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Minneapolis: Students Wounded After Gunman Opens Fire While Screaming ‘f*ck Muslims’

Hussein Gelle (KARE)

Hussein Gelle (KARE)

By Travis Gettys, via. Raw Story

Police are searching for a gunman who opened fire on five Somali men on their way to prayer services in Minneapolis.

The men were wearing traditional Muslim clothing while driving from a basketball game about 2 a.m. Wednesday to a late prayer service at a nearby mosque whey overheard a man making disparaging remarks about their religion, reported the Star Tribune.

It’s not unusual for Muslims to stay awake for overnight services during the holy month of Ramadan, which ends next week, and the men had actually been at the mosque earlier before leaving to go play basketball near the University of Minnesota campus.

They overhead a “very drunk” man make insulting remarks about Muslims as they got into their car, and they spotted the same man at the next intersection and questioned him about the insults, reported KARE-TV.

“The man said, ‘I didn’t say those things, I know a lot of Muslims. I have Muslim friends,’ and we said, ‘That’s great!’ and so we thought it was over,” said victim Hussein Gelle. But another white man wouldn’t let it go.

“But his friend came up and said, ‘What if I said f*ck Muslims? What would you do if I said f*ck Muslims?’ — and we told him it was over,” Gelle said.

That’s when the second man pulled out a handgun and threatened them.

“Well I am saying it,” the man said. “I am saying it, and there’s nothing you can do about it.” The Somali men drove away, and the man fired at least seven gunshots at them — wounding the 22-year-old Gelle and a 19-year-old man in the car.

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    • Awesome

      Actually, he was drunk, but It’s the same level of low-functioning brain activity either way.

    • nativejoe

      Maybe he was simply fed up with all the bullshit that comes with somolian immigration and the lack of accountability.

    • JD

      Muslim Man Beaten Outside Florida Mosque Attended By Orlando Shooter Omar Mateen

      CAIR said the attacker, who is white, allegedly said, “You Muslims need to get back to your country,” before assaulting the victim, who was not identified by CAIR or authorities. CAIR said the victim was Muslim and attended the Islamic Center

    • Awesome

      Most likely he was radicalized in his own mind, the brain can be scary, especially if you watch right wing media

      In the case of watching right wing media, the higher functions of the brain are not used at all.

    • mindy1

      Most likely he was radicalized in his own mind, the brain can be scary, especially if you watch right wing media

    • Friend of Bosnia

      Trump defin ed in four words: disgusting half-idiot, charlatan, demagougue. After the Brexit I have hard people who voted for it express their regret: “My God, what have I donew!” We will hear much more expressions of regret from the other side of the pond shortly. Here we have the beginning of WW III. Einstein not only made that famos statrement about human stupidity and the universe, he also said that he didn’t want to say with which weapons the Third World War would be fought, but “the Fourth World War will be fought with stones and sticks. There won’t be anything else left.” I have said before that the Dark Ages are approaching. It’s true. Tribal wars in the Western Balkan that’s real close to “civilized” Europe. Fascism, xenophobia and racism spreading like wildfire after 20 years’drought. Milosevic. Le Pen, Geert Wilders, Haider, Strache, Pegida. Putin the next Milosevic. Brexit. Trump. I’m in a real dilemma now. Actually I wanted to live long and get very old. As old as I can. But now I see the world is stepping backwards real real fast and I wonder if I’m really so keen to see that. Western Europe as it was made after 1945 was (and I’m using the past tense intentionally) the best thing there was. All its criticism notwithstanding it is a fact that elsewhere, for most people life was, is and will be, “Nasty, brutish and short”. And dominated by authoritarian rule, or let’s call it what it is, tyranny. We seemed to have overcome this. Now it’s being frivolously squandered by an utterly selfish upper class, populists and demagogues and fear-crazed, lazy-thinking “angry citizens.” As Douglas Adams had one of his characters say, “Life is wasted on the living.” I can only pray that God gives me the strength that when they come for me – and lest’s make no mistake, there will be “no one to speak out for me”- I will not go down on my knees but die with my boots on, and not have them crush me as they crushed Winston Smith in “1984.” Because what will come will be much much worse, either way. In this world- only destruction, meannes, baseness, the law of the stronger. Justice? Fairness? Righteousness? the good prevailing? Only on Judgment Day. Worse for those who aren’t believers, they won’t even have that little comfort.

    • (((Reynardine)))

      It’s running amuck, and no one is exempt. The Trump campaign imported the graphic, below, from a neo-Nazi website. Mexicans, Muslims Jews, blacks, women, the disabled, any of the not-them… it’s being stirred up openly. And this ferret-wearing shotgibbon cannot be permitted anywhere nesr the White House, or we are in for anything from an unofficial Reign of Terror to WW III.

    • Friend of Bosnia

      The islamophobes always loudly blame all Muslims and all of Islam collectively whenever some Muslim commits an act of violence. So now I collectively blame all islamophobes for this act. All of them. To put a mirror before their faces. I woulde like to thell them all that they can go scr#w themselves, and when they’re done they can do it again. And I still have the notion that if I overhear someone on the street making disparaging remarks about Muslims, or worse, if I or my companions are wearing Muslim dress and they start calling us names or such, and of they refuse to stop it and listen to reason, to give them the thrashing of a lifetime they so richly deserve. Those disgusting, vile half-idiots. That guy who just pulled a gun at and shot at three unarmed people deserves to be locked up in an underground cell with no natural light and tke key thrown away, so that he may never again see the light of the sun. For tke rest of his wretched life. And anybody who writes a post in support of such evil islamophobic half-wits deserves the thrashing of a lifetime too.

    • (((Reynardine)))

      Guns, Trump, and a culture of ril uhMericuhn machostupidity are breeding this… and, frankly, it’s hard to separate these things from each other.

    • Awesome

      Drunkenness always seems to bring out the worst in people. Unfortunately for the suspect, he brought a gun into the mix and was drunk enough to actually use it. The upside to this, is that another hate-monger may be disarmed permanently by the courts, and if his name and picture go viral, that’s it for his reputation.

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