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After $1.7 Million Settlement, Threat to Bomb Islamic School In Michigan

Pamela Geller, that throwback to a not so by-gone era of Islamophobic blogging, was all in a fit over the $1.7 million dollar settlement awarded to an Islamic school that was prevented from building in a Michigan town. The judgement is historic and hopefully will send a message that a denial of the religious freedom of any group is not acceptable in the USA. Geller’s followers of course responded with the usual invective and hate, calling for the Islamic School to be bombed. This is a threat that should be looked into by the authorities:

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    • 1DrM

      He’s just a typical Zionist degenerate in heat. That’s all you need to know. He’s just a loser, the product of failed materialistic racist “culture” with no facts, no figures just regurgitating lies out of the same tattered hasbaRat script. Probably cut his teeth on plastic Pammy’s hate site. Probably cried like baby without a pacifier when Andrew Breitbart dropped dead. You can’t “intellectually beat down” cancer, you just have to exterminate it. Nazis and Zionists are malignant cancers and we’re the chemotherapy.

    • tinopener

      If you ended Western influence in the Middle East, then that would surely involve withdrawing the engineers, scientists and IT consultants who keep the oil industry running. Do you honestly think a people like Saudi Arabia has the wherewithal or work ethic to get oil out of the ground?

      It would be 2 years before the entire region descended into civil war and we had an even bigger refugee crisis. Saudi Arabia wouldn’t be able to fund foreign mosques and muslims worldwide would have no where to pray and then they’d start going even more bonkers. Not going to happen. It’s better to keep the status quo rather than that megalithic monster muslim meltdown.

      I’m glad you’re getting a bit more animated now though as it shows you might be starting to question whether a bright girl like you is following that the right path. With that in mind I’ve found these guys today and told them about you and emailed some threads and told them you could be on the verge of an apostaplasm:

      They said they will keep an on you (although I thought you were in the UK). I still think this is encouraging that you have a safety net like these guys.

      Anyway, I won’t say it’s been fun (as I don’t want you getting into trouble), so good luck Ilisha.

    • Khizer

      Extremism is caused by western meddling in the Muslim world, tell me have you heard of ‘islamic’ terror attacks before the 80’s?

      Muslims cannot combat extremism since,

      a) extremists do not care for Muslims criticising their ‘interpretation’ and their groups. They want to cause terror, and they seem pretty fine with killing innocent muslim civillians with no regrets…

      b) extremists are fuelled by western destruction of Muslim countries, where do you think they get the bulk of their recruits? Ravaged Muslim countries like Iraq and Afghanistan, destroyed by western plundering. Even the recruits who come from Muslims communities in western countries cite one of their main reasons for joining

    • Khizer

      When it comes to online interaction, male and female contact is very blurred in Islamic thought, after all segregation (at least from what I know) is meant to prevent physical contact between male and females, however this is implemented differently by different Muslims, some prefer separate rooms for men and women, some prefer just segregated seating for men and women in the same room, etc. can anyone really physically interact with each other through online chit chat, no, that is absurd.

      There are different punishments for different ‘haram’ acts, and no, not all of them require physical punishment, some require a person to repair and/or repair his relationship to Allah (through prayer/fast/etc.), physical punishment is only required for extremely grave crimes such as murder.

    • Khizer

      Thanks for the criticism of my comment, I’ll make sure I keep your points in mind in future discussions.

    • Just_Stopping_By

      You may want to slow down a bit because you could be setting yourself up by offering a low bar. For example, I think it is overwhelmingly the case that fun is not considered haram in Islam, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t at least one well-known opinion otherwise: (See quote leading to fn 97.)

      Two things you should remember about a lot of outrageous comments. First, there is often some grain of truth that is then either wildly distorted or taken as representative of everything. At least take the time to Google before asking for an actual source so you know what’s out there. Otherwise, you may get back the triumphant response of a single fatwa that you could have reviewed and perhaps dismissed in advance. People who rely on one or two negative examples always remind me of those who say “Everything I learned about Islam, I learned on 9/11.” It’s basically shouting ignorance and lack of thought to say that one fatwa or one historical event should outweigh all other evidence and history.

      Second, you are absolutely right to worry about those who come across as “some of the most crass, angry, hateful and emotional people.” When you have the facts on your side, you don’t have to be angry or emotional. If someone says that the Earth isn’t round, would you go screaming at them or simply attach a photo of a round Earth and laugh? The more I see people just repeating things like Islam is racist, misogynistic, etc., as if repeating such words makes them either true or convincing, the more I think such people are indeed angry, hateful, and emotional rather than logical and open to an honest review of evidence.

    • Khizer

      My god, you sure are a condescending freak!!! Where the hell did you pop out of? The ex-Muslim subreddit? It would explain your arrogance and lack of Islamic knowledge.

      Could you give any ACTUAL sources that ‘fun’ is haram? Any actual sources that ‘Honor killing’ is Islamic? Any actual sources that state women can’t use the Internet?

      You alt-right freaks are some of the most crass, angry, hateful and emotional people I have seen on. The Internet, when your not bitching about ‘feminazis’ you’re bitching about multiculturism, especially those “strange brown Muslims with their strange brown ways and moon talk”.

      I wish DrM were here to give you the intellectual beat down you deserve.

    • Just_Stopping_By

      Actually, I’ve known many Muslim Arabs. And they do say “please” and “thank you.” All the time, in fact. Plus, many Israeli leaders have acknowledged that Muslim Arabs are known for their hospitality and pleasant manners! If memory serves, that’s exactly what then-Ambassador Oren said at Irvine to try to quiet down protestors.

      Please consider whether people’s behavior is a function of how they are treated and the situation they are in. Thank you.

    • tinopener

      I worked in security for 2 years around Jerusalem and Ramallah in the West Bank.

      I can tell you that the conflict in Israel has got nothing to do with religion or politics and everything to do with one thing.


      The Muslim Arabs are rude, rapey little vermin who don’t say please and thank you.

      If you don’t believe me, go and work there yourself. Bring your girlfriend and do tell us what she learns about Muslim Arabs.

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