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Robert Kinder Farris Charged With Hate Crime After Threatening Seattle Mosque


By Caitlin Moran, via. The Seattle Times

The King County prosecutor has filed a hate-crime charge against Robert Kinder Farris, the Seattle man accused of threatening the Idris Mosque near Northgate earlier this week.

Farris, 37, was charged with one count of malicious harassment, Washington state’s hate-crime statute, and will be arraigned June 30. The felony is punishable by up to five years in prison.

He was arrested Tuesday afternoon at his Greenwood apartment after a brief standoff with police and remains in jail on $2 million bail.

According to charging documents, Farris began posting threatening comments about Muslims on his Facebook account Sunday and continued doing so until his arrest. One of his posts included a photo of the Idris Mosque in North Seattle from Google Street View with the comment, “Idriss [sic] Mosque in Seattle, too many targets to count.” He also vowed to “take revenge” against Muslims, an apparent reference to the gunman who killed 49 people at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Fla., on Sunday.

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    • Friend of Bosnia

      Neither do I but what we can be 100% sure of is that any Muslim who commits an act of violence, be it justified or not (I mean self-defense), be it motivated by whatever, will have all of Islam and all Muslims collectively blamed and held guilty by association. It’s a foregone conclusion that they (and all other Muslims with them) will get the book thrown at them in the bargain. That’s the world and the interesting times we are condemned to live in. The same political climate of Germany in the 1930s and of former Yugoslavia in the 1990s. Justified or not? Well, mostly I think not, but most people are such lazy thinkers and simpletons … Justice and fairness? Only in Heaven (or on Judgment Day)…

    • Friend of Bosnia

      Of course they don’t. Now, since the islamophobes, fascists and Nazis always collectively blame Islam and the Muslims every single time a Muslim commits an act of violence I will turn the tables on them. Since I know that about 50% of the population have anti-Muslim feelings, I will hold them all – and all other people with Nazi-like ideas too – collectively guilty for all and any acts of violence committed against Muslims, no matter whether rightful or not. And I mean all. All who are alive today, all who have already died, all who will yet be born. They all have blood on their hands. They all have the blood of the 100.000 victims of the Bosnian War of Independence, the victims of the Rwandan Genocide, of the anti-Muslim pogroms in Burma, of Anders Behring Breivik’s victims, of Jo Cox (there was a good person if there was one) of Zoran Djindjic (there was a Serb who tried so hard not to come across ans a genocidal anti-Bosniak maniac) and of countless other good people on their hands. Is that just or not? Of course it’s not, I know full well. But I don’t care any more that guilt by association and collective blame are wrong. Because the islamophobes and Nazis (and as I said, about 50% of people, even those who see themselves as middle of the road, not as extremists, share such feelings and ideas) have already passed judgment on people such as me. So they want to see me dead, gone, on my knees or all three. They say so hundreds of thousands of times every single day. Just read the comments on any news even just remotely concerning Muslims. Millions and billions of individuals on this accursed planet, where evil clearly outweighs good, won’t be satisfied until they see the “others” dead and gone. And for me this is just the final proof that 1) man is indeed man’s wolf and 2) life is wasted on the living. I understand that IS and other retrograde islamists who wish for life to be as it allegedly was during our Prophet’s (saws) lifetime do so out of a feeling of fear of a changing world in which there is no stable ground (our current very interesting times). But they can’t know what life was like then because like everybody else they only have a secondhand description (or did they travel back by time machine and find Paradise? If so, why didn’t they stay, instead of coming back and just giving us trouble?). Also, like the authoritarians and Nazis old and new they don’t have a constructive solution for the world’s or life’s problems; they can only deny and destroy (as Goethe had Mephistopheles say: “I’m the spirit wo always ever denies/And that rightly so, because all that exists/Is worthy of perishing/Thus, all that you call sin, ruin and evil/Is my true element.” Goes for the authoritarians, fascists and IS and such too). So, they aren’t an alternative. In truth, they want to f#ck me to death, we’ll see who f#cks whom to death. The only thing for me to do is, if that sort of trouble comes my way and I can’t escape it, to try and destroy them before they destroy me. Oh, I know in the end they will, because they have more than enough brute force to do so, but the very least that I can do is to make their victory as costly and bloody for them as I can. That’s the only thing one can do in such a messed up situation. I recommend that to my beloved Bosniak people too. Because it’s a foregone conclusion that their sworn enemies will not rest until they have eliminated them to the last man, women and child. Could the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto expect any mercy from their enemies? Could the Spanish Muslims of Al Andalus of old? The Tutsi? The Central African Muslims? Can the Bosniaks? Can I? Nope, none at all. All they (and I) can do is, when the time comes to be sent back to our Lord by cruel and violent hands, to die with our boots on, and not give them the satisfaction of going down on our knees. Of begging for mercy. Of being led like lambs to the slaughter.

    • Awesome

      As expected, identity politics rears its ugly head once again with a useful idiot like Mr. Farris serving as another one of its mediums.

    • Joey Sanders

      It states in the article:

      “Farris does not appear to have previous criminal convictions, but he has been investigated by police before. In 2015, he allegedly called a mosque in Redmond and said he would kill the person who answered the phone.”

      I don’t know why he was not arrested, but it shows that people like this don’t just come out of anywhere. That includes Mateen too.

    • mindy1

      Hopefully he will get the max, but in this political climate I would not count on it…

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