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Kentucky Mosque Vandalized


Apparently, someone decided they were going to do some hate vandalism “for the Jews.”


By Sarah Eissenmenger, WAVE

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Red spray paint was used to write several anti-Islamic messages on the exterior of a building of worship.

The vandalism was discovered Wednesday afternoon at the Louisville Islamic Center, located in the 4000 block of River Road.

Curse words and a Star of David were among the graffiti sprayed all over the Islamic Center.

Despite the hateful messages, it didn’t take long for members of the Jewish community to come to Mosque. Those who were there were quick to back their brothers and sisters of the Muslim faith.

The mosque has been a place of worship for the Muslim community of Louisville for years. But this, this is the first time it has been the target of vandalism.

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    • ShunTheRightWhale

      I did it for the Jews, you JEWS!

    • HSkol

      Yes. Is that somehow problematic to you? If so, please reply so that I can ignore you well.

    • Jekyll

      Is this your lame attempt to try to get involved in a conversation between two gentlemen?

    • Tanveer Wan Khanobi


    • Cengiz_K

      Please don’t do that, that cannot be healthy..

    • Tanveer Wan Khanobi

      I dunno. Are these the ramblings of a dead man talking?

    • Jekyll

      Muslims are rather a waste of time me thinks.

    • Jekyll

      Do you wish me to die?

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