? In their view they are only apostates. If you don’t believe me check in on them and you can see their behavior. There is a group that risk their lives daily called ” Raqqa is being slaughtered silently” in Raqqa that does a great job of explaining the happenings of what is going on in their capital. I am not saying that listening to ISIS is hearing truth, but you should actually look into what they are saying before assuming the US is behind all their words. It seems that you are not willing to approach the idea that ISIS has its own brain. A brain that operates on radical Islam.

    • AJ

      How about the Protestant Catholic divide in Ireland and UK? The only difference is that we don’t have Muslim armies invading those lands and fueling those conflicts. Everywhere there is US army there is a terrorist organization all operating on American weapons and doing their work. ISIS doesn’t kill Americans in Iraq, it kills Muslims.

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