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AlJazeera: French Mayor Wants To Ban Islam


Does this even need any commentary? Meftah’s response seems perfect.:

By Massoud Hayoun @mhayoun, AlJazeera English

After the mayor of a small French city called this week for France to ban Islam, at least one French Muslim political activist was rejoicing.

Mayor Robert Chardon of the Southern French city of Venelles tweeted multiple times on Thursday that “the religion of Islam will be banned in France on Oct. 18, 2027.”

Mehdi Meftah, founder of Parti des Indigènes de la République (PIR), a political party representing the interests of people from many of France’s predominantly Muslim former colonies in Africa and elsewhere, called the mayor’s calls to outlaw Islam “absurd.”

“We are interpreting this as a great thing,” Meftah said. The comments, he added, show that “We, [French Muslims] are more and more visible. We have our mobilizations. We have our visions of what France should be.”

Chardon was not immediately available for comment.

A spokesman for Chardon’s party, the center-right UMP of former French President Nicholas Sarkozy, told Al Jazeera that they are considering banning Chardon from the party.

“We condemn this but have yet to issue a formal comment on the issue,” UMP spokesman Pierre-Albert Mazars said. “We have begun procedures to look into removing [Chardon from the Party].”

Mazars said the party had no idea why Chardon had chosen the date of Oct. 18, 2027.

Meftah said Chardon’s tweets reveal that French politics “are in a state of disarray” and undermines the legitimacy of Islamophobia as a political platform.

French politicians “see [Muslims] as a threat,” Meftah said, a sign that French Muslims are gaining power as a political entity.

Unlike in the past, when French Muslims were marginalized, they now have their own movements like the PIR and can push back against what Meftah calls the “white political establishment.”

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    • bill moore

      After the attacks in Paris, this guy should be President of France!

    • Saracenboy

      >Islam wants to get rid of [ban] all other religions.

      [Citation Needed]

    • Awesome

      Islam wants to get rid of [ban] all other religions.

      Islam doesn’t “want” anything. It is a religion for which there is nothing in it that prescribes or encourages the banning of all other religions.

    • ShunTheRightWhale

      Former Yugoslavia is in need of statesmen that can change the opinion of the masses for the better. Germany and France “heriditary enemies” (Erbfeinde) for about 200 years (Germany’s unitiy 1871 was achieved as a militaric victory over France), their clinch about l’Alsace, Lothringen, after WWI the Coal-rich Ruhrgebiet, Saarland, Germany’s humiliation of France in their victory, installed a puppet regime in Vichy, build the French coast into a chain of bunkers and fortresses, nevertheless after the war, the Great Gerneral de Gaulle spoke with Catholic Conservative former Mayor of Cologne and new elected Bundeskanzler Adenauer after all that what had been done with him on an equal level. This was the birth of EWG: Formulation of international economical aims instead of invasions, at some turns even on the other side of the Iron Curtain. In World politics Germany was a divided country that was about first to be nuked in a Nuklear Holocaust. Under this circumstances the the newly founded EWG strove for economic strenghthening of her countries. Time proved that when Stalinism is survived and an astonishing leader takes over power in the USSR the old images of a death foe can be solved. But for some the collapse came too fast. Esspecially for Former Yugoslavia… But even after look a Slovenia small, but firm and since 2004 in the EU, has been a stable member since, especially compared to Greece. Look at Croatia finally managed that too. Serbia’s at the present too nationalistic and has issues with neighbors like Albania and Mazedonia. I think a progress of peace under EU-tutelage would strengthen the bonds between the two entities (EU and BiH), but EU-requirements are strict, the country would have to go through a number of political and economical reforms… But look at Eastern Ukraine or Syria the Scene looks much better than there and much better than 10 years ago. (no wars more since then)

    • ShunTheRightWhale

      Former Yugoslavia is a different issue… Eastern Europe has a long history of ethnic pluralistic countries, since the advent of Nationalism ethnicity has been a driving force behind conflicts in the region. For long periods of history, these peoples didn’t rule themselves, the First World War led to the collapse of foreign rule in the region. Until 1918 many East European cities had sizeable German populations that sometimes formed a merchant elite or entire regions with German rural settlements along the danube (p.e. Riga, Praha, Transsilvania,…). Nothing was left of that. With the receeding Ottoman Empire the uprising people (Montenegro, Serbia, Greece, Romania and Bulgaria) had a common enemy the Turks, but every of these new countries wanted to dominate the other, especially Serbia. This proved to be possible when former Habsburg dominated Croatia and Slovenia formed with Serbia the Yugoslavian Kingdom. But that was relatively shortlived so Croats and Serbs just made some territorial exchanges, before the Browm Soup drowned entire Yugoslavia. The Brown Soup lifted, Tito seized power and ruled with an iron grip: one-party-rule, borders and statues from the central power. These collapsed like with the Soviet Union but the case of Yugoslavia was much more complex: Serbia tried actively to force the insurgent Republics back into the Serbian dominant system, so every one fought their own war against Serbo-Yugoslavia; Slovenes, Croats and finally Bosniaks, and Bosniaks against the Croats too. Everbody against everyone, later on this pattern repeated in the Kosovo crisis. People were murdered on ethnical affilation and one party tried to secure borders over another and in disputed teritories ethnic cleansing was used to claim that territory for oneself. The post war situation created a complex political structure for Bosnia-Herzegovina: the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Republika Srpska. The enthnic tensions are still existent, the new sturcture doesn’t work fluently: See the tensions around the trial of Mladic and the 2014 riots… Bosnia-Herzegovia is a poor and corrupted country. As long as ethnical supremacism remains existent (especially Serbian superiority thinking) economical and political tensions and inegalities can fuel new ethnical conflicts.

    • Friend of Bosnia

      If only.

    • Friend of Bosnia

      I said somewhere else that at the going rate it will take over 700 years for Muslims to become a majority (2/3) in Germany, and if you factor in that their birth rate will actually decrease probably much longer, so what are those people making such a fuss about?

    • Hasan karim

      Je suis finished, looks like the Charlie hebdo crew is falling apart. After the hypocrisie we saw that day of many world leaders especially that person from the holy land. I saw this coming. Preaching about freedom of speech while your own government is involved with the most shady things in other parts of the world.

      Je suis crisis.

    • Friend of Bosnia

      Maybe so. But I’m still worried about the onbly place in Europe which has an autochthonous Muslim population, seeing that most non-Muslims in the region are more or less openly hostile to Bosniaks and Kosovo Albanians. The Bosniaks have suffereed their Nakba in 1992-95 and whether they will be reduced to the Gaza Strip of Europe (but without access to the sea) remains to be seen. As the serbo fascist war propaganda conflates them with AQ and IS and calls them all Wahhabi. Of course that’s not true but truth does not serve the enemies of Bosniaks m and is of no consequence. Only the power of arms, that is, armed suoeriority, is relevant here. As fr the Kosovo Albanians, 1999 was their 1948. Whether tehir 1967 will eventualklky come remains to be seen. Buts as long as a sizable proportion of Serbs continue to raise themselves above the others (like: Bosniaks = “Turks”, “balije”, “Islamists”, “Jihadists”; Croats = Ustase”, “Nazis” “fascists” and Albanians, particularly those of Muslim faith = “Orcs”, “drug smugglers”, “Organ robbers”) there can be no peace. But imasgin eif the Allies had red-flagged theitr offensive into Germanys and we still had the Third Reich, that would be the same situation as we have in the Balkans today. The only solution for mer is that if they ever once step over the line again they must this time be militarily crushed as Japan was in 1945, and stripped of all their military conquests as Japan was in 1945. And even so, like in Germany and Japan after 1945 too many genocidals, fascists and Nazis would be allowed to continue their careers, continue in public office and never be brought to justice. I’m really ever getting more and more sympathetic tpo the idfea once espoused by Winston Churchill that every single Wehrmacht (or in this case, Serb armed forces) officer with the rank of major or higher should be summarily shot. Because it is my firm conviction that cruel people should be given the same degree of cruelty they so callously apply to others. The worst thing is, most of them weren’t cruel out of hate, pleasure or sadism but out of efficiency and the conviction of doing the right thing. And those are in my eyes worse than those who actually do hate. Think of the most horrible and hideous thing that can be done to another human being. Even that would be too good for those fiends. Besides that it would be debasing and undignified for those who would actually have to execute them (even though at times I think there are such to whom I would do it most gladly – with a samurai sword for example, but slowly, very slowly – but firstly there is the ever-present fear of getting the wrong person; and secondly, I’m not a murderer nor a sadist; for how long could I stand being the executioner?) The world is full of unworthy people. Not because of their race or their ethnicity or their religion. But because of their conduct. Their conduct and their deeds, which are open for everybodytpo see. Some of them can be ignored; some must be shown the limit they should never overstep. And some deserve death, but not only that. They deserve damnatio memoriae as well (needless to say the same applies to the IS thugs). And as long as I hear nothing but genocidal hate speech from most Serb or pro-Serb forists, I can’t but believe that a majority of Serbs are genocidal maniacs thirsty for Bosniak blood. I cannot but see them as enemies. With mistrust. I will never trust them. Because the tale of the scorpion and the frog applies here as well. Because that is what they have been taught for centuries. How they can be made sane I don’t know. Most probably they can’t. It’s impossible. Oh, a small minority are sane; they are immune to ultranationalism, chauvinism and fascism. A large majority of people are indifferent, just simple souls. If their leaders say its all right to commit genocide or to have genocidal ideas, that’s what they will do; and now suppose their leaders told them to behave friendly towards Bosniaks and Albanians, then they would do just that, never ask why and pretend never to have behaved otherwise. The thing is, one can’t do away with a people as a whole, even though a majority has, in one way or the other, become guilty of genocide because then one would be genocidal oneself. But what can the little man on the street do, especially in such places as the Balkans where might has always made right? Not much, I’m afraid. Only be ever watchful and keep your eyes peeled over those who through history have tried to do us in. Read the enemy’s newspapers, watch their TV, browse their web suites. If you see that they start filling with genocidal hate speech as they did back in 1992, you will know that the Moment of Truth has come. Keep a fistful of gold coins under your pillow; and a gun as well. Try to get yourself and your loved ones out if the line of fire. And if you can’t, do not let yourselves be led like lambs to the slaughter. Remember the heroes of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. And follow their example. If fate has decided that you must die at the hands of the enemy, take down at least six side-boys with you. That’s what I also think I, and everybody else, have to impress on our children and grandchildren as well, pass it on to future generations, across the centuries. Keep the memory of Srebrenica and the 1992-95 genocidal anti-Bosniak crusade alive.

    • sasboy

      Why wait that long to ban French culture ?

    • ShunTheRightWhale

      Can’t these haters come to a similar conclusion? This “author”, Sarrazin, prophesied in the 2020ies Islamic law will be enforced in Berlin. The real future for Europe is meanwhile less spectacular, the Muslim percentage will still rise, but since they live in the same economical system their age structure will blend with a lag, meaning their numbers will first become stable and then recede slowly as already does for many Non-Muslim populations in Europe. No spectacular Islamisation, no demise of the Occident. The political and economical situation is luckily (most often) too stable for right wing extremists or Islamists to get to power, the younger generation of migrants (under 30 years) is almost completly bilingual (at least here in Germany) and the majority of them just wants to make a living in the country of their birth. So all that remains to be solved are prejudices, sadly that’s a thing that takes much longer (for prejudices against Jews, p.e., about 150 years, so in the first half of the 22nd century Non-Muslim-Europeans will finally become more tolerant about Islam)…

    • JD

      CAIR Says Tenn. Man Who Planned Religiously-Motivated Attack on NY Muslims Should Face Terror Charges

      (WASHINGTON, D.C., TX, 5/16/15) – The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) today called on the Obama administration to treat a planned religiously-motivated attack on a Muslim community in New York as an act terrorism and to charge the alleged organizer of the attack as a terrorist.

      According to court documents, a Tennessee man who garnered more than 9,000 votes in a failed run for Congress last year admitted in federal court to planning an attack on a Muslim community in New York along with members of a right-wing militia.

      Robert Doggart, 63, was recorded on a wiretapped phone call planning to burn down a mosque and Muslim school, while shooting anyone who tried to stop the attackers.

      “Our small group will soon be faced with the fight of our lives. We will offer those lives as collateral to prove our commitment to our God,” Doggart wrote in a Facebook post. “We shall be Warriors who will inflict horrible numbers of casualties upon the enemies of our Nation and World Peace.” Doggart was arrested April 10 and charged with soliciting others to violate civil rights, attempts to damage religious property because of the religious character of the property and making threats through interstate communication. He pleaded guilty to interstate communication of threats and was released on bond to home confinement. He may not face any jail time

    • mindy1

      Can idiots be banned instead

    • downwithpants

      I definitely wouldn’t put religion on the same level as air. I do get your point that you can’t stop people from being religious

    • The greenmantle

      my money is on the latter . I wonder why that date ?. Judgement day ?

      Sir David

    • Laurent Weppe

      Banning all religions would be just another form of sectarian supremacism.

    • Laurent Weppe

      Apparently, the guy was hospitalized -against his will- just after his outburst: he’s suffering from a mouth cancer that’s killing him and the treatment and heavy painkillers he’s taking are either screwing with his brain… or making him state openly what he was prudent to hide until now.

    • Yausari

      Yes I agree that they shouldn’t be hypocritical about it But it’s a dumb idea, either way. It’s like trying to ban air. People will still practice religion.

    • Heinz Catsup

      Either you ban all religions or none of them. Besides, banning pretty much anything only creates more problems than it solves.

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