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GlobalNews: Taxi Cab Passenger Brittany Bachinsky Charged With Hate Crime


A good thing Calgary is taking this seriously.:

Global News

WATCH ABOVE: Hate crime charges have been laid against a passenger in a Calgary taxi abuse video. Global’s Nancy Hixt reports.

WARNING: This story contains graphic language. Discretion is advised.

CALGARY – A woman who was caught on CCTV video abusing a Calgary taxi driver has been charged with a hate crime.

Twenty-four-year-old Brittany Bachinsky is charged with uttering threats to cause death or bodily harm in the July 2014 incident. The video was released to Global News in July 2015.

The video obtained by Global News shows Bachinsky berating the cab driver, saying, “I don’t know why the f–k they let people like this into our f—ing country.

“You shouldn’t be allowed in my country.”

Safou Ranna is the taxi driver shown in the video and has been driving a Calgary cab for two years.

“Your country? It’s not your country,” says Ranna in the video.

“It is my f—ing country, buddy. Where are you from? Where are you from?” replies Bachinsky.

“I’m from Canada,” says Ranna.

“I will f–k you up, buddy. You are a disrespectful motherf—er, you should be so glad to be in my f—ing country,” says Bachinsky.

Ranna says he is happy charges have been laid.

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    • CarlySimon

      Lol, was wondering if someone was gonna call me on that. Still gross, whatever the acronym. I bet her parents are so proud of the classy young woman they raised.

    • downwithpants

      I believe they’re called sti’s now….unless you mean Stupid Twenty-something Drunks

    • The greenmantle

      Pam has a sister ? Could there be others ? Its a worry ! Who can we call ?

      Sir DAvid

    • Ali

      This is kinda surprising. You dont see young islamophobes that often.

    • Yausari

      hahaha… So I see. When an Islamophobe did something bad to a Muslim, they shift to, “Oh they don’t represent us….”, “So what about Muslims? Muslims don’t represent Islam?”, “Erm… yeah, I guess not…” Later, among Islamophobe; “He’s A HERO!” Total hypocrite. LOLz. Good find, Dr. M

    • downwithpants

      Didnt know bachinsky was a first nations name.

    • 1DrM

      Go play in traffic, and let the adults carry on with the discussion, euroSeptic primate.

    • Jamie661

      There is no good or bad Muslim, Muslim is Muslim.

    • cmyfe .

      I was surprised at her age! I thought she looked at least 30+ but perhaps a combination of alcohol, drugs, sex with any movable object and pushing the body through all limits from pre-teen years will take its toll.

    • Weeeenis

      especially these d grade girls who look like there in their mid 30’s seem to harbor a racist undertone …

    • cmyfe .

      It could due to racism, bigotry or both. Girls like these can also take offence if you don’t “check out” their bodies which a good Muslim is against but is for some people sign of arrogance.

    • mindy1

      What a $+&68-$

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