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Kashmir Intifada: Anti-Occupation Protests Rock The State


Not much coverage in the media regarding India’s brutal occupation of Kashmir. Kasmiris however have been on the streets daily, protesting the state violence that is an everyday fact of life.

via. AlJazeera English

Confrontations and pitched battles between protesters and Indian armed forces have continued in Indian-administered Kashmir, despite a round-the-clock curfew imposed by authorities.

Dozens of protesters were killed and hundreds wounded over the weekend after police and paramilitary troops opened fire on tens of thousands of Kashmiris who took to the streets to pay homage to the rebel leader Burhan Wani, who was killed on Friday. At least one police officer was also killed.

Wani was the leader of Hizb-ul Mujahideen, a group fighting Indian control of the disputed region. He has been widely credited for reviving armed resistance in Kashmir, using social media such as Facebook to reach out to young Kashmiri men.

K Rajendra Kumar, the director general of Jammu and Kashmir Police, told reporters that 100 police personnel had been wounded and that three went missing while quelling the protests.

Activists and separatist leaders criticised the security forces’ response to the protests, accusing them of using excessive force.

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    • golden izanagi

      not to mention it would be on jihad watches front page with spencer giving his “will the islamaphobia never end” quip.

    • cmyfe .

      This is happening since 1947. How many people around the world are aware? I am only concerned because my ancestors are from there otherwise no “news agency” covers it.

    • cmyfe .

      Reverse the situation i.e. Muslims attacking / killing Hindus then it would have been a household story.

    • Mehdi

      Thanks for this post and reminder…

    • HSkol

      Loonwatch, love ya. One note: I think many of we American posters are so concerned with our own “selfish” current state of affairs (violence, group against group – whomever “this group” or “that group” might be) that many of us have veered elsewhere online. The story that you provide here is globally of utmost importance and heart-wrenching; however, the US herself has seemed to have hit an unprecedented low … and, well … some of us are internalizing hope, selfishly so, for US citizens – whomever they are and from whatever background they may come. I feel for this reporting; but, the US is hitting crisis mode to a great many, so …

      Peace be upon us all.

  • mindy1

    Sorry, we in the U.S. have preoccupied with our own crap lately, that is why we have not heard much. Sad that diplomacy can’t solve this

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