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BBC: Hindu group ‘flew Pakistan flag to create tension’


By Habib Beary, BBC

Police say those arrested belong to the Sri Rama Sena group.

The flag was raised in Sindgi, near Bijapur, on 1 January, leading to angry protests by Hindu organisations and the stoning of a Muslim prayer hall.

Police say Sri Rama Sena was trying to create “communal disharmony” in an area with a sizeable Muslim presence.

Sri Rama Sena is a fringe group that claimed responsibility for attacking women outside a pub in the coastal district of Mangalore in 2009, saying that allowing females in pubs was against Indian culture.

‘Dividing society’

Inspector general of police Charan Reddy told the BBC the situation in Sindgi was “now peaceful”.

“It seems they were out to create communal disharmony,” he said.

Hindu organisations had called for strikes in a number of towns around Bijapur to protest against the flag-raising.

But Mr Reddy said police investigations had led them to members of the Sri Rama Sena, a group founded by Pramod Muthalik after it broke away from the Bajrang Dal, an affiliate of the long-standing Hindu nationalist organisation, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS).

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    • Hassan Nasrallah

      I constantly think about that too, the human race has collectively failed. We have betrayed God. We kill each other, we abuse animals, we destroy the environment, cause chaos and corruption everywhere. Humans should be very grateful that I’m not God.

    • Pak Defender

      Relax Bro, don’t you fret. We will sort out these Hindutva.

    • The greenmantle

      Not so sure everyone got along before colonialisationas sutch in India as there were lots of little wars between the rulers . Arguably there was no india but a patchwork of states some small some grand . The British played one against the other to take control .plus the caste system of course was invented there..

      Sir David

    • JS

      Quite literally a… false flag operation! hur hur hur I am a funny guy.

  • Proud Muslim

    Dumb flag? I wonder if someone did something to your country flag. How will you feel? Happy about it? or will you comment “dumb flag”

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