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The New York Times’ ISIS Rape Story and the Islamophobic Lie Machine

The New York Times article about ISIS’ theology of sanctioning enslavement and rape, like the previous article by Graeme Wood in the Atlantic on the question of whether ISIS is “Islamic” or not created a lot of controversy and discussion.

The article has several serious issues that have been highlighted by commentators, Islamophobes predictably decided that they would use it as a boon to forward their narrative about Islam and Muslims. Take the queen bee of loony Islamophobia, Pamela Geller, she was up to her old shtick of lying and manipulating in an attempt to propagate not only her narrative on Islam but also a smug attempt at saying ‘Hey you libtard, dhimmis, I was right all along, see! Now you have the liberal paper of record saying what I said.’

However, like her Islamophobic comrades, she has to lie and twist in an attempt to achieve this point (see below). Not a surprise but the audacity of her chutzpah and how little she thinks of her :followers” is still striking.

(H/T: Omar Baddar)


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    • jkings

      I didnt gather from the NYT that they were singling out Muslims when speaking of rape. They were singling out the group ISIS. Well deserved. It was about time someone pointed out their system of slave trading and freelance rape of anyone they felt like, feel like raping. I would not even expect LW to disagree with that to be honest. But nothing really shocks me anymore.

    • Sam Seed

      How did you come to the conclusion that this site condones or supports the actions of ISIS? Wow indeed.

    • JS

      Just shows how desperate these clowns are for recognition in the mainstream.

    • mindy1

      Just a simple editing error which she will apologize for/sarcasm

    • mindy1

      Insulting to parasites

    • mindy1


    • Reynardine

      And our needs bee all the same.

    • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

      I agree but want to stress that at least no bees were, to my knowledge, actually hurt by publishing this article. LW has a lot of bee friends, so we are not bee-o-phobic.

    • Friend of Bosnia

      100% spot on! Ah, how I wish such cruel people were made to feel in their own flesh the cruelty they so callously inflict on others.

    • The greenmantle

      I think you are being insulting to bees here . Pam is more like a parasitic wasp . She and ISIS support a common program.

      Sir David

    • Reynardine

      The “fundament” of all “fundamentalists” is cruelty to the “others”, whether it is Da’esh or Donald Trump.

      (“Fundament”, interestingly, is an old euphemism for “anus”).

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