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Shaker Aamer: Moazzam Begg Takes On Torture Apologist David Rivkin


Shaker Aamer was finally freed from captivity in Guantanamo Bay and returned to his home in the UK. In Guantanamo he faced what amounted to illegal detention without due process; never being charged of a crime and formally cleared for release as early as 2007.

Aamer has recounted the torture that he was subjected to at the hands of interrogators and guards, also alleging that there were UK officials present at some of the torture sessions. Many individuals and organizations in the UK campaigned for him to be freed, including CAGE, Reprieve and Amnesty International.

While most of the UK has received news of Aamer’s release positively, neo-Cons and White supremacists such as Douglas Murray continue to loath Aamer as essentially a lying Muzzie terrorist who can’t be trusted. No mention of all the Guantanamo Bay guards and even prosecutors who corroborate that torture occurred at the prison camp.

In the following BBC segment, Moazzam Begg, a former Guantanamo detainee who endured torture himself, debates David Rivkin, legal counsel to the White House during the Bush-era who justified torture.

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    • moraka

      And i should be joking because?

    • Ravage Chaos

      Are you serious or joking?

    • moraka

      David Rivkin like Alan Dershowitz, is a calculated psychopath who can calmly lie on open TV. Despite knowing his claims makes him appear insane and ludicrous.

    • Reynardine

      I can’t see his silly, grinning face without thinking of those annoying little yapdogs you want to kick across the room. And I don’t kick dogs.

    • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

      Bush’s poodle Blair is able to essentially travel to many different nations. Though I did get some pleasure from seeing the multiple attempts over the years by those attempting a citizen’s arrest, the ultimate satisfaction would come from seeing him in the dock for war crimes.

    • mindy1

      What I don’t get is why if he was cleared in 2007, why did it take so long to release him? That just is illogical.

    • Joey Sanders

      Before I write my comment, Begg released a book a few years ago called, “Enemy Combatant: My Imprisonment at Guantanamo, Bagram, and Kandahar”. It’s an intriguing and insightful read.

      If you noticed, Rivkin is not in the United Kingdom to conduct this interview. There is a reason for that. Many of Bush’s cronies, who justified torture, are forced to be confined to the borders of the United States. This is for one reason only. They risk being arrested and charged with war crimes.

      In fact, a few years ago, Bush wanted to go to Europe and he could not. His advisers told him that he may get arrested. That is why Bushy is stuck in the United States and spends most of his time painting crap.

      One can hope that, one day, these people will be brought to justice.

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