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Jeremy Corbyn Vs. War Criminal Tony Blair


A must watch video on the difference between Jeremy Corbyn and the war criminal Tony Blair. One is being hounded out of the Labour party while the other is feted by think tanks, politicos and makes millions in the service of dictatorship, hate and violence. Guess who it is?

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    • Morrigan Nic Cormac

      Is there going to be an inquisition to find out if some of those Conservative and Labour “Friends of Israel” regret calling a racist, militaristic apartheid state “friend?” They are overwhelmingly the ones who pushed for the Iraq war and who continue to push for military action against Syria and Iran.

      Corbyn has proven himself to be a spineless jellyfish who lets himself be slapped around like he’s Joan Crawford’s redheaded stepchild. Either that or he’s a UK version of Bernie Sanders whose job is to keep the leftist wing of the party from defecting and forming a genuine socialist alternative to the neoliberal, neocon Labour party. In either case grow a pair or GTFO.

      I would have stated without equivocation that ISIS, Al Qaeda and Israel always seem to be fighting the same enemies, despite the fact these “Muslim” terrorists ostensibly hate Israel, and we need to take a serious look at who arms and trains these people and to what end. The ability of “Muslim” terrorists to show up uninvited but always fully armed and equipped and just on time to every jobsite where the job is destroying some country Israel or the US has marked for destruction is a coincidence of near miraculous proportions.

    • George Carty

      The most terrible irony about this is that Blair took British forces into Iraq in order to protect the UK/US Special Relationship, but his actions have fomented such distrust of the political establishment in Britain that it has allowed Nigel Farage’s isolationist Little Englanders (admittedly aided by a chain of catastrophic misjudgments by David Cameron) to pull the UK out of the EU, which will destroy the Special Relationship anyway as a UK outside the EU is far less useful to the United States.

    • (((Reynardine)))

      Especially in the leadup to the invasion, Tony Bliar reminded me of one of those ankle-biting yapdogs that you want to kick. And I don’t kick dogs.

    • Just_Stopping_By

      I’m no fan of Mr Corbyn, but at least a few days ago, he had either the belated decency or the belated understanding of political expediency to “regret” remarks he has been defending for months. Neither is a particularly great compliment on Mr Corbyn or his sense of honour, but I haven’t seen Mr Blair apologise for his errors.

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