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Joe Kaufman Attacks Muslim Law Enforcement Officers

Joe Kaufman

Joe Kaufman

Original guest article

By Wilfredo Amr Ruiz

The defeated Republican congressional candidate and eulogist of the late terrorist Rabbi Meir Kahane, Joe Kaufman, keeps doubling down on his attacks against anything Muslim. Most recently, he has accused Broward County Sheriff, Scott Israel, of being disloyal to his oath for swearing in a recognized Muslim leader, Nezar Hamze, as his deputy. Kaufman probably doesn’t know that Hamze, who is also the Regional Operations Director for CAIR Florida, was first appointed as a cadet by Israel’s predecessor, Sheriff Al Lamberti.

After winning his election in 2013, Israel decided to swear in Deputy Hamze as a member of his team. Israel’s decision undoubtedly strengthened his team even more as it shows the Sheriff’s commitment to keep and strengthen one of the most ethnically and religiously diverse Law Enforcement agencies in the whole nation.

Because I am a resident of Broward County and I personally know both individuals, I can be nothing but proud to count on both Sheriff Israel and his Deputy, Nezar Hamze, to safeguard my community, my neighborhood, and my family. They are both God-fearing men in uniform and that I respect and honor.

I know that Joe Kaufman is losing sleep at night, knowing that an honorable American Muslim is actually serving and protecting the citizens in Broward County. Joe Kaufman represents the antithesis of the American way of life I stood for as a U.S. Naval Officer.  In that capacity, I fully understood the true meaning of holding true to our Oath; a similar oath as those taken by other men in uniform such as Sheriff Israel and Deputy Hamze.

Joe Kaufman definitely does not know the meaning of such an oath because, in every political aspiration he has run for, our wise electorate have denied his bigotry to walk up the stairs of our Capitol House. I am certain that the South Florida community will never forget Kaufman’s discourses filled with xenophobia and hatred and will consistently keep him very far away from any public office.

Mr. Kaufman, learn this once and for all: hatred and xenophobia are passé; nobody likes it and nobody likes you!


Attorney Wilfredo Amr Ruiz is also a Muslim Chaplain and Political Analyst on the Middle East and Muslim World. For the past seven years he has been a regular columnist at El Nuevo Día newspaper in Puerto Rico and is also a columnist for El Diario de NY . He is also a writer for WebIslam and a guest columnist for various others publications. Ruiz is regularly interviewed and consulted at national and international media outlets on diverse issues on politics of the Middle East and the Muslim World, Islam and Christian-Muslim relations.

In 1997 he performed Hajj, the Islamic major pilgrimage to Mecca. He founded the Puerto Rico and Connecticut chapters of The American Muslim Association of North America (AMANA), and acts as legal advisor to the Council on American Islamic Relations of South Florida.

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    • mindy1

      I wish the sheriff and deputy luck in their endeavors. As for jaufmwn, stop making things worse

    • JS

      I sort of remember this guy… another irrelevant Islamophobe who wants to milk the cash cow…

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