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Open Thread: ISIS #ParisAttacks and #BeirutAttacks and Elsewhere


Loonwatch staff

Peaceful Parisians were attacked by ISIS militants, the group has claimed responsibility for massacres not only in Paris but also the downing of a Russian airplane killing over 200, as well as bombings in Beirut. If true, the group has massacred 400 people on three continents in two weeks. Of course Muslims hate this group more than anyone else, as one prescient tweet sums up:

The Paris attacks are front and center news everywhere. There are many thoughts and reflections one can make on the scourge of ISIS, imperialism, wars, invasions, Islamophobia, how they are tied and linked, who and what are to blame but really what can be said that we haven’t already?

It’s not the first time that there has been such wanton violence and chaos nearly everywhere in the world but maybe due to our globalized reality, where events from even the remotest regions of the earth are streamed instantaneously onto our mobile phones, laptops, etc. it seems that violence has increased exponentially. Our thoughts are with all those innocents killed, the casualties, to the oppressed, the victimized, and the murdered, anywhere on earth.

This is an open thread for loonwatchers to share their thoughts, reflections and comments.

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    • 1DrM

      Oh I can distinguish very well. Anybody in 2015 can safely claim they were against the Iraq war, I have no reason to believe you given your anti-Palestinian, anti-Muslim rubbish. I’ve exposed you already so your feeble reply is too little, too late to salvage your “reputation.” You’re a filthy Zionist. That is all. Your hasbaRattery won’t fly here.

      PS- It is your idol, the terrorist state”israel” which needs to go, then the American secular monarchy of Saudi Arabia(“israel’s” twin), and other puppet states can follow into the trash heap of history.

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