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Yasser Louati: Islamophobia And Islamodiversion


Yasser Louati of CCiF, a French organization that tracks Islamophobia, has an excellent video on how Western governments and mass media work to impose austerity and repressive laws while diverting public opinion with the scapegoating of Muslims.

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    • ShunTheRightWhale

      That’s why rational arguments won’t work. Xenophobia can just be confined by counter-conditioning. It’s a thing of the guts. Most major religions have embraced such instruments for peace (compassion, mercy, mindfulness, alms etc.) as they have utilized the contrary in times of war. Critical, if one wants to perserve the more humane aspects of cultural evolution.

    • Khizer

      Damn, looks like xenophobia will follow the human race till extinction. Sad that even education can’t win against group think time to time. Muslims are today’s ‘other’ but that will change in some years (or decades) then a new ‘other’ will rise for everyone to hate, I wonder what group/minority it will be?

    • Yausari

      The caption is white and the background is light grey. What kind of subtitle is that? (edit) okay, nvm. Just need to change the settings. Seriously. Why is this default setting?

    • Khizer

      True, for some (or many) it is easier to believe what a group are saying regarding an issue (even if what they are saying is wrong), rather than critically thinking about said issue and coming up with his/her opinion on said issue.

    • (((Reynardine)))

      And a certain orange individual might have learned from the Reichstag fire (though he’s not the first). Chelsea, q.v.

    • Khizer

      But it is soooo much easier to lump a group of people together and forget that they are individuals. You are basically asking people to stop thinking black and white, and actually THINK regarding issues instead of acting out, pffffffffff preposterous !!!

    • Agnostos

      This is hopeless. There is no place for Islamaphobia. All one needs is to know Muslims as individuals. That may solve many problems, clarify misunderstandings. Smooth things for all.

    • (((Reynardine)))

      Same old thing. No wonder you can’t find history classes in public schools any more. People might start recognizing stuff.

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