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Myanmar: Director of Religious Affairs Allegedly Bans Quran Reading At Homes

By Emperor

The Rohingya Muslims according to experts on genocide face the “final stages of genocide.” Part and parcel of the persecution of Rohingya has been targeting their religious identity and practice. According to Rohingya activists on the ground previously this meant that the public practice and appearance of Islam was restricted, now it has been extended to religious practice at home.

One activist, Aung Aung Sittwe, has reported that the District Director of Religious Affairs in the capital city of NayPyiDaw, has instructed subordinates not to let Muslims learn the Qur’an at home any longer. How this can or will be implemented is anyone’s guess. It is, if authentic, one more salvo in the anti-Rohingya campaign led by bigoted military officials and Buddhist nationalists.

The Rohingya are not welcome in Myanmar’s public school system, among other limitations the stateless ethnic minority faces in their homeland.

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    • tinopener

      As I have already mentioned I am here to disabuse Muslims of their way of life. This is entertaining to me but I will cease to be entertained if it just a tit for tat battle between you and I.

      There was a chap on here called khizer who threatened me with a bloke called 1hdr.

      If it is within your capability can you please wake up 1hdr because I want to make him into a non Muslim.

    • tinopener

      My vantage point is that of an atheist who can disprove any religion. The fact there is more than one religion disproves religion.

      I have no objection to the artefacts and superstition surrounding religion, but I disagree with religion detracting effort from the world trying to sort out bigger problems.

      You know what I am saying is true. It is time for you to rip off your head-scarf and say “daddy, Mohammed, allah” I need a break from you and I’m going to see the Rolling Stones in Miami.

    • tinopener

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      Who funds this website BTW? It comes across as a bit defensive and reactionary.

      It’s not the rich Saudis is it?

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    • tinopener

      You’ve said it all. Submission under pain of death is the central tenet of Islam when it might have been useful for governing Arab savages in the dark ages. Those days are coming to a recently accelerated end.

      Listen, I’ve got nothing against religion or magic or superstition. Its all a useful fun-time diversion.

      It you have trouble accepting the inevitable how about weaning yourself off if by converting to Ahmadi. That is more similar to christianity and indeed there motto is “love for all and hatred for noone”. Even typing that makes me feel like becoming Ahmadi.

      The most important thing about Ahmadi is they don’t believe in mohammed (pbuh) who drags the whole Muslim faith into disrepute.

    • tinopener

      The Muslims must concede by renouncing Islam. You too Missy.

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      That time is gone and the new world order is only letting Islam exist as a courtesy.

      So you’d better start behaving yourselves or else there’ll be big trouble.

    • tinopener

      Burma had no choice.

    • tinopener

      Wow, this is fantastic news and thanks for sharing it. Poor countries like Burma simply cannot afford to be infected by Islam and the manifold atrocities it brings.

      Counties like China banning Muslim beards. Angola classifying Islam as a cult and burma are at the vanguard of human rights by protecting the humans against subhuman Islam.

    • Tanveer Wan Khanobi

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    • Jekyll

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