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North West Infidels Promoting Racism And Xenophobia In Local Communities



via. The Times

Racist stickers saying “rapefugees not welcome” have appeared on lampposts and bus stops in a coastal town.

The anti-immigration stickers, which are being investigated by police, show the logo of the North West Infidels, a far-right group.

The images display the popular man’s name Muhammad and list defamatory statements underneath. A sticker at the Market Place in South Shields, Tyne and Wear, portrays refugees as chasing a woman with knives.

Local residents expressed anger at the signs. One said that she had reported the “awful” stickers to police and the council but more were appearing.

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    • 786 I have to admit my own bewilderment. At first I thought I must have read it wrong, but further research showed that I had read correctly…

    • George Carty

      I’m a bit puzzled why North West Infidels are in the North East, personally.

    • Agnostos

      Extremely sorry about your loss. Losing a friend is like losing a part of your past and cherished shared moments.This is indeed a killing political climate. Abnormal and over the top.The most intelligent and thoughtful are affected first and most.

      I don’t think you are coarser and denser. Maybe stronger, more adapting and adaptable, flexible and accepting of vicissitudes of life. Perhaps a life well lived, I guess. I wish you a long and happy one. Take care.

    • (((Reynardine)))

      I can’t even get access to the whole article.

      I had a friend, a good, gentle, and highly intelligent lady, who lived five blocks from me. We faced every election season together, researched issues together, watched debates over popcorn together, voted together. But last June, the roses went from her cheeks, and she said the political climate was so brutal she no longer wished to live to see the outcome. Then, she faded and died — she was gone by early July. I suppose I am both coarser and denser. I will carry on. But I understand where she was coming from.

    • mindy1

      Boy they are so subtle with their demands/sarcasm. Seriously, although there have been some troubling incidents, there really should be more dialogue about this issue, not name calling and rhetoric

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