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Asra Nomani Testifies Before Congress, Says Hijab Can Lead To Terror


Alternet’s Grayzone project on Islamophobia has an excellent article by Maha Hilal on how the recent congressional panel on “women and terrorism puts women in the War on Terror’s crosshairs. It is a must read.

Islamophobia-enabler Asra Nomani was among those testifying at the hearings. Nomani, was there to put forward the discredited argument that increased outward religiosity, in the sense of starting to wear hijab is a sign of a trajectory toward terrorism and a potential threat indicator.

via. Alternet, Grayzone Project

Next, Asra Nomani, a Muslim, provided personal anecdotes of her own family’s path to radicalization. She spoke about book after book that documented Muslim women victimized by the brutal patriarchal culture of the Islamic world, using the hijab, or headscarf, as a specific token through which their oppression is made visible. Nomani then constructed a scenario in which hijab serves as a warning sign of terrorist intentions.

“On the conveyor belt of ideas, what you end up with is Libya, ISIS putting up billboards telling you how thick it has to be,” said Nomani. “You end up with women beating women who do not comply with these regulations, you end up with mandatory laws that require that women live with this partition. Because hijab does not mean headscarf, it means separation.”

“It’s a very dangerous trajectory,” Nomani continued, “and it’s one in which we hear disturbing comments in which mothers in the Islamic state are forcing some of these sex slaves to have abortions so that their sons can continue to have sex with these sex slaves.

According to Nomani, putting on a headscarf can set women on a path that eventually leads to martyrdom. “It is a virtue then to kill,” she declared. “For all the reasons that have come before us on the conveyor belt, a woman is virtuous if she then becomes a shaheed, or a martyr.”

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    • Vince Kondo

      Perhaps one ought to examine the example of a culture more experienced in this matter than a Western one namely Turkey. Surely the long standing policy of a headscarf ban(1924) would have been successfully challenged by now in a 95% Muslim country. An arbitrary choice this was not in the most successful example of Islam and tolerance for other faiths to coexist in a majority Muslim nation.

    • JayGoldenBeach

      I bet Hellfire missiles radicalise people faster than anything else.

    • Jekyll

      Stop slut shaming!

    • Jekyll

      Don’t worry, be happy…or not bc of feminism

    • Reynardine

      Your inflatable girlfriend is lonesome. Go pay attention to her.

    • Alyeth

      Don’t you think that’s a little too harsh? Just a bit…

    • 1DrM

      Nomani also ran for Morgantown Masjid board but dropped out after realizing she had zero support in the community(circa 2002). She thought because her daddy donated money to the Masjid at some point it would lead to an easy path to power. It was after this fiasco that she started her anti-Muslim campaign and has been in bed with pro-“israeli” propagandists since. It’s easy money for a mediocre journalist(milking Daniel Pearl’s murder) who thought she could be speak on behalf of a community she never belonged to and be a trophy wife to some henpecked simp. She’s more mentally unsound(narcissism, fall back on convenient feminism and neocon prostitution) then smart as her past(multiple unhealthy relationships with men, inside and outside of marriage) demonstrates. I don’t have the “cultural” background to appreciate zina and nepotism. As far as I’m concerned she is no Muslim, her attacks on the Qur’an are proof of this.

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