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Brothers stabbed man for speaking Arabic during family walk in Brooklyn

NYC Crime Scene

People are Arab, not “Arabic,” a language, which if spoken in the wrong place these days, can lead to assault with a deadly weapon.


Via Daily News:

Two brothers stabbed a man in his stomach for speaking Arabic as he walked with his wife and 5-year-old son in Brooklyn, authorities said Thursday.

Erick Pastuizaca, 18, and Manuel Pastuizaca, 19, allegedly stabbed the 41-year-old man as he walked on 41st St. near Sunset Park around 2:30 p.m. on Oct. 16, according to a complaint filed in Brooklyn Criminal Court.

“I’m going to stab you because you’re Arabic and deserve it,” Manuel allegedly said.

The man survived and the brothers face charges including assault as a hate crime.

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    • Friend of Bosnia

      Many of the so-called self-styled “Islam critics” post messages so dripping of bloodthirsty hate, blind rage, bigotry, fascism, racism, inhumanity, genocide, falsehood, outright lies that I can only ask myself why does God allow such people to live. I would love to see to it that such people suffer exactly the same degree and quantity of cruelty they so callously vest on others. I think such people will, given the chance, go out and kill, maim, rape and rob people who happen to be Muslims. It’s such people who committed the worst atrocities during the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Sure, many were Serb soldiers or policemen, but many more were just ordinary law-abiding and God-fearing folks who behaved like mad dogs towards their Bosniak nbeighbors and friends as soon as they got the message that the Muslims were “dangerous enemies” and that the Serbs could do to them anything they wanted. So. I’m very wary about people who espouse a war-like and aggressive rhetoric against Muslims, and who hold all Muslims collectively guilty of all evil currently going on in the world. Also those who say that Islam is essentially evil. Because they mean that all Muslims are essentially evil. To me they are all potential genocidals and mass murderers. The world would be better off without them. And I can’t trust the state institutions to protect me. I mean if they can’t protect me from ordinary criminals. And history has shown more thzan once that the state itself and its institutions can become criminal as well.

    • Friend of Bosnia

      Yes, either way I lose. I get killed or sent to jail. So far I have been lucky; people here in my neighborhood are all right. What worries me is when I go somewhere else. My wife wears Hijab, not because I have ordered her but because she was raised that way. I have told her that it’s her decision. The way things have become I’m actually glad that my daughter is very secular and I hope she will stay that way. I can only hope my luck will not run out. People should learn not to hate what they don’t understand. Muslims are not more or less evil than other people. Also, the Wahhabi inspired islamist fanatics and the xenophobic genocidals and fascists are truly two sides of the same coin. To those who say that the European rightists don’t commit suicide bombings I say the methods are different but the idea is the same: to suppress what does not fit into their views. But it is pointless to discuss with those disgusting half-idiots (please note that I’m not referring to you; you discuss things reasonably.)

    • Captain Scorpio

      Not suggesting that at all. I hope neither ever happens. Just that the reason people may feel free to hurt you is the same reason you face the likelihood of injustice from the state; it’s all part of the same machine. I’m not ssaying you shouldn’t arm yourself, just noting that our society puts you in a place where it is very difficult to win, so whatever you do, do so with care and caution. I wish you luck.

    • Friend of Bosnia

      1. I was only asking. 2. So I must allow myself to be stabbed to death before anybody will do anything for me? Too bad I’m not 210 cm tall and 1 m across the shoulders; too bad I don’t have an elite soldier’s training and thus the ability to disable a potential attacker with my bare hands. 3. I don’t trust justice. Judges and prosecutors are always only concerned about the perpetrator, not the victim. It’s zeitgeist that priority is to reintegrate the perpetrator into society, no matter how futile this is, how evil he is. Who has ever become a victim of a violent attack, be it for robbery or out of political motives, is left to fend for himself. Should anybody do me, my wife or my daughter irreversible physical harm then I want to do the same to him. Because no money could compensate me, besides I’d never get any money from my attacker. Because even if there was a judicial order to compensate me, then they suddenly don’t have any.

      Justice is for the state, not for the victims of violence. Sure, it is necessary to enforce certain norms without which people just couldn’t live together, but it invariably fails to help the victims of violence. On the contrary if I act in legitimate self-defense they’d rather do me in for murder.

      I don’t ever want to find myself in that poor man’s place; or of that poor woman who had a beer mug smashed in her face just for speaking her maternal language. People who do such things deserve at least the trashing of a lifetime, or to be kicked in the butt so hard they’ll never forget it. Not like today, allowed to get away with murder.

    • Captain Scorpio

      I would only caution you to bear in mind what police (and others) will assume if they arrive and see you with a gun. I’m sorry you’re left with such choices.

    • Jekyll

      then please don’t

    • jini man

      Pure Hate Crime. Lock the loser brothers for life.

  • JuiceZak

    This sounds so hilarious

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